Wanderlei Silva’s Message to Chael Sonnen: You’ve Messed with the Wrong Guy (Video)

August 25, 2013
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Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei SilvaChael Sonnen has called out Wanderlei Silva and Silva has accepted the challenge, but his demands may be too high for the UFC to make the fight happen according to UFC president Dana White.

Silva posted a video on Youtube where he calls Sonnen a “lower level fighter,” and says that his win over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC Fight Night 26 was luck.

Silva warns that, this time, Sonnen has messed with the wrong guy.

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  • CR

    He’s delusional. Chael fears no man

    • Milosc

      Under the right kind of circumstances…

      (Just don’t be surprised if he calls out Royce Gracie, next)

      • Sir_Roy

        Right. Cuz we all know Chael never calls out the best fighters in the world, against whom all his recent losses are against, only second rate ones …

        Seriously bud, Chael has shown no fear and has fought against the two best fighters in the world in two different weight classes without pause or complaint. Win, lose or draw, that’s impressive. And let’s not pretend Shogun isn’t in the top 10 at 205lbs. He was a force to be reckoned with and a favorite in his fight against Chael.

        Chael takes tough fights and has shown fearlessness in so doing. He wants a grudge match against Wanderlei, I say more power to him. Silva may be past his prime, but he’s still a beast. Just ask Brian.

        • Werdoomb

          I think the criticism is as to why Chael called out Wandy rather than a top 10 205lber.

          It’s great that he calls out JBJ and Anderson. But why not continue calling out high level fighteres like Glover Teixera or Lyoto Machida? Why not even Vitor at 185?

          Wandy is waaaay past his prime and it’s messed up that Dana is even letting him fight when he successfully talked Forrest Griffin into retiring.

  • onegoodnathan

    jeez, i think everyone got the point after the first 30sec.

    • Gary Fredericks

      AMEN TO THAT!!! His lips were moving and all I heard was blah blah blah

      I had to laugh when he said Sonnen got lucky against Shogun. Did Wand watch the part where Shogun held his neck out because his cardio was pooping out as usual???

      • Werdoomb

        I guess submissions and KOs are all lucky.

        “I got caught!”

        “He had long arms. Didn’t expect that.”

        “He was the better man tonight.”

        “I expected fast hands but not fast footwork.”

        “i am so used to being slick that when I gained the mass I forgot to be slick.”

  • fsunoles10

    he’s just talking cash and holding out to generate more interest in the fight so white will break down and give him what he’s asking for cuz we all know sonnen fan or not the man isnt afraid to fight.

    • jeremy

      He is afraid to fight, that’s why he’s asking for ppv points because he knows he doesnt have a prayer to get them. So then he can try and save face and say he never back down from the fight and he will blame it on dana not overpaying him and giving him ppv money and saying that was the reason. He’s chicken. And this is a p**** move.

      • fsunoles10

        apparently you need to re read my comment bud im talking about silva holding out so white will break down and give him the ppv points. when i said the man isnt scared that man im speaking of is sonnen.

  • bajafox

    If he wants this fight then drop the request for PPV credit, no matter how much fun it is to watch Wandy, he’s not worth paying $50 to watch on PPV anymore.

    • Werdoomb

      Wandy doesn’t want to fight.

  • Seriously? A 5 round main event? What a joke.
    Just fight him co-main event or whatever, you POS.
    A 4 minute video about how he’s going to fight sonnen is a little too much. This is stupid.

  • Maddawgmar

    Bottom line. You were given a chance to fight, and you cried about money. Quit talking and fight.

  • Pat Garret

    Hope Dana, makes this fight happen!

  • dgs

    Uh oh, someone is off their meds! What a psychotic rant.

    I predict if this fight happens, Wanderlei is going to spend the majority of it on his back getting pummeled. Yes, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva beat Sonnen, but Wanderlei is not nearly on the level of those two fighters at this point in his career. Just as easily as Sonnen manhandled Rua (who is also a better fighter than Wanderlei), he will do the same to Wanderlei.

    • wow

      exactly..losing to the 2 best pound for pound fighters in the world in their prime means they won because they should have, Wandy is not the Anderson, or jon jones. Wandy isn’t dangerous enough off his back nor does she have the take down defense to win this fight, and he’s not a great one punch knockout type of fighter, bad matchup for him, hence why he wouldn’t sign the contract.

    • gnodeb

      you are right… WS would spend a lot of time on his back… but when was the last time Sonnen produce significant damage from top position. I can not recall that… but I can recall that once he is not on top of someone… he quits pretty fast… so WS is right too…

      • Sir_Roy

        Sonnen with a ramped up submission game is scary business for any fighter. I think Chael’s shown where he’s put his focus against Shogun. His wrestling being where it’s at, coupled with better subs & sub defense, and he’s a renewed force to be reckoned with.

        And I’m of the camp who feels the Jones fight was stopped too early. Just saying.

  • Matt Stinson

    It’s like the movie Enemy Mine with sweet 80s guitars in the background! blahblahblah CADAH… scoodypopah CADAH

  • If he was this interested in the fight, doing it for his fans, revenging the disrespect on Brazil, etc., then why so hung up on his payday? sbn.to/16jpesp

  • In case my comment won’t be approved for my link to another website, Wandy is demanding PPV points in addition to his show/win purse. Dana/Fertita’s CAN’T do that for one intriguing grudge match or from now on, he gets that “demand” for all the aging big names that are probably out of title contention.

  • Sensei_jr

    Very bad acting by Wanderlei…Perhaps Sensei Seagal can give him a few acting tips so that he looks more credible!

    • Mike mckinney

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think that anyone’s acting could be bad enough to need advice from Segal.
      That would be like someone getting singing lessons from brittney spears.

      • Gary Fredericks

        ….or reality show advice from Bellator!

        • Sensei_jr

          Low blow….you might as well say he needs advice from Tito as per his performance in TNA wrestling. Even Seinsei Seagal did not scare anyone that bad in his box office hits “On Deadly Ground” and “Above The Law”.

  • Rob

    Chael will fight any man God ever made. But what if it wasn’t God who made the “Axe Murderer?”

    I think he can get a co-main on the GSP card. I think Chael is already pushing that. I wouldn’t be completely surprised if Chael encouraged Silva to do something like this video. It’s so WWE. Okay maybe a little surprised but not totally.

  • Brent

    As I recall, Chael challenged you in English, which you speak, but you replied in Portuguese??? Yawn….dead man walking brother, dead man walking.

    • El Gvapo

      Eh? What relevance does that have?

      • El Whiteo

        it’s like back in highschool when someone walks by and swears or threatens you in spanish, full well knowning you have no clue what he just said. And then he turns to his friends and says…”yeah did u see I just called him a p*ssy, haha got him..he didn’t say nothing back hah”

  • wow

    cut the wrestling promo crap and sign the damn contract. Calling someone butt face and playing the “luck” card is weak as it gets.

  • thom

    “The UFC doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.” – Dana White

  • Lucas Freire

    Well…Can’t say I didn’t foresaw this. That’s the main reason for Chael to go and challenge Wand.
    It’ll sell.

  • Bugster

    Rambling about nothing ..just say “SHOW ME THE MONEY”

  • Manuel Lopez

    Ooh Sonnen: te dijo “cara de culo”!! Lol

  • f ufc

    This is why mma is turning to s***. All you dumb ultimate fighter generation mma fans who talk s*** about a true legend who was smashing guys while you didn’t even know the sport existed. If anyone deserves ppv money its wanderlei Silva. Do you want to see a exciting fight or double leg takedowns and baby hammer fist?

    • wow

      I love the Old Wandy..key word meaning old. Its a what have you done for me lately company. Unless you want Crocop also in a main event you have to go with who produces. Back in the Pride days you think Wandy would fight about figures? If you want the old Wandy then maybe he should negotiate like the old one and take the fight. btw Chael won by submission, something Shogun has only lost to 3 times in nearly 30 fights. Give credit where it’s due.

    • Really

      The only smart comment yet. It’s hard to read this bull shit have some respect! Ws would have destroyed silva in is prime and might even now at the end of his career! And has far has the $ goes ws just doesn’t want to get payed less then the guy who called him! Last the worst thing in mma are new fans go back to watching wwf

    • Flock of Burgers


    • Truth

      THIS is hilarious. A guy talking shit about the new generation while referencing his apparent knowledge of old school mma and wanderlei. MEANWHILE in real life ACTUAL old school mma fans know most of W’s old school pride fights were fixed by Yakuza (extensive history of this look it up) and really aren’t a reflection of how good he is or isn’t. Geez… wannabe fans calling out wannabe fans it’s like a paradox up in here.

    • CSD

      They will never give him PPV points. I really want to see the fight but it won’t happen if Silva fights for it. I believe Cheal will win the fight but Silva could catch him. I hope it happens!!!


    Com’on Wandy… you can’t sound TOUGH after you put conditions on a fight, oh I’ll fight him only if I get X,Y & Z

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Jack em up! Chael is a sorry excuse for a man!

    • Flock of Burgers

      Quote the Penguin! 😀

  • Juniorbra

    I’m Brazilian, but I have to be realistic, wanderlei please shut your mouth and go train and very hard, because you will not last long against sonnen, I hope so, but the hard truth is that I do not know. Stop with this talking crap because will make you look less stupid.

  • jeremy

    who does this clown think he is anyways lol doesnt he know half of his pride fights were a work? and he hasnt been worth a s*** since signing with the UFC.. Chael is the only reason why this clown would be in a co-main event. Sign the contract dummy or shut up ….

  • James Grinnell

    Silva is the one that is scared. It’s one excuse after the next. All this bulls*** and he still won’t sign the dotted line, but continue to call Sonnen the coward. Pathetic.

  • eric

    yes he messed with the wrong guy.. but in the perfect moment (wanderlei is too old)

  • Werdoomb

    I love the Old Wandy. In PRIDE this guy was a bit too up tight kinda like Cro

    If Shogun can’t beat Sonnen I see no way in hell Wandy can even touch him.

    Forget Wandy, he clearly doesn’t want to fight. “Confronted you on camera”?
    wtf? You mean catching Sonnen off guard in a van and then posting it on youtube
    with subtitles?

    Also, I wouldn’t say Sonnen is a low level fighter. He doesn’t have the
    accomplishments because he is a late bloomer. But I would say even prime Wandy
    would have a tough time against the current Chael who has perfected his

    I say if the Brazilians want revenge, they gotta decide who is gonna fight
    first on behalf of everyone. I say Glover Teixera, Lil Nog and Machida are the
    best bet. Invite Phil Davis, King Mo, or another high level wrestler to Brazil
    and just do 6 weeks of nonstop brawl and sprawl practice!