Wanderlei Silva: We Can’t Question Anderson Silva’s Talent

February 21, 2015
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(Video courtesy of wandfightteam)

Many have been quick to bury Anderson Silva after he twice tested positive for steroids in relation to his UFC 183 headlining bout with Nick Diaz, but not his countryman Wanderlei Silva.

Silva recently issued the above video, throwing his full support behind the former UFC middleweight champion, chiding those who doubt him, saying that “no matter what happened, we can’t question (Anderson’s) talent.”

> SEE ALSO: Wanderlei Silva Files Suit to Overturn Lifetime Ban

Wanderlei Silva retired from mixed martial arts competition last year after the Nevada Athletic Commission essentially banned him for life for evading an out-of-competition drug test. Wanderlei is currently challenging the commission’s decision via legal means.

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  • This is getting to be like a room full of crack addicts sitting together telling each other that they don’t have a problem. It’s funny–they can take PEDs for their bodies, but there will never be steroid options to replace the delusions in all of their collective minds.

    • True that

      Ahahahahahahahaha. nice!!

    • YourMotherSuldaAborted

      Great comment Sigmund F**king Freud. Go look in the mirror and start your judging there. We will all wait while you cry yourself to sleep after what you see.

      • Sir_Roy

        You’re dumb enough to think you issued a quasi relevant or intelligent insult.

        “Now you go take a good, hard look at yourself in the mirror young man”.

        Go ahead. I’ll count the minutes till you create a Sir_Roy’s_Mom account and try your hand at another. C’mon champ … you can do it. Get creative!!

        • It deeply affected me and I haven’t left my bathroom mirror since reading his comment this morning.

        • TheCerealKiller

          They are all the same guy on guest posts. Don’t bother.

          • TheCerealKillersMom

            Wrong. We are not the same person dude.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Nice teleprompter he is using off to his left. Just go away you cheater.

    • TheCerealKillersDaddy

      Nice smart ass remark and attempt at humor. Just go away miss.

    • TheCerealKillersMom

      Hi son. Go away!

  • DamianCross

    Anderson knew he was never getting the belt back the moment he lost it.

  • Seth

    As always, Wandy is late to the party. No one doubts Anderson’s talent – he is GOAT. He earned it. But he’s older now and he wants to stay in the game, to do so – he needs some help. Same as Wandarlei needed it, when he ran away from testing. Im not shocked seeing Wandarlei in support of PED user. Im just waiting for him to bash someone else for doing PEDs now, just so people can see his hypocrisy.

    And one more thing – He’s not as retarded as I thought, he actually can read, you can clearly see that if you watch this video, on which he keeps looking at exact same spot over and over again when he tries to talk. So, gratz Wandy! You learned how to read. If you knew how to do that years ago, you would know that actually you can not use PEDs in UFC, as you used to do in PRIDE. But hey – better later than never! 🙂

  • john

    I can see Anderson turning to steroids coming from someone who has suffered a serious broken leg I can tell you the road to recovery is very very long. Although I never did steroids I am not expected to be the number 1 fighter in the world. I was upset to hear he did it. However I can understand it better then a health person testing positive

  • van_der_lay

    Why does this guy have to put his 2 cents in. He is retarded. Too much juice and too many punches to the face. He is irrelevant as a fighter and his opinion is just as irrelevant. Nobody cares about what one cheater says about another cheater. Brazeel!! Cheaters.

    • Wandy’s MOm

      Yup. Also didn’t Wandy and Anderson have sh*t at one point. I know Wandy backed down and that’s the only reason why they are supposedly cool now.

      Wandy from PRIDE days as a thug. And then after getting KOed a few times he turned into a p*ssy, showing respect for others. Now he is trying to be some sort of ppl’s champ.

  • TheCerealKillersMom

    On behalf of my son CerealKiller, I would like to add something here.

    Wandy obviously doesn’t care that people (including Anderson) may not appreciate his opinion on PED issues for obvious reasons.

    Yet he still goes on posting youtube selfies mumbling on incoherently as if anyone cares.


    He is just like my son. He doesn’t care whether viewers care or not. He just wants to say something online. FTW!