Wanderlei Silva Supports Jon Jones, Blasts Nevada Athletic Commission (Video)

January 10, 2015
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Opinions have ranged across the board ever since it was revealed that Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine in early December. There are many people condemning the UFC light heavyweight champion and many people supporting him.

Perhaps the most scrutinized party involved in the whole situation, however, is the Nevada Athletic Commission.

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Count Wanderlei Silva among the many people showing their support for Jones, while also heavily criticizing the commission for its handling of the entire situation. He, in fact, condemns the commission.

In a video he released on Friday, Silva said to Jones, “You will step out of this and use this as a lesson for many people who have the same problem.”

Shortly after voicing his support for Jones, Silva blasted the Nevada Athletic Commission, who recently issued him a ban from the sport for having avoided a random drug test.

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“(The Nevada Commission) it’s a commission that doesn’t follow protocols or laws,” he ranted. “How do you punish one and not the other? How do you ban one and not the other?

“Instead of regulating it, you are damaging the sport.”

Check out what else Silva had to say about Jones, the Nevada Commission, and even the recent UFC signing of CM Punk…

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  • sociopath

    Wandy on that booger sugar too?

    • Gary Fredericks

      We’ll never know since he ran from his test.

      • Wandy’s Mom

        This guy is becoming a bigger clown day by day. I used to respect this guy as a fighter. Now he sounds so dumb.

        First, Wandy is a legend but I would not say he is one of the greatests of all time. I would put him below Randy, who I would put below likes of Fedor, Anderson Silva and GSP.

        Second, no one really cares about Wandy, including Jones. Trust me, Jones doesn’t care about the “support” Wandy is giving him.

        Third, Wandy has been releasing weird cam selfie videos for some time now. No one wants to see this cheater + bitter ex-UFC fighter try to prolong his relevancy by mentioning Jones’ name.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Wand… loser cheater.

  • Seth

    Ok, so let’s start…first of all, it’s not about what people do – it’s about the fact that he’s UFC champion and he also is under UFC’s code of conduct. Same as you, Wandy. So he SHOULD be punished, it’s just normal thing. You do something bad, against the rules – and you get punished. You know thing or two about it, don’t you Wand?

    So, first he says that Jones’ image was damage and praised him, saying he will get through that…and 3 seconds later he CLEARLY says, that he should be punished for what he did (simply by saying that rules should apply always, not only when it’s profitable for AC). Good one, Wandy. Support a guy and 3 seconds later say he should be punished. And still you aren’t right that AC always let some cases slip, because it will make them richer. Just look in the mirror, fool. Your fight with Chael would make them a LOT of $$$, yet they banned you for life for beaking a coward and running away.

    The first part sounds normal. But after a while it becomes nothing more than his butthurt-rant, that they banned him. Sore loser…He keeps proving that Chael is waaaaaaaaaaaay more of a man, than him. Chael at least had set of balls to admit what he did. He keeps trying to make himself a victim here, like he was banned for no reason at all.

    So another great video, Wand. Make a few more of them and keep thinking why people start to dislike you more and more…

    • Chael’s mom

      Chael is a loser too (although he’s been redeeming himself as of late by acting normal again). But he would have wooped Wandy’s loser ass for sure.

      • Seth

        The difference between them is simple though – Chael has balls to admit what he did, while all Wand is trying to do is trying make Brazilian national running team since they came to drug test him.

  • snapdad

    birds of the same feather flock together.

  • RoBEERtoe

    I’m confused. Is Wand talking about the or the United States Government or the UFC?

    • Timothy Malone

      He is talking about the Nevada Athletic Commission, which is controlled by the state government.

  • Wandy’s MOm

    Wandy please stop embarrassing yourself.

    You got caught for PED (or ran away from a drug test and later admitted to taking PED).
    You also recently started beef with the UFC.

    And now you are here supporting JBJ…why??? why???

    You are not his friend.
    You are a known PED abuser.

    Stop talking.