Wanderlei Silva Still Wants Vitor Belfort Next After He’s Finished with Rich Franklin

June 23, 2012
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Wanderlei Silva may have a new opponent in Rich Franklin at UFC 147, but that doesn’t mean he’s letting old grudges go.

For six weeks, Silva spent time with rival and fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort as they coached the inaugural season of TUF Brasil, and when the season was over the two veterans were supposed to rematch.

Unfortunately, Belfort broke his hand a few weeks ago and was unable to take the fight with Silva as scheduled, and needless to say once he heard the news the former Pride champion was noticeably upset.

“It made me feel terrible because this was the main event here, I was training three months for that fight, I was ready for that fight. I lost 30 pounds for that fight and I was ready for that fight, and I look on my Twitter and Vitor broke his hand. I can’t believe it,” Silva told MMAWeekly Radio.

Silva didn’t need any motivation to face Belfort in a rematch almost 14 years in the making, but after spending so much time with him on the reality show, there was no shortage of desire to punch him in the face.

“It was heavy stuff. It’s not too easy because after he started talking, he don’t stop,” Silva said about Belfort. “I don’t know what happened. We had so much history, but he was talking a lot.”

Silva is now focused solely on facing Rich Franklin this weekend in Brazil as the headline fight for UFC 147, but when that fight is over he has some unfinished business with Vitor Belfort.

“Of course I want to fight with him,” Silva said. “I’m ready for a fight with him Saturday, but it’s going to be the next time.”

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  • somecokehead

    I think Wandy has taken too much damage, think of each of his tattoos as a part of his brain that no longer works. After this fight he can get another tattoo… ‘retired’

  • pooby

    If I were Silva I’d be picking a fight with a Lazyboy.

  • juniorbra

    Man I like Wand but Vitor will destroy him right now, I think he’s time is done, Vitor is getting better every fight, he will fight anderson again any time next year…. Wandy is a great fighter and person but he already took to much damage in he’s head…..lol

  • RubeKegal

    What is with these creepy lying ads in on the side saying “Cambridge Scientists have discovered” They are all bs ads and if you buy the product, you are a REETARD!!

    On to Silva’s comments, LOLOLOLOLOLOL…..

    Yeah and I want to fight Bones and Anderson simultaneously while squatting 315 and sprinting on the treadmill.