Wanderlei Silva Says Problems with NSAC “Solved,” Calls for Fight with Sonnen or Belfort

June 20, 2014
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Wanderlei SilvaWanderlei Silva went before the Nevada State Athletic Commission earlier this week and outed himself, admitting to fleeing from the commission agent sent to collect blood and urine samples for a random drug test. He then proceeded to reveal that he was taking diuretics at the time, saying that was why he fled.

Although his appearance before the NSAC was for “informational purposes,” the commission is expected to file a formal complaint against Silva in the near future.

“With that information, I will move forward with the Executive Director and determine how we will file this complaint,” said Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar on Tuesday.

What is most surprising about this situation is that Silva seems oblivious to the idea that there are likely further consequences coming his way following the admissions he made at the meeting.

“I am relieved to have solved this problem. We explained to them the circumstances and that I was not using any PEDs,” Silva said Wednesday in a self-produced video, again explaining the circumstances of his transgressions. (Watch Silva’s video here.)

“I injured my wrist in February and after that I felt extreme pain in training,” he said. “So I was prescribed anti-inflammatories and that made my wrist swell up, so then I started taking diuretics to expel the water out.”

He seemed to understand that diuretics are prohibited substances, as that was the reason he fled the gym when the commission’s collection agent came calling.

“When they sent that guy to my gym, I was still taking diuretics,” he continued. “And when you fail a test people don’t want to know if it was diuretics or steroids. I don’t use PEDs or steroids.

“I have nothing to hide and I am glad we solved this.”

Silva may believe that his issues are solved, but with Aguilar intending to work with executive director Bob Bennett to file a formal complaint, it is unlikely that Silva is done dealing with the NSAC.

He seems to think he is, however, saying, “Now I’m waiting for Sonnen’s suspension to end or (Vitor) Belfort to get licensed.”

Sonnen was temporarily suspended at the same NSAC meeting due to failing his random drug test from May 24, the same day that Silva fled from his. Sonnen still has to go before the commission at a future meeting for a full disciplinary hearing and final penalties. Plus, Sonnen announced his retirement following the failed drug test.

In all likelihood, Silva is going to be having another hearing of his own before he can contemplate fighting anyone again, let alone Sonnen or Belfort.

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  • Ruemetal

    Earth to Planet Wanderlei: Please retire-you are no longer relevant or coherent!


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    Seriously, you think people are gonna believe that you ran because of a diuretic? Eat some damn Ex-Lax…



  • Seth

    Way to go! Call out retired fighter who you were afraid to fight in the first place. Just retire, you became a freakin joke dude…


      SHALE IS THAT U ???

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    Man, I haven’t heard this much delusional baloney since the last Tito opened his mouth.


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        I totally read that with Silva’s voice.

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    No one ever accused him of being the sharpest knife in the drawer.


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    Never thought he was, as previously stated ” the sharpest knife in the drawer” (hahaha), but that just proves it.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Five words:

    Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE)


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    Clearly been punched in the head to many times!


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    An anti- inflammatory that causes swelling……hmmm, who knew?


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    Sonnen needs to get his butt out of retirement and fight Silva. Silva is stepping up.


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  • George Sperry

    Silva has received too many head shots if he thinks this is over.

  • BoomBoom1234

    I don’t give a f— what anyone says. PED’s or not, Wanderlai Silva is a legend.

    Silva vs Sonnen will be a sell out. Make it happen UFC



      • valakos

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