Wanderlei Silva Says He Is Fighting Gegard Mousasi on Saturday (Update)

April 1, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva - Pride FC(Editor’s Note: The following report was accurate in that it reflected the statements of all the parties contacted at the time of its writing. Wanderlei Silva, however, later admitted that his statements were false.)

Wanderlei Silva on Monday told MMAWeekly.com that he is going to fight Gegard Mousasi on Saturday, replacing Alexander Gustafsson in the UFC on Fuel TV 9 main event in Stockholm.

“Just finish talk to Rafael Cordeiro (Silva’s longtime friend and coach),” Silva told MMAWeekly.com via text message. “He gonna come tomorrow to Vegas. I take the fight.”

Earlier, Silva, tweeted in broken English about stepping into the fight, but it was unclear if he was saying he’d been offered the fight with Mousasi or if he was saying he would be a replacement.

It appears he’s been contacted by the UFC and has accepted the fight with Mousasi.

Pressed further for clarification, Silva was asked if his original text meant he would be a back-up opponent if Gustafsson failed to gain medical clearance, or if Silva believed he would be the one fighting Mousasi on Saturday.

“I gonna fight Mousasi on Saturday,” Silva responded.

Gustafsson suffered a severe cut in sparring over the weekend. Three doctors indicated the injury would take weeks to heal.

UFC president Dana White insisted the fight card has not undergone any changes and that Gustafsson is fighting. Other MMAWeekly.com sources close to the promotion backed his statement, insisting that, “Gustafsson vs. Mousasi is still the plan.”

On Twitter, Mousasi sounded no more enlightened on the situation than the rest. He is, however, ready to fight whomever the UFC puts in front of him on Saturday.

“Hey mr Silva, if this is true and you are ready to fight me than I accept the fight, It’s an honor for me Much respect for you,” Mousasi wrote.

Mousasi, however, courted speculation when he added, “at this moment I do not have any new info about my situation But if ufc want’s and mr @wandfc is ready for me than let’s Go!”

For now, it appears fans and observers are in a holding pattern.

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  • Felipe

    Wand by greatness!

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      April fools!

    • El Gvapo

      By first round devastating greatness too!

  • f***** dude is awesome!

  • Nick the thooth

    This is a guy who deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame!!

    • macgrubber


      • huntingmark

        I mean…if Coleman has a spot, so should Nog and Wandy.

        Any HoF created by dudes that diss Fedor is bs anyway.

  • el che

    oh fuk,

    Wandy i love you too much to see you sacrifice yourself for this event.

  • Cereal Killer

    I’m cool with this! I still love Waddy! Not happy about Gus not fighting, but this is as good as a sub as it gets.

  • Jason Spangler

    Love this fight. Love either fight…

  • Brian MacDonald

    Uh…April Fools?

    • Nope. At least, I don’t believe so.

    • April fools sounds most reasonable except I don’t picture Wand as a person who would joke around about a fight and post so much about it. Dana says the fight hasn’t changed but he’s known to be a bit of a liar

      • Dwayne_Chapman

        That and they still need Swedes to buy tickets to see their hometown guy fight. If they announced Gus was off the card now I bet there would be a lot more empty seats than if they can drag it out until the last minute.

    • it is

  • Omg this guy is a straight up true warrior. He just loves to fight. If you don’t have respect for Wanderlei Silva then your just not a fan of combat sports period.

    • John Bunch

      True warrior was the first thing I thought too! Nothing but respect for Wanderlei…this is the old school response to a last minute fight offer.

    • Guest

      Not really, he’s just like every other late replacement fighter who happened to be in training and wanted to fight when the UFC called him. He fights and talks s*** just like most other UFC fighters. I don’t respect Wanderlei because he’s the type of person to laugh at a man when he’s down, as he did with Cung Le and Yuki Kondo. I’m a fan of combat sports.

      Silva is just a fighter who looks violent because he tries to throw his well-being out the window. That’s cool in the moment, but that makes him no different as the person he makes himself out to be, and that is an a**hole.

    • huntingmark

      Oh Wandy LOVES to fight. I fear for his health. Who the hell gets a plastic surgery to reconstruct a fight battered face just so he could fight again?

      His win over Stann was epic.

      Wandy could get Babaloued by Mousasi…oh well..make this happen!

      • To bad I’m just finding out now I got April Fooled by Wandy lol. The guy is a legend for sure. That fight with Stann was pretty cool. Back and fourth. I was worried for Silva the whole time but he pulled it off.

  • Julian Moran

    Wanderlei is not the best pick. Mousasi will not gain anything from beating Wanderlei. Also, Mousasi trained for a fighter who fights from the outside, while Wanderlei likes to fight inside, so Mousasi may not be on point and may not give his best performance.

    It is an interesting fight to say the least, but I would rather seeMousasi knocking out Gustafsson.

    • Scotty_O

      The fight’s in 6 days. Come on man “not the best pick” we’re lucky to get a replacement at all, let alone a warrior like Wandy! Enough with the criticism all the time people.

      • Julian Moran

        It’s an interesting fight and I will watch it, but It’s a bad fight for Mousasi as he has nothing to gain from it.
        I apologize for having an opinion.

        • gnodeb

          I feel the same, but if you think about it… this is UFC. Win at 205 against 185 fighter can give you a title shot 😛 The other way around is possible too. I don’t like it, but this card is so week that you have to support it…

        • hamm

          Nothing to gain from it. Change your last name to moron. Wanderlei is a legend who started his career 18-0 n his first lost was a split decision to mark hunt who outweighed em by 80 pounds r whatever he has what 25 knockouts and is the most beloved mma fighter due to his bezerker style. Yeah he past his prime but peep this that rich Franklin fight shouldve surely been stopped in the 2nd cuz rich was dead lol n we seen plenty fights stopped for much less n then 3rd n 4th rounds wandy was punched out n couldn’t swing cuz they didn’t stop it but Damn sure shouldve so do that math cung le Franklin n stann that should be 3 second round knockouts in a row wandy should be on n he should be getting that match with vitor knock him out then the match i always wanted wandy vs spider. They trained together in chute box in pride for years where wandy was the man. Wandy got robbed on the franklin fight so all that’s irrelevant though but its a big bonus for gerard. Wandy is super popular n always a threat regardless if hes past his prime. Gerard gains a win over a hall of famer. A legend. Alexander isn’t neither

  • Tomas Arellano

    Like if we had no reason to love Wanderlei. Once again setting the example of a true worrior a fighter. Can’t wait to see this fight. Lots of love and respect for Mr. Silva.


    Yeah hall of fame all the way Dana the douchebag

  • Milosc


  • gay

    i dont really care who fights… aslong as i see a guy on top of another man i get turned on and hoooorny 🙂

    • Jason Decipher

      Please tell that was an April fools joke! Haha if not then go to a compatible chatroom or something. Nothing against homosexuals but THIS IS AN MMA FORUM. Freedom of speech none the less & it was funny if it was a joke if not then for you know much about MMA? Couldn’t tell by your comment

      • Jason Decipher

        *Do instead of FOR. Uh oh have to be careful with my words there’s some dirty minded people out there

      • macgrubber

        mma forum? ha more like a forum full of bros who think they know mma.

  • diazfan209

    it’s not like Wanderlei is coming off a loss from Stann, he’s coming off a win & Stann aint no push over….. the Mousasi vs. Silva fight makes sense!

    • gnodeb

      Respect for Wanderlei for the willingness to fight. Too bad Mousasi didn’t dropped to 185 already. In that case this fight would have real contender implications. Like this, it’s pure entertainment, but you can not ask for more 6 days before event…

      • huntingmark

        Mousasi fought at 185 and moved up to 205.

  • Much respect to Mousasi as well. Jon jones take notes. less than a weeks notice and Mousasi still wants to fight. he isn’t scared to fight someone else

    • Guest

      There’s less on the line, as Mousasi isn’t guaranteed a title shot with a win, whereas Jones had his title on the line.

      Mousasi has nothing to lose, as he came in as the underdog in bets against Gustaffson.

      • jeremy

        Jones had a training camp and trained for a wrestler. It was a bitch move on his part and he f***** many people . the fighters and the fans .

  • solo

    This is awesome!!!

  • DanielLR

    This guy is my hero! A true warrior, instead of these guys who quit fights…always running and thinking about money.


  • Wescoast

    It’s an April fools prank, stop even thinking about it

  • Noah

    It’s was an April fools joke. Check twitter…

  • See the update note at the beginning of the article. It is true, this was a hoax by Wanderlei Silva and I was taken in by it.