Wanderlei Silva Reportedly Wants More than Dana White Willing to Give for Chael Sonnen Fight

August 24, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva 478x270On Wednesday, a fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva appeared to hinge solely on the former Pride FC champion’s health. Less than 24 hours later, however, the bout has reportedly gone off the rails.

Sonnen continued his pleas for the fight with Silva on Wednesday’s Fox Sports Live. UFC president Dana White, an in-studio guest on the show, said he was ready to make the fight and designate it the UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks co-main event, as long as Silva was healthy.

Silva’s health doesn’t appear to be a factor, but what he wants for compensation seems to have killed any hopes for the bout.

“(Silva) said he won’t fight (Sonnen) unless he gets PPV (points), so I guess he’s gonna retire,” White wrote via text message to MMAFighting.com on Thursday, effectively saying the fight was not going to happen.

Pay-per-view points are a percentage of the revenue that the promotion receives from pay-per-view purchases of the event.

Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida could have been other options for Sonnen, but Belfort has already agreed to a rematch with Dan Henderson and Machida has signed on to fight Tim Kennedy.

So where does that leave Sonnen, who has indicated he wants to return to middleweight?

“We will figure it out,” said White.

For now, however, Sonnen’s future doesn’t appear to include the Axe Murderer.

Silva did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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  • fsunoles10

    he doesnt want to be on the wrong end of a dominating performance without getting payed out the ass apparently.

    • I’m just surprised he doesn’t profit from pay per view. You would think a guy with his resume would so

      • jeremy

        honestly he has been garbage for the most part since joining the UFC and hasnt done anything significant . He get’s paid i believe 200,000 a fight which is a butt load of money for one fight. even if its 150,000 thats still a lot. Plus sponseres . He doesnt deserve ppv money and he know’s it. That’s why he’s asking for it because it’s his way out of the fight. The pride days ya he did good. he dident fight a lot of good guys and a lot of guys were juicing over there. you can you tube rampage and other guys talking about it. look at how small those guys got when they came over to the UFC and how their performance was so much different. He just doesnt deserve it. He shsould be happy he still has a job at this point, and he only sstill has a job because of his past. so his past is being respected in that aspect.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I still don’t understand why Chael wants this fight? It doesn’t help his career in any way. Maybe because he already fought both champs in the two classes he can compete in and lost, so now it’s all about the money since he won’t be champ?

    • Griff

      Was more a fight he wanted to settle a score than to advance his career at this point.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        I disagree with that. Sure, Chael wants to put it on the fact that Wanderlei was talking s#*$ but if you go back and look most of it was just Wanderlei saying come on man don’t disrespect Brazil and the nog brothers. Wanderlei was voicing his opinion on various occasions saying how he didn’t like the way Chael was attacking Brazil and some of the Brazilian fighters. Chael knows how to hype a fight though and sometimes even gets under someones skin with something minor and turns it into something a lot more real than it started out to be. Beating anyone in the UFC no matter who it is still moves you forward in the right direction. Chael has plenty of time to beat some top contenders before a MW title fight opens up so an easy win over a big name will only help his cause. The $$ that Chael stands to make for a fight that’s his to lose is a huge plus also. Chael here is selling wolf tickets. Dana here is selling wolf tickets. The UFC is selling wolf tickets. You guys are eating them right up.

        • Lucas Freire

          He doesn’t care about rankings. He cares about the biggest paycheck.
          Shogun wasn’t the biggest, he’s a quiet guy.
          But Wand? Hell, you can expect a lot of funny stuff from the promotion of this fight. lol
          Chael’ll retire the richest MMA fighter ever.

    • Snag

      i’m pretty sure if chael fights wandy, it would be the easiest match up ever and he won’t even have to train and he can focus on broadcast work.

    • robc

      Chael wants this fight because he knows he can win it. And win it over a well known fighter. If he wants to get back into title contention at any weight class, he needs high profile wins. Silva fits that profile. Besides, Anderson Silva, Weidman and Vitor is the really anyone at 185 that has even a remote chance against Sonnen? Not really…

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    I’d kind of like to know what the offer was so we know if he’s really dodging or if the offer is a little on the low end. Either way, can’t wait to hear Chael’s response to this lololol. PPV points are a little unrealistic considering the headline being GSP vs Hendricks. GSP is still the top PPV headliner I believe so wouldn’t really be fair to try and ride GSP’s gravy train.

  • Now I understand Wandy doesn’t have the best record since coming over to the UFC. But the guy is a warrior and has put his time in. He must know that Sonnen is a big draw and especially fighting on a GSP card, business wise it makes sense for Silva to ask for PPV points especially since his next fight will most likely be his last.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      It makes sense for him to get paid big but PPV points on a GSP headliner is a bit much. GSP is still probably leading PPV numbers so it’s not really going to add much to the sales to have this fight added. It doesn’t make sense for the UFC to give up PPV points to guys who aren’t really going to add much to the PPV sales. If it were a different card it might make more sense.

      • Maybe Silva vs Sonnen as a main event for a free show on fox sports?

    • Baller31

      With his record in the UFC he has no business asking for PPV points. 2 losses to a far past his prime Franklin, ko’d by leben, he has more losses than wins since returning to the UFC. The only thing that keeps him off the prelims is his aggressiveness.

  • diazfan209

    Taking a fight with Chael Sonnen is pretty much signing a contract to a wrestling match. Wanderlei knows his fans love his stand and trade style & Chael’s wrestling would pretty much take that type of fight away. Wanderlei isn’t fighting for a title run, so unless he’s going to earn an extra healthy paycheck from taking this fight, why would he want to face a wrestler that’s just going to want to immediately grapple?

    • bajafox

      Why does he deserve more money? He’s on the backside of his career, he’s lucky to have a job at this point

      • Fritz

        yeah, but he sells ppv like no other cause hes a exciting fighter that keeps bringing it

      • Rob

        Because he’s EARNED it over the years building his reputation and fan base….um…that will boost the number of PPV buys…Ya think?

    • Manuel Lopez

      Because he’s in a sport called mma ( mixed martial arts). A sport where the best are the best wherever the fight goes.

      • Fritz

        yes, so bring the soccer kicks back. this would be fair.

        • Rob

          They are Back, but at ONE FC 🙂

          • Junior


    • MMAMA

      Because, regardless of whether it’s MMA or not, these two guys have called each other out. They want to fight. Plus, Wanderlei’s fans would love nothing more than seeing him beat Sonnen. Wanderlei, if he truly wanted to fight Sonnen, would accept the fight. But he doesn’t and he never has, because he knows Sonnen would beat him, and easily. He’s not fit enough to go three rounds with someone who sets a pace like Sonnen does. Wandy was awesome, now he’s old and should retire after the last fight, which was a great fight. Vitor shouldn’t rematch Henderson, he should fight Sonnen on the same card as the Silva v Weidman II match… then the winners can fight for the title, and the losers can fight each other for a #1 contender’s position.

    • robc

      Ironic you should say that diazfan, given of Chael Sonnen’s last 3 wins, 2 of them were by submission. So Wanderlei is afraid of wrestling or being submitted? Either way the guy that would fight “anyone” is turning down a fight that even without points he will be well compensated for. He just doesn’t want to get embarassed like Shogun was…

      • Night Hawk

        Chael submitted Brian Stann a long, long time ago, and Rua just the other day. His fights are boring, period. On the other hand, of Sonnen’s 3 losses, 2 were by submission, 1 by TKO.

        • JET

          Less than two years ago is a “long, long time ago”? You probably could have done without the second “long”.

    • jay

      because he doesnt take the risk of getting KO’d having his career ended by Dana … getting held down for 15 minutes won’t do much damage and will allow him to fight again in 3-4 months and collect another paycheck as opposed to fighting someone like Belfort who will give him another concussion.

    • jay

      because he doesnt take the risk of getting KO’d having his career ended by Dana … getting held down for 15 minutes won’t do much damage and will allow him to fight again in 3-4 months and collect another paycheck as opposed to fighting someone like Belfort who will give him another concussion.

    • jay

      because he doesnt take the risk of getting KO’d having his career ended by Dana … getting held down for 15 minutes won’t do much damage and will allow him to fight again in 3-4 months and collect another paycheck as opposed to fighting someone like Belfort who will give him another concussion.

  • HpPavilion22

    Wandy can go back to Japan and become a famous Brazilian Rapper,,

  • bajafox

    “…so I guess he’s gonna retire,”

    That is Dana’s way of saying, take it or leave it. Nobody in their right mind will pay to watch Wandy co-main and he’s only asking for ppv $ because GSP and Chael are going to be on the same card.

  • Darin

    Didn’t Chael say something awhile back about how he was going to stop pursuing the fight with Silva? He said he pushed for the fight but Wanderlei doesn’t want it so he’ll drop it. He said for him to continue to push for it would make him a bully and he isn’t one.
    What happened there?

    • Snag

      The media kept pestering Wand about why the fight’s not happening and Wand was like ‘yo i ain’t scared. i would destroy chael’ and then chael was like “yo wtf man. u wanna go bietch???”

      • Snag

        Hence, it’s the media’s fault. No one’s gonna bitch out in front of the media. Shogun was supposed to fight Texiera but he was like “OH HELLL NAWW” to dana and then when media asked him about it, he was like “yo i’ll fight ANYONE”.

        These brazilians bitch out in private and put up a front in front of the media.

  • This is just another excuse not to fight Sonnen.


  • BobGyro

    Wanderlei Silva is an old man with a huge face that is not movie star looks. Screw that old Brazilian telling Dana what he wants. Old recycled Silva is washed up anyway and would lose to Sonnen.

    • lowlb

      All the old pride guys deserve more respect.
      They were in the ring fighting. They helped build this sport. You’re just some dude on the internet. Bob gyro you are a painful idiot and that’s your parents fault.

  • Chris J. Ekstedt

    Somebody is scurred… and knowing he is going to get hurt, he wants to know that he will be compensated.. smart move.

  • hunty

    have the steroid tests been completed??
    Sonnen can only win against a quality opponent if he is on roids. He beat shogun with alot of extra “help”. This guy couldn’t beat an 80 year tito ortiz. thats the ability of sonnen…… all mouth all roids.

    • Baller31

      I love all the idiots that confuse trt with steroids. Trt puts a persons testosterone at normal levels using a hormone- testosterone- not an anabolic steroid . Cyborg was on steroids, Chael uses trt.

  • Dustin Harless

    Real f’n simple.. If Chael fights at 205, the only LEGIT fight is with Lil Nog, Glover, or Phil Davis. If he should so happen to drop to 185, then the logical choice would be Micheal Bisbing. A win in either division against these guys I mentioned would put in back in TRUE contention.

  • MuayThaiFood

    The fact that Chael want this fight so bad shows where he’s at in his career. It would be as entertaining as watching someone put out a fire with a wet blanket IMO.

  • Tom Jolley

    pay the man Dana,he has earn it

  • Dragon Kid

    Wanderlei has had his brains scrambled a bit too many times.

  • Baller31

    Wandelei wants no part of Sonnen. What a bitch move.

  • Denny Swain

    Young wand would’ve fought free.old wand dont want to fight sonnen

  • BobGyro

    Silva is just an old washed out bum with a big haggard worn face no one could love.

  • Milosc

    Wanderlei has to be an idiot not to realize what’s happening between the UFC and Sonnen, and doesn’t want to get played so cheaply

    He wants Chael money

    The guy was fielding retirement questions one fight ago. If Chael wants to pick on an aging champ to boost his street cred, it should cost them

    • Milosc

      If they really have so much trouble keeping Vitor out of Chael’s picture for another PPV, which is painfully obvious, there’s always Sakuraba..


    MMAWeakly with these shitty rankings. These rankings are inaccurate.

  • DamianCross

    Dana never wants to reveal anything about his business dealings, but the second a fighter wants more money he runs to the media. I’m not saying whether Wand deserves it or not…I never liked him…but this is a negotiation tactic from Dana and nothing more.

  • Jabawok

    oh come on two has beens, who the hell would pay to watch that crap