Wanderlei Silva on Chael Sonnen: “If He Wants to Be My Friend, It’s Too Late” (Video)

March 17, 2014
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(Video courtesy of UFC.com)

Wanderlei Silva has no intention of becoming friendly with fellow The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 coach Chael Sonnen. In fact, he plans to break his nose inside the first round when they finally set foot in the Octagon opposite each on May 31.

Check out what Wanderlei Silva had to say about fellow TUF Brazil 3 coach Chael Sonnen in a recent interview.

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  • I hope Sonnen takes down Wanderlei, and make him eat punches.

    • Rodbert

      small addition: “eat lots of punches”

  • Aimed With “V”

    Never liked Wanderlei Silva really.
    I was a huge Pride fan, and Wanderlei’s personality was extremely annoying, cocky and aggressive. I rooted for Kazushi Sakuraba every time he fought Silva, even though I never gave him much chance (pretty much was hoping for a miracle).
    The fact, that he has become “legend” and “Pride veteran” doesn’t make me sentimental over him, not even one bit.

    Sonnen as a persona doesn’t contain too much of a quality either – just a cheap self-promoter for the retarded majority of the US MMA fans: taking pages of Tito Ortiz book, while never being able to achieve goals that Tito achieved when being in his prime.
    However, he clearly is a better coach, and for the sake of the guys like “Nick Monstro”, Rogerio da Lima or Ismael de Jesus, I hope that they (or any other good fighters of the season) end up in his team and will get Kelvin Gastelum treatment.

    • StaalOntwerp

      I used to hate Wand in PRIDE, but I do think he softened up a bit after he came to the UFC. He’s certainly more responsive to fans.

      That said, I do want him to lose against Sonnen.

  • Haters gon hate

    Wow, so disrespectful to a guy who isn’t a “legend” -in quotes as if you’re being sarcastic. He’s a LEGEND – in all capitals for his contribution to this sport. I started watching MMA because of Wanderlei, back when he was crushing guys bare knuckle in IVC. The king of Vale Tudo, Cachorro Luoco, The Axe Murderer, Wanderlei Silva!

    You may not like his personality, but he was an incredible fighter in his prime, and one of the pioneers of the sport. He was the Pride champ for like 5 years, he fought out of his weight class in the OWGPs, and he ALWAYS put on exciting fights trying to finish every opponent he ever faced. He sacrificed so much back in the days and he did it for next to no money, even though he was one of the biggest draws no matter where he fought. I really don’t understand how anyone can disrespect a guy like Wanderlei, it’s just ridiculous. Again, you might not like him, but show some respect ffs.

    • Aimed With “V”

      As a fighter he was disgusting as well, he poked eyes, used groin shots and headbutts (for example, he beat Mezger by using absolutely illegal headbutt that has been overlooked by the officials – they always favored him).
      Sometimes he even aimed his stomp for the groin especially, and it was overlooked as well.
      In his first Rampage fight, the referee stood them up, even though Rampage was active from the top and was pounding Wanderlei with all his strength – another example of Pride officials being biased towards their favorite brawler.
      Ah, and of course the BS decision in the second Arona fight and overall “tune-up” fights against cans.

      And brawler he was, and is. Definitely not an example of true martial artist (unlike other fighters from his era), definitely not a legend.
      He’s much more humble in the UFC, because unlike in Pride, no one gifted him anything.
      Wanderlei is overrated, definitely not a legend and overall not good for the sport.

  • mmalive

    Both guys deserve respect for sure. Wandy is a brawler from the old School days. Sonnen is a decent fighter.as well. No one took Anderson for 4.5 rounds and nearly won. Sonnen under estimates his opponents. One thing you DO NOT do in MMA. It will be lights out if Wandy catches him. One the other hand, if Sonnen catches Wandy in clinch we might see another victory ala Shogun style.