Wanderlei Silva Lashes Out at the UFC Again, Accepts Mission to Change

November 7, 2014
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Upon retiring from fighting, Wanderlei Silva lashed out at the UFC and other fight promoters for taking advantage of the fighters, underpaying them, and treating them with little respect or dignity.

“Enough is enough. They don’t respect us as athletes. They don’t respect us at all,” he said.

Wanderlei SilvaNot only did he complain, he also seemed to take the cause upon himself to do something about the situation. He didn’t say specifically what he would do aside from speaking out, but he did plan to at least do that much, leveraging his popularity to shine a light on what he sees as unfair treatment.

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“Wanderlei Silva is rising up now,” he said. “The fighters need a voice. They need someone who will speak up about the truth. I am here to say the truth. They can’t shut me up.”

He said all of that, and much more in his retirement video. But now, several weeks later, Silva has returned with another video, once again trashing his former employer and demanding that things change, in fact, promising that things would change.

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“If it wasn’t for us fighters, who have carried the sport on our backs since the very beginning… without fighters there is no fight, there’s no event, and no show. (But) fighters are getting paid each time less, purses are decreasing instead of increasing,” he proclaimed. “If you own an event, it’s your job to make sure the athletes are satisfied when they fight.”

There are very few fighters actively competing that are saying what Silva is saying. He believes that is because their contracts would be terminated if they did speak up, so he is ready to do the speaking for them.

“The active fighters can’t speak up or they will be fired. Because this monopoly doesn’t allow for a free market. We have to free the fighters so they can fight wherever they want,” Silva said.  “I am here to fight for our rights. Unfortunately, I won’t collect the fruits of what I’m planting.

“Now you have a guy with the guts to say the truth because I’m not afraid of anyone,” he continued. “This mission has been given to me and I have accepted.”

Silva also pointed out that he is indeed retired and does not expect to reap any rewards for his effort to change the conditions and the treatment for fighters. He says, however, that he intends to change the future for his class, the warrior class, that is competing now and in the future.

Silva owns and operates a martial arts gym in Las Vegas, which has a team of fighters, both on the amateur and professional level, as well as everyday traditional classes.

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  • Daniel Bryant

    YES! YES! YES!

  • TheCerealKiller

    You are a cheater. I don’t think anyone wants you speaking for them.

  • Alfonso

    That’s hilarious!. He obviously thought the UFC would try and cover up for his cheating and now is angry the athletic commission and the ufc didn’t sweep it under the rug like he expected. Too bad….a great fighter in his time but not realistic about the way rules and regulations work. I guess Silvas everything’s been worked out statement didn’t quite work out like he expected. Too bad. What employee says the loved where they worked if their fired or let go?? No surprise here.

  • zarthustra

    “Wanderlei accepts mission to distract mma fans from his own cheating by launching a dishonest smear campaign against the company that has paid him millions upon millions of dollars while he was fighting well past his prime.” Also known as, spitting in the face of the hand that feeds you.

    What is the character of a man who is treated very well for years by his company, then when he gets busted for cheating, launches a vicious, dishonest attack on same company? If Wanderlei is so passionate about the perceived flaws of the UFC, why has he been virtually silent on the issue for ALL THESE YEARS?

    But, hey, WAR WANDERLEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wanderlei is a fighter from a different fighting era. A time when honor and respect for fighters was universal in Japan. A time when ‘fighters’ were not ‘athletes…’ but warriors. What animates a warrior is a completely different etheric-spirit than what animates a normal man.

    What Wanderlei is in denial of, is the fact that ‘honor’ amongst fighters has been sold out to corporate greed and capitalism. Fighters will never be as honored as they were in the past so long as MMA remains a 1 promotion sport that is run soley for profit by the Billionaire Business Class. (who are really 20th generation rich kids playing with the money they were born with and in this case, fighters lives. As ‘regulation’ of any sport is simply control and monetization by the ‘Billionaire Business Class)

    Wanderlei needs to realize that for as long as money has a stranglehold on creativity, fighters will NEVER be respected as they should be.


      hey, are you still around?