Wanderlei Silva: ‘I Know Sooner or Later I’m Gonna Need to Stop”

March 3, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva - Pride FCAt 36 years of age, the question of retirement comes at Wanderlei Silva almost daily.

He knows the day that he will have to hang up his gloves for the final time is drawing ever nearer, but fights like the one he had with Brian Stann at UFC on Fuel TV 8 continue to feed the fire that burns inside.

The two went toe-to-toe and fist-for-fist in a brutal 9:08 war, Silva eventually knocking Stann out.

“Brian Stann is a tough opponent. He has a strong punch,” said Silva at the post-fight press conference. “I hit him and he hit me, and I felt out a little bit in that moment, but this is the kind of fight I like to do. He’s a strong guy, a warrior; he came to fight, no going away, no run around. He’s there to do the job.”

“Doing the job” fulfills Silva. He may have earned his moniker of the “Axe Murder” with the way he fights, but the man could hardly be anything further from that outside of the cage.

Silva is an athlete that fights very much for his fans. It’s what sustains his youthful energy for the fight game. It’s what keeps him going, and what may keep him going beyond the time when he really should – like the NFL quarterback chasing one more Super Bowl – call it a day.

Silva has been in many wars over the years, his health taking a beating at times.

The day is coming, but the day is not today.

“I fight one fight at a time right now,” Silva stated. “I feel healthy, but I know sooner or later I’m gonna need to stop the job, but I’m happy for getting this feeling, this energy from my fans, make the show for my fans, make my fans happy.”

Saturday’s fight with Stann was the realization of one of Silva’s dreams, a dream that takes him one step closer to retirement.

He has been fighting professionally since 1996, nearly 17 years, pushing up on two decades. Silva began his career in Brazil and reached its apex fighting for Pride FC in Japan.

Having fought the past several years in the UFC, and mostly in the United States, Silva wanted to fight at least one more time each in Brazil and Japan before his day is done.

He fought Rich Franklin at UFC 147 in Brazil and Brian Stann at UFC on Fuel TV 8, fulfilling his wish.

“I’m so glad the UFC gave me the opportunity for me to fight one last time in Brazil and fighting here,” he said, but left the door open for more. “If UFC gives me the opportunity to come back here, I’m happy to fight in Japan again.

“I have the best moments of my life here and today is one more.”

How many more todays does Silva have? Only Silva will be able to answer that question, and even he can’t answer it just yet.


  • I can’t think of what could possibly be next for him. Love Brian Stann but glad to see Wandy get a KO win.

    • Lucas Freire

      As the UFC only throw strikers against him,I have the same doubt at you. The top-tier strikers of the division are all above top8(Bisping,Belfort,Anderson). Belcher could be an option,but as he’s expected to go against Bisping…I really want to see what will turn out for Wandy,as I really like him,but against the wrestlers of the category I think he wouldn’t be able to do a whole lot

      • I’d like to see him against a jiujitsu guy. Not sure who. Or for his last fight him and Hendo at 185 in a rubber match.

    • RondaKenPish

      I just don’t understand dudes liking bland characters like Brian Stann.

      This fight, if anything, shows the depth of the talent level of the overrated 185 division.

      Wandy is not even top 20 in the LHW division. And he beats top 5 or 10 ranked MW at LHW.

      Brian Stan would be lucky to be top 20 in the LHW divsion. The middle weight division is full of guys like Brian Stan. Mark Munoz, Yushin, Chael Sonnen, Vitor….none of those guys can make top 15 at LHW yet they are all top 5 or 10 at Anderson Silva’s division.

      This is why I think it suucks that A.Silva hides in the division. Come up and fight some real guys at 205.

      • With Andersons new deal he’ll have to fight some guys who are on top. Right now he’s fighting the best that they can offer him pretty much. Jacre Souza I’m hoping makes a big impact in the UFC and gets a shot at the title he’s a beast. We need a new face b/c nobody is interested in Silva fighting anyone other then GSP/Jones.

  • Deadz28

    One of the few epic fights ufc has had… Brian Stann is a freakin warrior!!!!

  • dan

    Bring in Manhoef for one fight if the UFC is still gonna have Wand going

    • hammbeno

      Thatd be hot. Manhoeff vs cyborg (who reminds me of wanderlei) was one of the greatest slugfests ever

  • Wand4Life

    Stay at 205. Wand has his power and cardio back.


    HENDO VS SILVA 3!!!!

    • hammbeno

      Hell yeah. They each won once. I was also thinking the rematch with belfort they almost had last year til belfort got injured

      • Lucas Freire

        The problem is: Both Hendo and Belfort are top contenders. Wand is struggling at top15

  • BrazilianMMAfan

    Having him fight Hendo would be fantastic! Also, having him fight “the coward” (as Vitor Belfort is best known in Brazil). They were supposed to fight and Vitor came up with an excuse. Everyone made fun of him, even the media. It would be fantastic to him Wandy fight Belfort in Brazil and shut him up for good. That would be a fantastic lest fight for him.

    • BrazilianMMAfan

      to have* Wandy fight Belfort