Wanderlei Silva Confronts Chael Sonnen at Mr. Olympia Expo: “Everything You Said About Me Will Have a Payback”

September 30, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva 034 Pride-478x270The every-growing feud between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen has once again reared it’s ugly head.

The two have been in each other’s face for years, ever since Silva confronted Sonnen over comments he made about then-UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and his Brazilian heritage.

In recent months, a fight between the two in the Octagon has become a real possibility. Sonnen has been angling for the fight at every turn, while Silva continues to say he wants the fight as well, and more for personal than professional reasons.

Silva, however, last fought in March when he defeated Brian Stann, and has been sidelined recently with an injury. He isn’t expected to return to the Octagon until the beginning of 2014, which has kept any fight with Sonnen — at least in the cage — on the sidelines.

The two have continued taking shots at each other at almost every turn in interviews, on Twitter, on YouTube, and any other available venue.

The latest altercation came on Saturday when Silva sought out Sonnen at the Mr. Olympia festivities in Las Vegas, video camera and security crew in tow.

The exchange didn’t last but a few seconds, numerous members of each man’s camp, holding them back as they slung schoolyard threats at each other on a convention room floor full of vendors.

In the end, little came of the incident, other than a video full of threats and promises from Silva to Sonnen, such as, “Everything you said about me will have a payback.”

There is a personal distaste for one another that is extremely evident, but don’t discard the fact that both Silva and Sonnen are savvy purveyors of their professions. Whether their feud runs as deep as they portray or not, a fight between the two appears inevitable once both men are concurrently healthy enough to fight.

Warning: Explicit language

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  • Ping

    I like this. If the fight does ever happen it will be more fun knowing it’s not just a fight. It is a little personal. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was all staged, but it’s still fun.

    • Miguel Rivera

      this confrontation just made this fight even more anticipating

  • Usmc8408

    I wouldn’t call that fearful, more surprised from someone coming at you out of nowhere. That Silva move was just as contrived as anything Sonnen’s done in the past. Picking a fight while the camera is following you…very original!

    • Guest

      This s*** is becoming the next WWE. Thanks Sonnen, haha

    • Guest

      This is s#*t is becoming the next WWE. Thanks Sonnen, haha!

      • Ian Price

        It’s damn hilarious, is what it is!

    • Usmc8408

      What this looks like to me, it’s becoming the next WWE. With Sonnen leading the way, looking for his payday. So if you like to watch smack talk, you don’t have far to walk. Just sit there like a boob, and watch it all on youtube. – Sonnen, son!

      • Michael

        I agree with all these gimmick fights and staged videos I do smell WWE all over this fight.

  • Juniorbra

    I think Chael wasn’t wait for that!! You can tell he was catch in the moment!!! Lol


    Dana needs to give Wand a cut of the PPV and make this fight happen. Add it to the Super bowl card or have it headline the next card.

    • Ernest Bethea

      Preach my friend. If money is the issue, settle it, but Dana, whatever you do, MAKE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN!!!

    • atmosphere325

      As much as I’d love to see this fight happen, I don’t think the UFC will (or by principle, should) give into these types of demands. Also, as much as I love Wandy, he’s the one that has heated hatred for Chael and has been calling for this fight for a long time. IMO, the warrior spirit and his dedication to “fighting fo the fans” that he’s built up over the years has been desecrated after his PPV demands. After getting shot down, he instead demanded that it be a 5-round main event so that “he can beat up Chael for 25 minutes.”
      This is a high-risk, low-reward fight for Chael, who has recently fought for belts and just submitted a top 10 LHW in Shogun. Wandy, who’s pretty irrelevant and doesn’t “deserve” a fight against a fighter like Sonnen (as far as divisional standings), is just trying to take a page out of Chael’s book, hoping that the UFC will fold. Wandy’s the roadblock here, not Chael or the UFC.

    • Jake

      No he doesnt. If Wandy wants the fight that bad…settle without the PPV Points. This idiot thinks he is worth way more than he is!

  • John C

    Chael will kick this cowards ASS

    • Ian Price

      Most likely

    • Troy I

      Wanderlei Silva a coward? He may not have as much sparring, mat time, blood, sweat, tears and professional FIGHTS under his belt as you but I’m sure he’s pretty close. Calling any pro fighter a coward, from the comfort of your keyboard. Very impressive.

      • KC52

        Why do you guys take such offense when a fan talks trash about a fighter they don’t like? Big deal, its funny and interesting! I say talk all the shiznit you want!

    • JasonRoseEh

      Wanderlei has never been a coward. Glad you started watching MMA within the last 10 years,. F—ing kids.

  • Cameron Merryman

    Vanderlei is like a crazy little fat kid after you poke him too many times

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    I’ve seen plenty of situations where a guy runs up on another guy and a natural reaction for an average person is usually a mixture of fear and confusion. I think we can all agree that Chael did not look afraid in the least. It seemed like Chael felt disrespected and was a little angry if anything. Wanderlei is giving me deja vu flashbacks of Ken Shamrock back in the Tito vs Shamrock days. I think we all know that things would not go much better for Wanderlei than they did for Ken if this fight did happen.

    It seems like the only thing preventing this fight from happening is Wanderlei not getting the payday he wants with the PPV points. Simple solution would be to tie the PPV points to a win bonus clause. That way if Wanderlei wants it, he’s going to have to work for it. If Wanderlei is so confident that he’s going to destroy Chael then it should not be a problem on his end.

    • Raffi

      i think that Chael will destroy Wanderlei, only because he is no longer able to take a punch. If Chael fought Wanderlei in his prime at Pride, Wanderlei would have killed him.

      • Cptmats

        Hard to say, Wand never fought a wrestler Like Chael in Pride.

        Rampage was the best wrestler Wand fought in pride and I think he could have won if he had fought smart instead of trying to win a pissing contest with Wandy.

    • Rbastid

      Wanderlei thought he was going to catch Sonnen off guard but Sonnen didn’t miss a beat.

      This wasn’t Barnett and Aleks, where Aleks crumpled and acted like a scolded child.

      Wandy knows his time has passed and this is his last shot as a PPV headliner with some decent cash behind it, but he’ll lose more future earning potential by making an ass of himself in this manner.

  • Emanon

    That was planned. Good actors.

    • JcStylin

      No question it was staged

    • Gregory Steven Feltner

      if it was staged in been staged for three years. you can watch a video on youtube in 2010 where they are in a car together and silva is telling sonnen that selling the fight with Anderson silva is not good to make fun of the Brazilian people. wanderlei really does want to kick sonnens ass. the problem is that he cant and sonnen will submit him within two minutes of the first round

  • This video is too cute. Make the fight happen please.

  • wow

    shut up Wandy…you had the chance and then you bitched out for more money for the first time since being in the UFC. If you wanted it as bad as you act like you would have signed the contract.

    • Ernest Bethea

      Don’t sleep on this just yet. Wandy may go ahead and sign that contract just to get a good piece of Chael Sonnen and do what a lot fans hope for and that being shut Sonnen’s mouth up for him!

      • Ian Price

        You can’t beat Chael if he’s riding you like the Lone Ranger for 5 rounds

  • Cachirulo

    Fight is gonna happen is just building press and anxiety on all so it can have good ratings, Silva has to start facing Sonnen face to face instead of surprising him thru the back.

  • Get2dachoppa

    Chael will beat his @ss

    • hamm

      Wanderlei gon knock chael the f*** out n he hasn’t signed fight becaused his ciatic nerve however u spell it is damaged n he’s not even allowed to train officially til January. Chael better prey he can do what ricardo arona did n keep him down or it will be the first time sonnen will go to sleep lights out. I love sonnen but wandy my fav fighter ever. One the best mma fighters ever. Sonnen won’t ever touch a belt although he’s a tough guy. Wanderlei knock em clean out n silence these corns

      • atmosphere325

        Wandy hasn’t signed on the dotted line because the UFC won’t bend to his demands, not because of injuries or anything of the such.
        If the fight were to happen, Wandy would probably come into the fight very emotional, which will make him even more susceptible to an inevitable takedown. His guard isn’t that good either, so expect Chael to GnP him into the mat

  • HeadExplode

    I wonder how many times they rehearsed that scene before turning the camera on.

    • Ian Price


  • jojo

    What the hell is this? They used to do these vignettes back the old pro-wrestling days. I’m not a fan of this. They are using WWE tactics to sell tickets. No thanks.

    • Ian Price

      Remember, we die-hard mma fans can’t keep the show running by ourselves . we need this BS to sell enough tickets to keep things going…..

    • JoeDisqus56

      I don’t know why there’s anything wrong with them being entertaining outside the cage as long as they fight inside it. It’s all just entertainment and they can’t be fighting all the time.

  • jeremy

    Chael looked PISSED… and wandy had his guy there to hold him back, or like Chael said his times going to come in just a second. That was a b*tch move by wandy

  • Andrew Anthony

    I think Vanderlei is legit, he might win gold one day baby!

    • Ian Price

      He’s too small. Needs to move down to MW but he’s too old and battered. He should retire, but only after a Chael fight!

  • Shakir Hanifa

    Hey guys!! anyone noticed that Wanderlei spoke english? lol “MADAFAKA” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.

    If the fight ever happens, Chael will take you down in 2 seconds, ground and pound and submit like he did to Shogun.


    Ahhh Boo Hooo,,,Wandy you lost respect of many fans, when you demanded more $$$ from Dana to fight Chael

  • candelario

    can’t wait till Silva smashes Chael’s mouth

  • Ron Wheeler

    Yawn. Chael does the hype stuff well. Bandalay – not so much…

  • Brent

    ENGLISH….speak ENGLISH dude. You live in the USA now.

  • coneil5150

    Come on boys, no need to fight why don’t you have a spelling-bee instead ?
    I think that would be even uglier for Silva than the beating Chale would give him.

  • Reid Carnes

    I really wish all these guys would learn to speak at least some English ! It’s very lazy on their part.

    • MuayThaiFood

      If he’s talking to his Brazilian fans why would he speak to them in English? He does a lot of interviews in English so I’m not sure what the point of your comment is.

      • Reid Carnes

        Ok, great he’s speaking to his Brazilian fans. How about all these guys that get interviewed after a fight and don’t know a lick of English? That’s what I’m talking about.

    • dick

      its a bit racist from your part.

      • Reid Carnes

        Incorrect. If I was constantly in the public eye in another country I would at least make an attempt to learn the language.

  • Gerardo Ferrer

    seem that the brazil guy want to show the world that he is better.



  • Polaris

    Brazil dude sure likes to run his mouth. What a clown.

  • Stick

    Wanderwhatever says he’s a pro and pros don’t take it to the street but there he is in the video hunting Chael down to get in his face. Not very professional if you ask me.

  • steva las vegas

    silva said i dont fight on the street, but he sure did run up to sonnen. What would he do if sonnen punched him in his ear hole. Cry? dummie silva, go home your drunk

  • Brian


  • JcStylin

    That whole thing was so obviously staged

  • Alvaro Jacobo

    After Silva KO’s him they will hug it out and go for shots later that night.

  • terri monroe

    Hey Silva! Go back to Brazil where you were hatched!! I notice you can speak English when you want to….muda fuckr. What an imbecile!

  • Tony Baloney

    staged like it was old skool WWF

  • bobbyposition

    I am a casual mma fan. I’d pay to see these two get it on.

  • HardBoiledEgg

    staged. fake. i don’t like fake stuff like wwe mixing in with mma. keep mma real.

    • JoeDisqus56

      keep it real in the cage but they might as well have fun with the media circus. That aspect isn’t going away and it gets boring listening to the same old questions over and over.

      • HardBoiledEgg

        I understand what you’re saying. but i’m more or less saying don’t bring confrontations out into the public like wand did here. it’s too dangerous to act like this in a public forum. there’s too much of a chance that a bystander could get hurt or someone might get into the fracas that doesn’t understand that they are just trying to hype a fight to make more profit. so i agree with you, keep it real in the cage and settle it there.

  • truthslinger

    always been a big Wandy fan, but I cant wait for Sonnen to ground and pound a tko out of him and put him into retirement. Wandy hasnt been a top 5 fighter in a very long time, and should hang it up. This fight would have been competitive 5 years ago though. That would have been a way better fight.

    • MuayThaiFood

      You’re a loyal fan alright. The guy is isn’t top 5 anymore so you want him to get knocked out.

  • Wasanka

    The potato face Silva is going to lose in an spectacular way. I expect a dirty fight with kicks in the balls and eye poking. The party is already starting.

  • Raiz3R

    UFC is becoming more and more like WWE.

  • Matt Goldseth

    This type of fake soap opera BS is why the MMA is a shadow of the honor and integrity it once was when it celebrated TRUE martial arts…in the old UFC days, this type of spontaneous encounter would have been shrugged off and they’d meet in the ring and shake hands after.

    Nowadays, Dana White pimps it for everything its worth…maybe because the weight classes, rules and timed rounds have created a homogenous generation of fighters and has drawn the pro wrestling fans into the sport…so MMA is increasingly dependent on the white trash soap opera machismo…such is the sacrifice for commercialization I suppose.

  • bon

    UFC has turned into the WWF- this is fake as can be. How can anybody actually believe this? This is completely scripted.

  • CJ

    He said real men talk face to face but he made a video talking. Douche

  • Para Will

    All you guys screaming “fake” need to understand how the business works. The building up of a fight is extremely important and comparing this to the WWE is simply ridiculous.

    You people do understand that they will get into a cage and beat the hell out of one a another, right? The hype stuff before the fight is to sell the fight, but the hate is real in this case. Make no mistake, Chael and Silva will go at it in the cage and there won’t be anything fake about that.

    WWE is a show. UFC and other fight promotions are true combative sports, no faking in the cage.

  • MMA

    Well, Cheal Sonnen has never won a belt. He fought against Anderson Silva and he lost. not once but twice. Cheal your not as good as you talk. On the other hand, Wandy, Achieved a lot at Pride fc. He was more like a king in japan. So, in my conclusion. I have watched wandy from 2000 until present. I have seen him win Pride middle weight Champion. For Cheal lol. I have watched him talk more then he fights. he does not talk to talk. Cheal talks and he fails at the end of the fight. if you take a look at the greatest fights in MMA, They are not talkative. for example, Chuck laddel, Fador, Anderson silva, GSP and my favorite Dan Handerson who is the most vicious fighter in all MMA . Cheal is a joke. He is there for just hype.

    • fsunoles10

      who’s beat him in the middleweight division not name silva? say what you will but he’s a legit fighter that doesnt take weak fights for his record. you just sound like another person speaking out of anger, get a life bud.

      • bird1985

        Didnt jeremy horn choke him out back in the day…..??? HMMMM

  • huh

    two old farts trying to hype a fight…

  • fsunoles10

    silva needs to get his eyes checked cuz im pretty sure that wasnt fear in sonnens eyes. haha

  • Ken H

    I have learned that Chael will say anything to hype a fight. He insulted not just Brazilian people, but also Anderson Silva and Jon Jones with very personal insults. But after the fight he’s interviewing Silva as an MMA expert analyst. Chael is working the PPV. I think Silva came to realize it. I think Wanderlei probably is really angry but like others, he could be in on it, too. Chael even admits he lies. The guy is a genius when it comes to spinning hype and selling fights. All this hatred for Brazil and pro USA stuff is over the top like WWE at its best. As for the fight, I know the Axe Murderer is past his prime but can still knock out Chael. I have no idea what Wanderlei can do if he’s taken down. Chael will be the heavy favorite but I wouldn’t ever discount a furious Wanderlei if things really are as personal as they seem on his end. Chael DID say many insulting things and Wanderlei sounded sincere enough. But I could be buying his acting, too. He did say he’s a professional and would wait til they get to the ring. Wouldn’t shock me too badly if he and Chael had a beer together already since that performance.

  • Still Jack

    I might have to pay to see this one….

  • HuskerNinja

    so staged it’s pathetic. But, make this fight Dana. I wanna see a true champion, the Axe Murder, crush that sad sack Sonnen.

  • Sonnen submits Silva.

    You heard it here first!

    – E

  • JoeNonymous

    And then Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out and hits someone with a 2×4.

  • geo prism

    In other words they will both make money.

  • paul

    All talk Wanderlei. You went up to the guys face and surprised him. Yet he stood his ground and was moving forward. But what happened? You backed up….!!!! WHY. We see who is the mouth here… I thought you had guts.

  • Jake Pearson

    If Kai Greene would have been given the title he deserves this would not have happened.

  • rockethtown .

    Chael will beat Axe

  • Don Key

    Silva la puta. SPPPT.

  • Lance

    I guess Dana is cool with him calling Chael a “faggot” in portugese. Any other sport he’d get a big fat fine for that.

  • john doe

    Any one with eyes can see that Sonnen walked right up to this douchebag and got in HIS face.
    Chael should waste this chump.

  • Barry Rice

    Is Dana White a relative of Vince McMahon. Sound and act a lot alike.

  • next

    Oh look now UFC is turning into WWE

  • FedorTheGreat!

    Looks pretty fake to me. As in it was staged.

  • Yeah, that was spontaneous.

    I bet they had boom mikes, and a director.

  • G-Money

    WTH does Wanderlei have his own camera crew with him for?! Is this E! True Hollywood Story, or something?!

  • Chael Sonnen

    LOVE THIS! LOVE THE ENERGY! It’s going to be a great fight. The only real coward here is the one who is “holding up” the fight deal (Wandy Pandy the pansie) by holding out for a sum of money that he is not worth anymore. HEY WANDY PANSIE!…put the money (deal) where your mouth is, and take the fight for whatever Dana and UFC are willing to pay. Otherwise…go pee your diaper somewhere else!

    • bird1985

      Chael the rabbit puncher Sonnen, knocking Wand out, your crazy bro, nighty night chael…..

  • Michael

    That look like WWE gimmick.

  • MMADude

    Sad to see the UFC turn to WWE gimmicks. They must really have a low opinion of their fan base.

  • citizenrich

    BJJ guys are very arrogant and are now frustrated that their “unbeatable” technique is getting abused by college wrestlers. It’s only going to get worse for them as more d1 guys come looking for a paycheck.

    As far as UFC turning into WWE: It’s always been that way since the gypsie Gracie family went around in the early 90’s sadistically breaking the arms of honorable fighters who had no idea how to defend themselves from joint attacks.

    Now guys like Ben Askren toy with BJJ guys to point where Dana White the wannabe gangster had to blackball Askren from the Ultimate Fraud Championship.

    Nothing new under the sun. I hope Chris Weidman chokes Silva out with an arm bar series to a side headlock and Brazilians go back to making pretty girls, good music and soccer.

    • Downunderchunks

      hahaha there is so much fucktardness in this post it’s hilarious……arrogance is alive & kicking, but it ain’t BJJ doing the blowing……& really, Askren, remind me of the world class fighters that ex-Bellator cheeseball finished…..the rabbit punching bearhugger hasn’t had one test to date…..boring arse fighters fullstop

    • Yves Hairston

      You have got to be the dumbest mofo on Gods green earth d1wrestler is no match for bjj I only wrestled in high school and broke some d1’s down with basic bjj won’t call names and they won’t admit it now Brazilian jujitsu is like Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris the end

      • citizenrich

        Based on your incomprehensible writing I’m doubtful you attended any high school.

        Have a great night!

  • Mike Hauben

    Its very funny that now Wanderlei says “real men talk face to face”. THEN WHY DO YOU KEEP MAKING THESE VIDEOS INSTEAD OF DOING IT FACE TO FACE! lol Its the exact opposite of what you’re saying. Plus,t his all started when you were talking shit to Chael next to him in a car, but in Portugese so you knew he didn’t know what you were saying lol. Chael’s career over the past few years has been way, way more successful than yours, and hes a terrible matchup for you… other than Rashad, hes only lost to legend fighters like Jones and Anderson. Come on.

    • Tristan Lara

      W.Silva is a legend, nobody cares about Sonnen, he counts for nothing in the history of the sport. But i do like Sonnen, well, he is obviously smarter.

  • chirs

    someone i wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of…

  • G

    Freddy Kruger looking Freak gonna get stomped by Sonnen.