Wanderlei Silva Banned for Life for Skipping Out on UFC Drug Test

September 23, 2014
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On Aug. 21, Wanderlei Silva’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, filed a motion to dismiss the disciplinary complaint against his client for evading a random drug test related to his then-scheduled bout with Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 on July 5.

On Tuesday, the Nevada Athletic Commission denied Goodman’s motion and banned Silva for life as well as fined him $70,000.

Deputy Attorney General Christopher Eccles suggested to the commission that Silva be given the harshest penalty possible.

“I’m suggesting that you send a message that Mr. Silva will never be licensed here,” said Eccles. “Running from a test, it’s really terrible for the sport. It’s terrible for all the clean athletes out there. I am asking that you tell him that you’ll never be licensed here. You are done.”

In a June commission hearing, Silva admitted to willfully avoiding taking the random drug test. During the meeting, the commission’s sample collection agent gave a detailed description of the steps he took to track Silva down in order to collect the required blood and urine samples necessary for a random drug test. He also detailed how after contacting him in person at the Wand Fight Team gym, Silva fled the site.

Silva explained that he ducked out on the drug test because he was using prescribed anti-inflammatories and diuretics for a wrist injury. Diuretics are on the banned substance list.

“I think this is worse than taking drugs. We cannot have fighters running from drug test,” said Commissioner Bill Brady on Tuesday.

Silva announced his retirement from fighting on Sept. 19. The lifetime ban ensures that he will remain retired.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Hahahahaha! I didn’t think he would get a lifetime, but I guess he knew. He found out this was coming, so he blames the UFC for everything. His PRIDE fights were entertaining, but not a legit org.

    • UltimateFloorCuddling

      Yet boring laying and praying ufc is? Seriously they should call it ultimate floor cuddling. It sounds better to because i usually fall asleep from watching most of the wrestlers fight.. Rules should be change.. because i don’t think is fair.. the ufc rules lean more to BJJ or wrestlers.. Strikers get so much heat for everything! Example getting a guy back, then they are putting their hand down so you CAN’T knee them the face? But yet is ok for a person to lay on top of you and lay elbows to your head over and over again. Heck if that allowed! allow upkick from a down position, Make sprawl then kneeing the head of wrestlers LEGAL AGAIN.

      Pride legit or not it still far more entertaining than most ufc fights. People that would disagree are the people that recently watch ufc and THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING BOUT IT. Lol let face it most people on this site are mostly ufc fans that rarely watch other organization because its to “low quality” and low fighters they don’t know about. People are sheeps.. They say stuff like “The fighters are not great and they are not top well because they are NOT in the ufc,

      Back when i use to watch MMA Pride had all the good fighters.. one was anderson silva. He was horrible in pride but did well in the UFC. I wish people would stop going by how great an organization is just because UFC said it. The question everyone should ask is.. ARE YOU A FIGHTER? how great are you? All the fighters that fight in the world… To me.. they all high level fighters because they fight in real life. Which is the hardest thing to do EVER. Training and cutting weight.. difficult.. We should respect the fighters.. Which most of us on here don’t. We always seem to talk crap. Especially this guy TheCerealKiller and don’t forget about myself 🙂

      • TheCerealKiller

        First off, I watch a lot of MMA, not just UFC. WSoF going to PPV would lose me. I started watching PRIDE when Shamrock went over there. It was fun, but it wasn’t a legit sport. The open acceptance of steroids leaves it in the same realm of WWE. Sure, they were really punching each other in the face, but it was a tough man contest on roids.

        • Austin, TX

          Silly, pouty comment dude. Kind of holier than though. And not true. i’m just saying. It’s not a true statement about Pride. Silly dumb comment. UFC is not be all end all. Some of the best fighters in the world back in the day were in Pride. Especially in the HW division in the early and mid 2000’s.

          • Seth

            Each org can have top fighters if you make steroids legal within that org. It’s not hard. Even Wandarlei can be good, if you allow him to juice up to the roof.

          • Austin, TX

            Steroids weren’t legal. They had tests also. They just weren’t nearly as stringent. It doesn’t mean everybody was illegit. That’s a warped perspective is all. Up until a few months ago it was the same scenario in UFC until everybody decided to officially ban things. And lots of fighters who took supplements LOST man. That has to be contemplated as well. I’m just saying we can’t be too puritannical or else it warps your perception of things if you make knee jerk responses and blanket thoughts on things. You’ve got to keep relativity in mind.

          • Seth

            Enson Inoue was one of the guys that said about PRIDE contracts. And they HAD A CLAUSE in THEIR CONTRACTS saying “We do not test for steroids”. If that’s not making them legal, then PRIDE had best way to fight against roids and PEDs, we just can’t understand their genius. Check your facts before you post anything here, ok?

          • Austin, TX

            People say a lot of things when they lose or if they have a gripe about something. i’m just saying PRIDE isn’t “WWE” or ” a “tough man contest on roids” as was mentioned up there. That’s not an accurate statement. It’s childish.

          • Seth

            Yeah…don’t trust anyone who says something bad about your beloved PRIDE. It wasn’t run by Yakuza either. And it wasn’t used to laundry money.

            Dude, get the grip of reality. It wasn’t Enson alone saying that, get educated on that subject first.

          • Austin, TX

            “My beloved PRIDE” featured some of the best fighters in the world especially at HW. It was better at that time than your “beloved UFC”.(Which up until recently was in the same boat. people also talk crap about UFC.) Get educated on that subject as well. 😉

          • Seth

            Really? Show me something as ridiculous in UFC contract as “We do not test for steroids” in contract that PRIDE offered. Show me something as ridiculous in the UFC as Top HW “fighting” pro-wrestler (Which PRIDE had, when Cro Cop fought Dos Caras). How can you take them as legit org? Fat ass Fedor RAN AWAY from the UFC because they gave him “unacceptable terms” – and he signed with Strikeforce (which FOR SURE gave him better deal than offered by the UFC, right?). That’s not being legit. That’s being fake and phony.

          • Austin, TX

            Ah, the truth comes out. You’re upset that Fedor is the greatest of all time. And not your little boy Anderson (I duck fights ) SIlva. A man 2 inches taller than Fedor who fought at middleweight against the greatest 2nd tier fighters the world has ever seen…and who had a crappier record.

          • Seth

            Yeah, Im upset because pro wrestler is called the greatest MMA fighter ever. Lol. Especially that this “greatest of all time” ducked UFC…legit dude, no doubt. He was good, he did a lot for this sport, but he’s far from be the greatest MMA fighter. And for sure he’s not greatest HW fighter, since Cain arrived, so he can still hide himself in Russia. No one cares anymore. We have more legit fighters than him now to care about.

          • Austin, TX

            My point was just that there are several million people across the globe (including Cain) who would disagree with that statement my friend. That includes Cain, Aldo, Mike Tyson, Chuck Norris, Fabricio Werdum, Dos Santos etc. (Dos Santos ko’d Cain in Cain’s prime.) All of those people and others have said Fedor was the greatest. I’m just saying. It wasn’t wwe or strong man contest on roids as was posted up there. that’s not an accurate statement. I’m just saying. there is no such thing as the greatest, its all relative. But if there is one then Fedor would rank up there as “one of the greatest of all time.” He mauled ex ufc HW champs.

            He didn’t come to the UFC because Dana wouldn’t let him do private occasional small shows in Russia. once a year. (Which I love dana God bless him, I’m just saying.)

          • Seth

            Why would you let your top fighters (because he would be top fighter) do any other things, which may cause injuries? That would retarded and if Fedor fought he will be allowed to do them, he’s retarded too from all those strikes to the head he took (same as Wandarlei). So he HAD TO KNOW that UFC won’t let him do that – so yeah, he either ducked UFC or he is a total retard.

          • How stupid are the people that post on this site? He’s calling into question the legitimacy of Pride because there were no regulations for steroid usage and so many of their top prospects came to the UFC either attempting to circumvent the legitimate testing of a sanctioned org or throwing their hands up and applying for TRT exemptions. From the latter, you could then assume that those fighters were taking roids in Japan and it ruins things a little. Not once did he say it wasn’t enjoyable to watch, but how could you possibly consider it legitimate when fighters entrenched there for years echo the same sentiment?

          • Austin, TX

            Well then how stupid are people that say PRIDE was “WWE” or “a tough man contest on roids”. It’s just not true. I’m just saying dude… it’s not …”WWE”… as was suggested by the post. I never said he was saying it wasn’t enjoyable to watch. Far from it. I’m just saying it wasn’t “a tough man contest on roids”. That’s a silly blanket comment. It’s amateurish. And its not true. It’s a knee jerk reaction to things that goes too far and takes away from the classic fights all those years between top pro’s who were all on even ground you know? People all too often dismiss the past when intoxicated by the present. There is a thing called relativity. The UFC is far from perfect. And PRIDE was a classic organization that has hundreds of classic professional fights. It wasn’t a tough man contest on roids or WWE. That’s a silly statement is all.

      • “Back when i use to watch MMA Pride had all the good fighters..” So you don’t even watch MMA any more. Right.

    • royal

      Dumbest comment of the year for sure

  • sa

    Cheaters gon’ run.d

  • Joe

    I don’t support cheaters, as a matter of fact the only thing I hate more than cheaters is government agencies abusing their power. Wand was not licensed by Nevada, yet they punish him for noncompliance. I am a fan of the Wand of pride, but age has caught up with him and I hope he never fights a top 20 fighter again, but its not Nevada’s place to determine that. I would love to see him get licensed in Brazil, and have a Bellator fight there with Tito, and make that his swan song.

    • Maddawgmar

      Just because he wasn’t licensed by NSAC doesn’t mean anything. He was applying for a license to fight there, thus he had to comply with the licensing protocol. Since he didn’t comply and straight evaded them, they have every right to say “you will never be licensed in this state”. He can still be licensed in other commissions but it is unlikely due to that behavior.

  • Seth

    So…he “retired” because “UFC was bad”, huh? I guess that’s a last nail to the coffin, for that idiot. Im sure that life time ban had nothing to do with him retiring. And come on, we all know fighters know about their punishment before it’s released to public…

  • Shartnado2 The sticky one

    Ever since the NFL Ray Rice thing, every organization will over punish now

  • ScoobyKater

    Wandy’s a retard.

  • Masta

    NSAC or money hungry bitches who bow down for Floyd. Kiss asses