Wanderlei Silva Assistant Coach Defends “Sucker Punching” Chael Sonnen

April 14, 2014
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Andre DidaThere has been no love lost between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen over the years, so most people weren’t surprised to learn that the two hit the boiling point while filming The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3.

The animosity between the two coaches turned to an actual on-set altercation while filming, but the UFC decided to keep footage of the scuffle in the final edit. It aired during the Sunday, April 13, episode on UFC Fight Pass.

Silva approached Sonnen and put his finger in Sonnen’s face telling him how bad he’s going to beat him up when they fight. Sonnen asked if Silva knew the date that they’d get to settle their differences inside the cage. Silva answered, “now,” and got within arm’s reach of Sonnen.

Sonnen shoved Silva, saying, “I can’t let you get close.”

Both coaches put their hands up and Silva threw a right hand. Sonnen quickly ducked under and took the Brazilian to the ground. A melee ensued as the contestants tried to break up the altercation.

Escalating the situation, Silva’s assistant coach Andre Dida jumped into the mix punching Sonnen repeatedly. Sonnen emerged from the pile shirtless with a small laceration on his forehead.

Dida celebrated the fact that he assaulted Sonnen. “I’m taking this home. This is worth gold,” he said with Sonnen’s jersey in hand. “To punch that guy is priceless.”

Dida continued to brag about the fact that he assaulted Sonnen. “His face is all deformed. I landed two good ones,” he said.

Now a couple of months removed from the actual incident, Dida on Monday tried to explain his actions to MMAFighting.com.

“My intention was to separate them, but I saw that Sonnen was trying to punch him, so in my mind I realized I needed to get Sonnen out of there as fast as possible to make him stop punching Wanderlei,” he said. “I would never let Wanderlei Silva in a bad situation in front of me. I punched Sonnen to make him stop, but he didn’t. (The other coaches) tried to get me out of there, but I came back and punched him again.”

Dida has been heavily criticized for sucker punching Sonnen, hitting him in the back and the back of the head while he was scuffling with Silva. Dida, however, said on Monday that he had to do something.

“Many people called me a coward, but that’s not true. I would be a coward if I did nothing. I was watching someone that I admire since I was 13 in a bad situation, so I had to do something. My body told me to punch him to make them stop fighting,” he continued.

“Imagine that you’re in a situation like that. You’re in a supermarket and when you get back, someone in on top of your mother, your brother, your sister. Your instinct tells you to stop him as fast as possible. I did the same thing with Wanderlei Silva as soon as I saw that (Sonnen) was trying to hurt him.”

Dida went on to say that he is still allowed to corner fighters at UFC events as he has in the past, but UFC officials required him to sign an agreement stating that he would never again get involved in the type of situation that took place during the TUF Brazil 3 filming.

(Click here for a clip of the altercation between Silva and Sonnen.)

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  • Derrick McCormick

    2nd time he is being a coward. You hit a guy from behind a few times while he was on the ground in another fight. Then you wont man up to it here. Either that or this guy is the dumbest person on the planet that thinks throwing punches rather than try to separate two people fighting by pulling them away from one another. I go with stupid and a coward

    • put me in the sauna coach

      he also bragged about it afterwards…that’s the definition of a cowardly thug.

      • BigR

        :nod typical brazilian

    • Seth

      He’s on Wand’s team. Anyone expected any brain cells from him or his coaching stuff?

  • put me in the sauna coach

    What the hell kinda grocery stores is this guy going to?

    • Keith Knighten

      and also this is a tournament, its suppose to be proffesional.and what ever happen to 1-on-1 esppically when silva was being the aggressor. all i saw was him jumping sonnen because sonnen was f–king up silva. the guy is delusional

    • Ralph’s.

  • truth

    the fact that hes a bjj black belt and had full access to Sonnens back makes everything he says bullshit. he didn’t have to throw a single punch if he wanted to break that up

  • Oliver Jesso

    To say coward is using the word as an understatement, the guy is a f–king pussy, lol.

  • fsunoles10

    i was hoping vinny mahalhaes would lay his ass out when he started punching sonnen while he was on the ground from behind. the dude is a vagina and then goes on to try to justify his vagina actions with the dumbest logic. i said it before brazillians are pretty vile people, i hate using a generalization but its kinda hard not to.

    • Don Black

      Are JDS, Barao and Aldo really vile because they are Brazilians? Are the Diaz’s and Rousey classy because they are American.
      Pretty dumb.

  • Liam O’Keefe

    Dida is a cowardly dumbass. It wasn’t his mom or sister or any such crap, it was a professional fighter in there. Maybe he should jump in the cage with Silva and defend him there too.

    They just proved Sonnen right about Brazilians.

  • HpPavilion22

    ban him from the UFC

    • Don Black

      Dana only bans people that can hurt the UFC- like Cristiani Cyborg- since she would beat his girl Rousey. Losers like Dida still stick around.

  • Maddawgmar

    Anyone that would jump someone is a coward. You sir, are a coward. A one on one fight, that Silva started no less, and you’re gonna jump in to fight instead of separating it. I call BS, you don’t stop a fight by punching the fighters, you stop it by pulling them off.

  • VanderleiSilvaHasThrush

    Wanderlei’s a ‘roided up alcho. Dida’s a bloody vaginal belch. You can’t ever justify hitting a guy from behind; you’re a knob. I can’t believe other Brazilian UFC guys haven’t publicly condemned these ball-less little thugs for proving Chael right about their people… maybe they already knew it was true? That they’re all unstable animal rapists?

  • Jeremy Nm

    You are a coward, and made your whole country look like a bunch of thugs. Your an embarrassment.

  • laleggenda27

    While I agree that Dida is a dumbass. So too are the people who somehow suggest that Dida’s actions are representative of the Brazilian people. Every time an American does or says something ignorant or stupid, I wonder if you use the same logic and conclude that that person represents Americans as a whole. For the record, I’m American, but the collective IQ on these sites is disturbing.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Couldn’t agree more. Let’s hope our country isn’t being judged based on the idiots commenting here.

    • Don Black

      I’ll see your Dida and raise you a Diaz.
      I’ll see your Diaz and raise you a Palhares.
      I’ll see your Palhares and raise you a Rousey.

      Both countries got em. Can’t send them to North Korea. Too bad.

    • Darren Serati

      I agree that it doesn’t represent Brazil, but every time there is a pathetic American on TV, people all over the world make them representative of America as a whole

  • Ian Iachimoe

    His excuse is lame

  • RichardNixon

    This guy is a moron. Punching Chael because Wandy was in a bad situation. Dude, your head coach picked a fight and was about to get smashed. You helped him cause you knew he had messed with the wrong bull. Also, don’t try to equate it to your mother or sister getting jumped in the local supermarket. Not positive about this, but pretty sure you mom and sister aren’t former members of Chute Boxe and ex-Pride Champions.

  • Timothy Malone

    Him comparing Sonnen fighting Silva to his mom getting beat up in the supermarket is priceless

  • Heimdall

    I just started to wonder what kind of family this pussy Dida has… Is it customary that his mom and sisters provoke fights and throw the first punch in supermarkets? Maybe genetics also expains this cowardice and idiotic behaviour. Everyone understands, that his point was not to break the fight but to attach Chael. Childish bragging about it is the final proof. Period.

  • dave

    Dida is the biggest douchebag in TUF history period. this is not the first time “team Wanderlei” is involved in something like that, there was the first coleman vs shogun fight in Pride, Wanderlei tried to do the same thing more or less and got taken down by Phil Baroni 🙂

  • bob

    Lol what a dumbass liar. Silva was throwing elbows and punches to Chaels head while Chael was trying to hold Silva down and not let the situation escalate. He won’t let Silva get into a bad position??? Silva is a fighter, pretty sure he’s been in some bad positions and Dida has not jumped into the cage. You want to help, you separate, the fact he’s implying he needed to punch to get Sonnen off when the footage clearly shows him trying to punch Chael while others are trying to get him off shows how stupid he is, or how dumb he thinks everyone else is. He is a douche and didn’t even own up to his gang like attack of a star athlete. Let’s stick him in a cage with Hector Lombard and see how that goes.

  • Kyle Rayner

    Coward ass can!

  • Whackster

    Yes. Stop him with a bunch of punches to the back of the head. Then go back to the dressing room, say right on camera, I love punching that guy and I will save this jersey I ripped off his body. Frame it. What a vagina blood fart….

  • Jthor

    I think if he wants to punch Sonnen, he should get the chance… In the octagon… With Sonnen. But a piece of garbage coward like that doesn’t deserve the payday.

    • Baby Johnson

      You can’t really call a professional fighter a coward, that’s just my take on it 🙂

      • Stephen Quadros

        It is cowardly to punch anyone that is already in a fight.

      • haroldenewelljr

        What do you call someone that punches you from behind while you are occupied with someone else?

  • Jesse

    Dida comparing Wanderlei to his mom getting beat up is priceless.

    • Theo

      That’s EXACTLY what I thought!! Nice way to ‘Man Up’ about sucker punching a defenseless MAN who is ‘on top of your mother.. or sister’! What a PUNK AZZ BI-OTCH! Agree that you can’t lump all Brasilians with that POS, but the respectable ones should shun this coward. See his face hold the torn jersey? He better hope it’s ‘worth gold’ because no one should hire this clown. EVER. C’mon Dana, BAN HIM FROM ALL THINGS UFC!

  • El Gvapo

    It’s a bit much to suggest that this guy’s actions represent the Brazilian population as a whole. Every country has it’s idiots unfortunately.

  • Gordon Walker

    First off, I lived in Brazil for two years and love the place and it’s people (most of them) very much. However, Dida should be banned from all UFC events and property forever. If Paul Daley, after getting endlessly provoked by Kos is banned from the UFC forever for a single sucker punch, Dida should get worse, as he was not provoked at all and threw multiple punches to someone completely unable to defend himself. Dida’s excuse is absolutely pathetic and self-serving.

  • haroldenewelljr

    Andre Dida is a coward. Wanderlei Silva deserved all that he got. Never get into another’s face or within reach. That is the number one rule of fighting. But with that said, ego gets in a lot of peoples heads and gets them more then they bargained for. I retired from the United States Marine Corps after over 20 years and then worked in the Ohio corrections until I retired. Both jobs were extremely violent and dangerous. When we did hand to hand it was to the end and the looser lost everything. Chael Sonnen did exactly what the game teaches you never allow anyone to get into your space because you are giving them an advantage. But I think the right answer for what happened is for Dida and Sonnen get into the cage and see just who is afraid. What Dida did was to deliver potentially killing blows to the back of the head, so if you wanted to try to kill someone you should have to face them face to face no matter the weight difference.

  • Art Studzinski

    LOL wow…Andre Dida…what a completely primitive, classless POS. Unfortunately, he’s not the only low life turd in this “sport”. Seriously, you can’t get any lower doing what Dida did. What an embarrassment to MMA.

  • DJSlik

    Dida should be brought up on assault charges, plain and simple…although who knows what the laws are in Brasil. Here in the states, what he did was illegal–Chael was correct in saying so.

    On a non-legal level, what Dida did was straight up panzy fighting. First of all, your unimpeded rabbit punches did nothing but nerf off Chael’s head so you punch like a girl when it counts (I don’t care what your K-1 credentials against Buakaw are). Secondly, you’re a coward. You wanna punch Chael, do it one on one face to face–that’s how MEN fight, or didn’t you know?

  • Fred

    Chael is going to punish Silva when they fight. Dida is a douche bag and a coward, he will never fight in the UFC because of what he did, guaranteed.

  • Lee

    Dida’s a coward, plain and simple. Honor is more important than a two on one sucker punch.

  • RandalsonMarquette

    Yeah sorry Dida. You do not bunch people in the back of the head when their hands are tied? You are a little byatch aside from a coward. Hope it was worth it by the way. Your career is probably over. Hope that jersey which you said was worth “gold” actually brings you some income so you do not end up in the favellas you coward

  • Luc Hellen

    Typical punk with no honor.

    Two legit warriors decide to tango ,.. and Dida (the brave) starts sucker punching one of them from behind. Then when he’s called out for the coward that he is … he makes the lamest excuse ever … by comparing Wand to his mother or sister being attacked in a shopping mall???? Well of course you gotta defend your Mother and Sister Dida lol.

    How lame is this dude?

    The whole world will just forget the footage of you bragging like punk about getting in your cheap shots while Sonnen was fighting Wand … and accept your new explanation.

    Only cowards fight 2 on 1.
    And you know that’s what you are Dida.