Wanderlei Silva Admits to NSAC that He Evaded Random Drug Test Due to Taking Diuretics

June 17, 2014
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Wanderlei Silva NSAC Hearing_2932UFC fighter Wanderlei Silva went before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Tuesday, where he was called for an “informational meeting” to help the commission refine its drug testing and sample collection policies.

While the meeting may have been “informational” on Tuesday, it is likely to linger over Silva’s head like the dark cloud that it is.

During the meeting, the commission’s sample collection agent gave a detailed description of the steps he took to track Silva down in order to collect the required blood and urine samples necessary for a random drug test. He also detailed how after contacting him in person at the Wand Fight Team gym, Silva fled the site.

Both the collection agent and new executive director Bob Bennett attempted to track Silva down by phone, but neither was successful in reaching him or getting him to comply with providing the necessary samples.

Silva appeared in person at the meeting on Tuesday, but did not attempt to negate the commission’s characterization of how events unfolded, even though weeks earlier he published a video providing a different explain of the situation. (Watch Wanderlei Silva’s video explanation here.)

In fact, he agreed that was what happened and then provided further information about why he did what he did.

Although he has never tested positive in the past, Silva knew he was likely to test positive on this occasion if he submitted the requested samples.

Silva’s lawyer, Ross Goodman, explained the situation on Silva’s behalf, saying that Silva injured his wrist during the highly publicized on-set scuffle with Chael Sonnen during filming of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil.

As a result of his injury, which in early May was diagnosed as a fractured right wrist, Silva was prescribed anti-inflammatories by UFC doctors. His fight with Sonnen was then moved from May 31 to July 5.

Upon the rescheduling of his fight, Silva began taking diuretics to try and minimize the inflammation in his wrist. When he was surprised by the agent coming to his gym to collect samples for random drug testing, which apparently had never happened to him before, Silva realized the diuretics were likely to show up as a positive and thus avoided providing the samples.

Goodman added that Silva realized in retrospect that he made the wrong choice in how he handled the matter, but when the commission called for him to appear, he wanted to comply and admit to his mistake.

Although Silva’s appearance was framed as informational, after he provided information admitting to evading the sample collection and admitting to using diuretics, the commissioners discussed how to proceed, which appears to be filing a formal complaint against Silva for future action.

“With that information, I will move forward with the Executive Director and determine how we will file this complaint,” said Commission Chairman Francisco Aguilar.

So while it may at first have appeared a slap on the wrist for Silva, a complaint will be filed against him, and he will once again have to deal with the Nevada commission if he hopes to fight again in the future.

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  • Barry

    Total crap…..he was on the juice not pissing medicine!

    • Raphael Mastro

      And yet, Chael is the one who was forced to retire(elected too) smh…

      • put me in the sauna coach

        guess its better to run away from as test, lie about it and say it was cause you couldn’t speak english.

        • AXE MURDERER

          IS NORMAL

      • Lucas Freire

        Nah, you’re getting it wrong. I bet he’ll get the worst ending possible. Chael had the option to retire, he’s very eloquent, he already got space in the media.
        What about Wand? Instead of retiring now will get a huge suspension and then will retire. Forgotten. His last act? Running away from a random drug test.

  • Seth

    WTF? They gave him bye and suspended Sonnen? Lets track it down:

    Sonnen had to use those banned substances – which weren’t roids or PEDs – because of NSAC rash actions to ban TRT from day-to-day without giving fighter a time to get off it healthy. Sonnen should throw a notice to NSAC about what he was doing, but still it wasn’t his fault that he was FORCED by NSAC to get off TRT. What he did was picking best way to get off it to NOT DAMAGE his body even more. Yet he was suspended.

    Wandarlei RAN AWAY from drug testing as soon as he could, throwing cheesy excuse for everything he did…and yet they gave him bye? I hope they will fill omplaint and burry his sorry brazilian ass alive. He shouldn’t be EVER again licensed.



    • MuayThaiFood

      Gave him “bye”? What does “bye” mean?
      Nobody forced Chael to use banned substances regardless of whether he needed them to be able to compete or not. This was the guy who said he would die without TRT so if that weren’t a lie then he should have just retired when they announce that it was banned. Instead he used drugs that are used to restart normal testosterone production after cycling steroids or synthetic T. Ask yourself this, if he had no production of natural T before beginning TRT then what good would trying to restart it do? Unless, he was only using to gain an advantage and actually did have normal T production, just not the super elevated levels he wanted. Either way Chael’s explanations and actions don’t add up. He likes to publicly call others idiots but then claims he didn’t understand that replacing one banned substance for another was against the rules. There is a list of banned substances, it’s not a secret. This guy is an idiot if he thinks anyone but another idiot is going to believe him. BTW, I’m not defending Silva, he’s most likely full of shit too.

      • Seth

        “This was the guy who said he would die without TRT”

        That was Vitor, not Chael.

        ” Instead he used drugs that are used to restart normal testosterone production after cycling steroids or synthetic T”

        Guess what? He was on TRT! That probably explains why he needed to use something that restarts normal testosterone production, right?

        Answer me one Q – better for him to do nothing and ruin his own health? He said that many times – if he has to choose between this sport and his own health, he picks his health. Its not like VItor, who got caught a few times on roids and now claims “he needs TRT”, because he was cheating and f’d up his own body ON HIS OWN and is not tested positive with 50 times higher T than he should have. Just google Vitor’s tests results.

        There is a difference between cheating and taking care of your own health.

        • MuayThaiFood

          You spew things from your mouth that have no basis in fact. Chael DID say he would die, here’s a link to his quote: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1244604-chael-sonnen-says-he-needs-trt-or-dies
          “Chael says he neets trt or he’ll die” is actually the articles title. Please send me a link to Vitor’s quote because I have yet to come across it.

          Chael has always claimed to have suffered from hypogonadism. If you really believe that then there is no normal to return to hence the reason he said he needed to be on TRT for life or he would die. Chael is cheating just as much as the next guy and lying even more. The drugs Chael was on were not going to cure hypogonadism so if he’s really going to get back to normal T production then he was lying about hypogonadism in the first place. How do you not get that? If he could have used these drugs to get back to normal then don’t you think he might have tried it before going on TRT or do you not think that deeply?

          Check your facts. Vitor was not caught a “few” times on roids. He was caught exactly once back in 2006. Your figure of 50 times higher T you obviously pulled from your arse also. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you can’t get one fact correct?

  • Trevor

    All these articles are a big WHO CARES! Wandy, Chael, Vitor, Thiago & Hendo……get off the juice …step away and follow the proper PCT and then try and come back clean. If you can’t compete due to years of doing to much test and are now not producing your own it is time to step away from the sport and live happily ever after while injecting because you were an idiot when you were young! And before some idiot starts spouting off about hypogonadism etc……you can get a doctor to say anything and the fact is that you are not allowed to compete on exogenous test. THE END>

  • bvol

    This may be the worst excuse I’ve ever heard. I thought overeems injured rib was bad…. this takes the cake