Wanderlei Silva – A Return to His Roots (video)

February 26, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva - Pride FCHe returns to Japan to the very arena where he earned his biggest victories in Pride and where he established himself as an MMA superstar. Six years later, he sets foot once again on Japanese soil, where fans will see Wanderlei Silva face fierce opponent Brian Stann. To prepare, he traveled the world for a bout he is confident will earn him a fight night bonus.

Check out Wanderlei Silva as he prepares for a return to Japan for UFC on Fuel TV 8…

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  • RondaKenPish

    The dude was a beast 10 years ago. I don’t know if he can go back to his roots just by making a video saying that he is gonna go back to his roots.

    The man has been KOed brutally several times. And he has been in wars. He also got his face reconstructed.

    This guy just LOVES to fight. The scary thing is many of the PRIDE/UFC heroes are in their 30’s!! They look like they are in their 50’s.

    • Lucas Freire

      Who in this world would say that Wandy is younger than Anderson? lol
      6 years younger than Dan Henderson? I really liked him back on Pride,but the profissionalism of the UFC killed all Pride legends. Now there’s no more random japanese dudes to fill-up your streak,everybody trains everything.
      Pride had it’s time,it was fun,but the MMA evolved.

      • RondaKenPish


  • Best of luck to Wandy, I hate seeing him get KO’d. I love Brian Stann but he has a future in this sport and Wandys time is any fight now.

  • Past steroid use and all the knockouts have done a number on him,hopefully he will retire soon.

  • I hope Wandy puts up a good fight. He is a warrior and fighting again in Japan again is going to be special. Hope his chin holds up.

  • uncle

    I hope he does return to his roots and establish himself
    against a iron fist Stann if not only thing Mr Silva will be
    returning to is a Ambluance they should have a stretcher
    ringside just in case

  • Oscar Sanchez

    wandy was like tito for me always excited for his fights i watched all of them to the end but the last ones where just heart break watching.