Wandelei Silva Gets Pete Rose Treatment, Blackballed from UFC Hall of Fame

September 26, 2014
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On Tuesday, the Nevada Athletic Commission gave Wanderlei Silva a lifetime ban from fighting for eluding a random drug test leading up to his then-scheduled fight against Chael Sonnen at UFC 175 in July.

If things couldn’t get any worse for the Brazilian fighting legend, on Friday, UFC president Dana White said Silva has been blackballed from induction into the UFC Hall of Fame.

“There’s going to be no Hall of Fame. The guy’s been Pete Rose’d,” White told Fox Sports about Silva. “There’s going to be no Hall of Fame offers.”

Days prior to the NAC hearing, on Sept. 19, Silva released a video announcing his retirement. His legendary career accomplishments include five Fight of the Night awards in the UFC as well as two Knockout of the Night honors. He was the first Pride middleweight champion. He won the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix Tournament. He holds the record for the most wins in the Pride organization with 22, the longest undefeated streak in Pride history with 20 fights. Silva has the most knockouts in Pride history with 15.

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At 38 years old, Silva was in the twilight of his career. According to White, Silva only intended to compete one more time before hanging up the gloves.

“Nobody has ever run from a drug test before. I didn’t see a lifetime ban coming. Nobody will let him fight. He’s in a very serious situation, but Wanderlei’s at the end of his career. He was going to fight one more fight and retire,” said White. “It’s not like this is some 22-year-old kid. He said, ‘I got one more fight boss,’ one more big fight and he was done.”

Silva’s record stands at 35-12-1, 1 NC. He last competed in March 2013, defeating Brian Stann by knockout. He’s solidified his icon status in MMA history, but his resume won’t ever include a UFC Hall of Fame designation.

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  • guest

    The only reason baldy is saying this is because Wanderlei already rejected the watered-down UFC ‘Hall of Fame’ and so baldy is just trying to save face and strike first.

    • lololwhat

      Exactly! Pretty much lol. I hate how dana white is trying to make himself look good and think his company is doing everything right when most of what he done is wrong.

  • julian moran

    Even though Silva went 4-5 in his last UFC run; He could easily have been 6-3. The Frankin/Silva 1 fight could have gone either way, and the Franklin/Silva 2 should have been a win for Silva; as he tkoed Franklin (who was “saved by the bell”, but actually “out” + had to be carried to his corner) in the 3rd round, people seem to forget about that.
    I see keeping Silva from the hall of fame being a UFC admittance of guilt. They want to make a example of someone who speaks against them.
    The steroid issue is irrelevant, there is no reason to mix up the two. My guess is that Silva did take steroids, but it should not take away from the fact that it’s wrong of the UFC to treat it’s fighters poorly. Offcourse many fighters are happy with their pay as they would rather get the X dollars that they are getting than getting paid minimum wage working at Mc Donalds; which does not mean that they are getting paid fairly.

    “If you are not happy with the contract don’t sign it”… What if you are only offered 2 terrible contract and one poor one? Should you not take the best offered to you? Does it justify the contract being poor? Imagine living in a town that has 3 companies, one pays you in sh@t, the other one pays you with p!ss and the third one pays you 1 dollar an hour. Would you not take the last offer? Does the fact that it’s the best mean that it’s good enough? especially considering that the company is making millions off of you.

    Pressuring fighters to fight when they are not ready, trowing them under the bus if they refuse, and cutting them if they lose is wrong.

    • kale

      When you a fighter you want to test yourself agaist the best and the ufc has the best and they take advantage of that fact and pay there fighters a minimum wage percentage of the money. Fighters bodies are crippled by the end of there career and in constant pain they should get paid enough to live a good life. The ufc HOF is a joke they dont put guys in that they dont like… and some before they even retire because they kiss ass.. i havnt got a ufc ppv fight in years.. i wont support them anymore because daina thinks the public is stupid and will listen to whatever he says.. every other week they say ‘this guy is the best p4p or this is the best fight ever’ ridiculous.

      • TheCerealKiller

        NFL, NBA, NHL and many other pro athletes live crippled lives after they retire. They all know it up front. The only difference between MMA and other pro sports is MMA doesn’t have a fraction of the money in it yet.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I see it as an honest move. HIs UFC career was not what his Pride career was. It’s simple as that alone, not to mention his drug testing evasion issue. The man is not HoF material.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Whatever. He didn’t go 6-3.

  • Dragon Kid

    Well that sucks.

  • Timothy Malone

    The UFC Hall of Fame is such a disorganized mess anyway. I don’t think anyone takes it very seriously

    • Damn

      Ufc match making is horrible also. They have the worst ranking ever… I’m tired of fights never happening due to injury or other bullcrap.

      I’m going to laugh if chael sonnon was made the hall of fame. I will never take ufc serious, Hes a great entertainer but is obvious he made poor choices.

  • Jason Jones

    The UFC hall of fame is as much of a joke as the sport is right now. It will never go mainstream as long as Dana White is in charge and other promotions cant compete. No sport is under the control of one company, and never should be.
    Decisions like this just further show that Dana White is an amateur and is in a potion way above his abilities.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I disagree with the “No sport is under the control of one company…” comment Jason. Not sure what country you hail from, but here in the USA, professional American Football is entirely monopolized by the National Football League (NFL), hockey is monopolized buy the National Hockey League, and Major League Basebal (MLB) has sole ownership of the top of baseball mountain too. In the early 1980’s, the NFL has the United States Football League (USFL) take a run at them. They lasted about 4 yrs or so and had a sub-par product but did produce a few stars for the NFL….ala the now defunct International Fight League (IFL). The NHL had competition for about 5 minute with the World Hockey League (WHL) and that lasted about 30 seconds after becoming a retirement home for washed up NHL players…kind of like Bellator is now with UFC talent. Their are other examples I could put up for basketball and a few more for football (CFL and the WWE football league thing), but my point is, EVERY sport is far better when the talent is swimming in one pool…including the UFC. The “Hall of Fame” in any major league sport is all political and all a joke. The baseball and football hall of fame’s have woman beaters, rapists, and drunkards in it but refuse a guy like Pete Rose for gambling. They are all just as political as the UFC’s hall of fame.

      ….as far as Wanerlei Silva’s blackballing of the UFC hall of fame, I simply don’t feel he should be allowed inside without the same ticket you and I would have to buy to enter. His UFC career has been subpar and nothing what is Pride career was. Were it the Pride hall of fame, I would be up in arms were he left out but Silva’s UFC fights stunk in comparison….by and large, not ALL of them.

      • Jerome Cronin

        the examples you’ve given are all leagues in team sports- they were formed as leagues, their structured like leagues and they operate as leagues of teams. The UFC is a company, operated as a company, owned by a larger company, in a sport of individuals, with no union.

        PS I’m struggling to think of a dull Wanderei fight and Wanderlei vs Stann was one of the most epic fights ever

        • Jerome Cronin

          Just watched it again here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hoaa36dvidY and now have goosebumps

          • Gary Fredericks

            Jerome, if you look at my last sentence you will see I boldly proclaimed that I was speaking broadly of his career. That was a great fight BTW….but it was with Brian Stann. Stann is a tough guy and he has my respect, but he deffinitely is not the kind of victory that will garner a hall of fame nod.

          • Jerome Cronin

            Even putting a side Wanderlei’s Pride career out of Wanderlei’s eleven UFC fights, five where fight of the night, one of which was fight of the year and a sixth was knockout of the year, lemme just take a minute ….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g8icp_aD4Y

        • Gary Fredericks

          You said no sport is under the control of one company. I gave examples of those that are/were. The NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA are very much companies in control of the best talent for each sport. Each is a company with franchises (teams) under control of the parent company, much like the UFC and it’s fighters. UFC fighters are under the same control from the UFC as the teams/players are in the leagues that I mentioned.

          • Jerome Cronin

            Fighters are nothing like franchise teams they have very little power where as the teams in the leagues you mentioned collectively OWN the league. The leagues as organisations only exist to allow the teams to make money. The NFL and the NHL for example are both non-profit organisations whilst the teams within them take upwards of $300 million a piece. Can you imagine if the fighters jointly owned the UFC and the likes of Dana White were employed just to help them maximise their profits – nah me neither. The players on any of the teams in the leagues you mentioned can exercise obvious negotiating power by simply going to another team in the same league with a choice of 30 or so teams compared to fighters in the UFC who can choose between the UFC and Pride, wait no UFC bought Pride then dissolved it, between the UFC and WEC no wait UFC bought WEC then dissolved it, between the UFC and Affliction no wait UFC bribed Affliction into dissolving, between the UFC and Strikeforce, no wait the UFC bought Strikeforce then dissolved it. The real issue though is that the leagues you mentioned all pay the players something in the region of 50% of their revenue which given the costs teams have to cover of paying coaches, training costs, staff etc. seems fair. Meanwhile the UFC pays fighters less than 10% of their revenue which given the fighters then have to pay for their own coaches, training partners etc. seems grossly unfair, even more so if you compare the UFC to boxing where boxers take in the region of 70% of the revenue.I could go on but I’m tired.

  • Baller31

    UFC HOF is a complete joke. Forrest Griffin? Stephan Bonnar? Neither were ever better than average. Yes, Forrest was champ for 2 minutes, but overall his record and his fighting were always incredibly mediocre at best. That said, I also don’t really think Wanderlei has done anything to earn a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame. It should be reserved for great champions such as Anderson Silva, GSP, Rich Franklin, Jose Aldo, etc.

  • DamianCross

    Think about it. Let it sit in your head for awhile. Don’t make up excuses or explanations, just consider, realize and accept it for what it is: CHARLES “MASK” LEWIS JR. is in the largest MMA hall of fame in the world, and WANDERLEI SILVA never will be.

    • TheCerealKiller

      His UFC record is 5-7 and the biggest win was over Bisping. That’s UFC Hall of Fame to you?

      • DamianCross

        versus no record, raced a ferrari on a public road against a drunk guy and almost got the girl in the car killed.

        • TheCerealKiller

          If you don’t understand the significant importance of what TAPOUT did for MMA in the US, I can’t help you understand. Wand was just a PRIDE legend who went less than 50/50 in the UFC.

          I’m not supporting how stupid that HoF is, just pointing out facts.

  • jack lee

    wanderlei was finished some time ago,past hes prime one fight to many,drugs would have been hes only way to beat a top contender. he knew he was on drugs an ran away from the tests,so hes banned ,he did it to himself. he made good money crying now after he was caught for steroids,he shamed the sport like all of those do that cheat to win .he will probably get a good ass whupping back in brazil anyway,the way he runs hes mouth

  • Jerome C

    This is typical Dana BS. First of all the Hall of Fame already has three guys who have tested positive and Stephan Bonnar tested positive right before he was inducted. The real reason Dana is blackballing Wanderlei is that he has dared to speak out against the UFC’s treatment of fighters which is ironic as one of Wanderlei’s main points was Dana’s willingness to disrespect fighters which is exactly what Dana is doing right here. This wouldn’t even be a story if Wanderlei wasn’t such an obvious choice for anyone’s hall of fame (this may confuse a few UFC nut huggers who started watching MMA post Pride and struggle to understand the idea that MMA existed before they started watching it). That said none of this really matters as the UFC Hall of Fame is really just a Dana’s friends club or at least it would be if all the fighters in the Hall of Fame didn’t hate him with the possible exception of the Iceman who most tragically of all now seems to have become some kind of weird Dana pet. This is our most desperate hour. Help us Georges St-Pierre, your our only hope.