Vitor Belfort’s Drug Test Results Are “Absolutely Irrelevant” – Dana White

May 23, 2014
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Like it or not, Vitor Belfort has become the target for much of the controversy surrounding the legal use of Testosterone Replacement Therapy in mixed martial arts.

The controversy reached a new level when Belfort submitted to a surprise drug test in February in Nevada. The results of that test are perhaps the greatest focal point of the Belfort controversy, but according to UFC president Dana White, the results of that test are “absolutely irrelevant.”

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  • RubeKegal

    Yeah, absolutely irrelevant because his testosterone to epitestosterone level was probably 60-1! Dana is such a hack I can’t stand it. Even though UFC has better fighters and currently are more entertaining than other organizations, I will support Bellator and WSOF for the sheer fact that Dana is a Culhoont.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    People don’t realize that trt does not win fights, trt is mainly used to get through training camp with minimal injury. Just because you get trt doesn’t mean you will win automatically, just ask Mir, Sonnen, Hendo, Barnett, etc,etc…

    • G

      “TRT doesn’t win fights” is not the point here. TRT is used to get your T levels thru the roof during training camp so you can train more and harder. You also become stronger and recover much faster. It IS an unfair advantage.
      It’s just some people lose even with an advantage.

      Based on this logic, I could take a knife to the Octagon against Anderson Silva… 99% likely he’d still put me to the hospital. Even using a knife (advantage), I would still lose.
      So using a knife is the octagon is OK, because it doesn’t automatically win fights?

      • Bob Sacamanto

        Except that guys that were givin trt exemptions were tested regularly, and would not have a chance to abuse it, as to my understanding

        • G

          Yeah, for example that’s how Vitor was tested by doctors he chose? 🙂

    • Joseph Koerner

      TRT itself is a ruse designed to mask Testosterone use at higher levels. Getting an exemption allows a fighter to have synthetic testosterone in his system when tested unlike those who do not have an exemption. I’m continually shocked at the lack of IQ of the Media and fans on this obvious Ploy. Use high amounts of Testosterone and other PED’s outside of testing range and then use TRT to cruise into the fight without the side effects of completely coming off… BIG SCAM… Anyone who has a done a cycle here and there knows how crappy it feels to come completely OFF especially when the post cycle drugs are drug tested for as well so staying on a normal dose of testosterone is a HUGE advanatge and thats what these guys are getting away with…

    • Ian Price


  • DamianCross

    The test results became irrelevant the moment Vitor stepped out of the fight. TRT is banned completely now so it will no longer play a role in the UFC title picture or any potential advantage Vitor may get in future fights. If Vitor releases the test results tomorrow and he’s got T levels through the sky, not one minute of an upcoming UFC card will change. No changes will be made to the unified rules. NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

    In short, these damn test results that the media want so bad do not have anything to do with MMA at all!

    • Jesse Aikens


  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    The results are irrelivant indeed. I would bet my house the results were screaming hot.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Well the results are relevant Dana, hence the test. What an idiot

  • bob1961

    so dana don’ see this treatment as illegal that boosts a mans energy, endurance levels in a fght ???????

  • ric simon

    if by ‘absolutely irrelevant” you mean “incredibly high”