Vitor Belfort’s Blackzilian Teammates Lay Out Why Jon Jones Should Be Wary

September 20, 2012
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Teammates and fellow Blackzilians discuss what sets Vitor Belfort apart from UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and what Jones should fear most when the two step into the Octagon at UFC 152 on Saturday night in Toronto.

  • rsnowbass

    The Blackzilians need to get some significant wins under their belt, ther weight under control and testosterone levels in check if they want to be taken seriously when running their mouths and predictions…


    I thought u had to be black to be a blackzillion ??? im jus say n if a bunch of white guys started a camp called the mighty whitey s all u ninjas would be cry n up a storm !

    • Travalator

      Well break down the name “Blackzilian”, spelling is in the title, I would think you could spell it right. Black and Brazilian, which are the race of the people who started it. they said whites are welcome. Also no racism needed by calling people ninjas, even though I can see how you could be slightly offended by the team name, still uncalled for

      • macgrubber

        ninja is racist? YOU PEOPLE are so dum. nothing wrong with a a little bit of hate. get over it.

      • OMAHAK1LLA

        Eat my shorts NiNJA !

    • Maine2Alaska

      yeah its a pretty stupid name. u got a bunch of blacks and brazilians in the locker room and some black dude, maybe vanarsdale.. goes, hey we should calll our team the blackzilians yo! and white people can join too! that wont be awkward or nuttin..

    • Let’s see: White guys have every advantage in the world, all black folks have is not getting called out on racist names. GFTOOH, Hitler. You (as a white guy) have been blessed by your lieing, stealing, lieing, murderous, lieing ancestors with a golden ticket, and you want to complain cause black folks can make a racist gym name?

      • MikeMc1983

        I think white people complain when people cry out for equality, but don’t want to be treated equal.
        I’m white, and I haven’t looked down at anyone because they were black. People should stop looking down upon themselves and then blame other people because they feel inadequate.

      • OMAHAK1LLA



    Is Rampage a blackzillion ????? if not he should be


    is KIMBO a blackzillion ???? LOL LOL

  • mike

    FEAR?VITOR HAS NOT BEAT ANY FIGHTER THAT IS REALLY GOOD,TITO,RANDY,There no fighter that can beat Jon JOne right now..Maybe Gustafsson

    • Lesnardo

      Vitor’s notable wins are against Wandy.

      He lost to Randy, Chuck, Tito, Hendo, and Anderson. I am not sure if he could beat Jones who is stronger than all of them.

  • MikeMc1983


    Chris weidman has severely injured his back. It seems he was working out at a gym in brazil. Witness said that he noticed a strange garment laying on the floor of the locker room. It was said that he reached down and attempted to grab the garment he screamed out in pain. As he fell to the floor it seems he realized it was a jock strap with the initials A.S. labeled on them. Doctors said that he may be out of action for some time. The onlookers were stunned by the incident, but one was heard saying “it’s official, Chris can’t even hold Anderson’s jock.”

    • MMAGod

      Lame as hell, Mike.

  • donaldpoe

    A. Im pretty sure Van arsdale is of mixed heritage B. He is well spoken & does not say “yo” after sentences. C. Every white person in this country today is the byproduct of imagration so obviously they knew they would be living among a mixed population so there is a problem with hate… D.The very fourum that we are in is a celebration of many cultures martial arts so lets show our sport some respect if not each other. Real ninja out!

  • Anything to do with race, religion and politics is a touchy subject for people. People take things highly offensive and are very defensive on those subjects. With that being said, there are a lot of classy guys at the blackzilian camp, I’m sure they meant no harm to anyone when they came up with the name, just some goofing around like most normal people do. Regardless of the name; what a list of fighters on their roster. But as one person said they do need to get some big wins under their belt.

  • MMAGod

    Didn’t the Blackzilians tell us that Silva should watch out for Vitor too? This match will likely end the same way that match did.

  • KBEsq

    It’s just typical pre-fight hype. It’s not like Belfort’s teammates are going to say: “Vitor’s probably going to lose this fight.”

    Can’t blame them for backing their guy. Of course Belfort has a chance, but there’s really no reason to believe this isn’t going to be just like every other Jones fight.

    The card is worth watching in any event. Johnson/Benevides, Stann/Bisping, but I’m also really looking forward to Swanson/Oliveira. That should be an awesome fight.

  • drewnathan

    Jones is a guy who exploits his opponents’ weaknesses well. What are Vitor’s greatest strengths? Hand speed, power, decent kicks, jiu jitsu. His weakness? Wrestling.

    Jones is not going to play around standing up with Vitor. He will paw out a few jabs and straight kicks and then explode for a takedown and try to break him the way he did to Shogun. Rinse and repeat until the third round until the ref stops it.

    I’m cheering for Vitor, but Jones has more ways to win and he won’t take chances standing.

  • jag956

    I think it’s a strong MMA Camp, especially with former Champions like Rashad and Overeem. I’m rooting for Vitor on this one. I know it’s a long shot, but Jon refusing to fight was wrong.

  • freemanlacroix

    They stink and hate them. get em jasper.