Vitor Belfort’s Attorney Asserts Recent Drug Test Irrelevant, Affirms UFC Pulled the Plug on Fight

February 28, 2014
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Vitor-Belfort-UFC-126-035-478x270The UFC on Thursday announced that Vitor Belfort was out of the UFC 173 main event fight with middleweight champion Chris Weidman due to the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s decision to ban issuing therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy, effective immeidately. The promotion replaced Belfort with Lyoto Machida.

As soon as the announcement was made, the focus shifted to Belfort’s recent out-of-competition drug test in Nevada. Belfort consented to a voluntary random drug test when he arrived in Las Vegas on Feb. 7 for an MMA awards show.

NSAC chairman Francisco Aguilar told on Friday that the out-of-competition test was administered in an attempt to facilitate due diligence since the commission was aware that Belfort would soon be applying for a license to fight Weidman in Las Vegas, coupled with Belfort’s history that includes his TRT use and a previous failed drug test in Nevada in 2006.

However, because Belfort is not currently licensed in Nevada, the NSAC does not have the authority to reveal the results of the test.

Asked what the results of that drug test were, Belfort’s attorney, Neal Tabachnick, told that the result was irrelevant to his client’s current situation.

“The test is not relevant as Vitor is not applying for a license to fight in Nevada at this time,” said Tabachnick.

“The reason for Zuffa replacing Vitor with Lyoto for the May 2014 middleweight championship bout was because of the Commission’s change in direction on TRT/TUE yesterday. Zuffa felt that with this change at the Commission, there is no time for Vitor to drop his TRT program, secure a license for a May 2014 bout, and leave Zuffa with time to properly promote the bout.”

While the promotion’s initial announcement announcing the change didn’t go into as much detail in regard to Belfort, it does appear to support Tabachnick’s assertion, as to the reason for Belfort’s removal from the bout.

“Belfort, who has previously been granted therapeutic use exemptions, recognizes that he needs an extended period of time to become licensed in the state of Nevada,” read the UFC’s release.

“With the event scheduled to go on sale shortly, Belfort agreed to withdraw from the fight in order to allow the UFC’s promotional efforts to move forward on time.”

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  • Maddawgmar

    This makes absolutely no sense. If you weren’t sure if you were going to get an exemption in the first place, why would you not have already started to get off your regiment? What was the plan had they not banned TUE but not granted the exemption? This Lawyer is slinging bull crap.

  • Maddawgmar

    P.S. Rousey just announced on her Facebook page she is fightin Cat Zingano in June…

  • Mark McDowall

    So if he needed extended time to become licensed…why didn’t they either apply earlier…or just pull out earlier? Seems fishy that they wont release the test results…and within hours of the no TRT announcement he drops out of the fight…

    • Ryan thompson

      Vitor said a month or so ago that he would fight regardless of the commissions decision on TRT.
      Before their ban on TRT the commission said they weren’t sure if Vitor would be allowed TRT in nevada because he tested positive for steroids. So he knew there was a chance he wouldn’t get regardless of the news yesterday.
      All the talk about not enough time is bull.
      This is just Vitor being Vitor, a fraudulent hypocrite.

      • Mark McDowall

        I totally agree. And with all the news of him bugging the crap out of Dana to get a title shot…he just walks away from it??? Something aint right there…

        And now he had a random drug test and they won’t release the results?? That makes it look even worse…

  • Larry

    If anyone knows testosterone replacement therapy, they know this is all BS. Just like hes 35 and on it due to steroids only. idk why he is on it, but when I was 35, now 39, I had a thyroid problem followed by a vitamin D issue, than finally testosterone, and I never took steroids ever. So though Vitor has, maybe thats the reason. But let me explain how TRT works, yes you can google symptoms, but unless you take it, your probably not up to speed with how it works. 1st. people getting injections weekly is a joke, those ppl I would say used steroids. I do an injection every other week. Your labs are not so important on day 2. Your labs are most important 7 days later. Reason is, you have a very high than you start to come down week 2, hence the reason for the labs on week 2 to see where are you. Think of it as this draw a dot ,than another dot higher up a ways, than another dot in between the 2 dots, that’s before, that’s 1-2 days after the shot and than about 7 days later. So if the fight is in May, he has already gone through half his dose in 1 week, why the hell can it not be long gone out of his system in time? Very shady Dana and the Ufc. They tell the media stuff like everyone is stupid, but really they are the guys who look like assholes!

    Also lets talk some benefits, When you have low testosterone, you are very VERY tired, so that corrects that, you also heal up injuries VERY fast compared to the next guy, so I can see why people want to use it. But if you need it to fight, maybe its time to get a 9-5 job unless everyone is on it as it really is not fair to the other guys not on it as you heal up faster, have more energy most likely, etc…

    • Mike mckinney

      I didn’t do injections, but was on testosterone. If you’ve taken it, and then stopped then I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s not just “having it out of your system.” When you stop you don’t really know how your body will respond. He’s big. Imagine having to deal with the fatigue, and still needing to drop a bunch or weight. There’s more to it than just not taking it. It changes your body.

      I’m not saying there’s not bs going on with Vitor. I’m just saying it’s not obviously BS.
      It’s different taking it when you’re required to be within a certain range. There’s different schedules for that.

      • Larry

        I’ve stopped many times for months in between cause I’m a wimp and don’t like injections. I’m bigger than vitor overall. I weigh 233. If he stops and genuinely has low testosterone he more than likely would gain weight. Testosterone would 100 percent be out of his system in 30 days. It’s synthetic and so that’s what the flag is for these guys who sneak it. Let me explain it like this . Joe blow who takes it and has not taken it before or via a tue, how they get caught is cause once u do an injection ure body stops producing it’s own testosterone. There is a gel u can use also. In April I will actually go on a gel inplant in my stomach that a urologist will place and it’s good for 6 months since I hate the injection. Victor could juice to the gills 1 month out for a week, stop and go to regular injection amount, take a blood test on week 4 which is his large dose and his 2nd dose at normal and he will show normal on his labs if they did not test him on week 2. Testosterone is out of ure system fast. And I would hope who prescribes it for him is an endocrinologist where other labs are also ran to see why your low by the gland in your brain.

        • Mike mckinney

          Everything you said sounds correct. I’m a bit younger, and a bit bigger than you, but have similar issues. Thyroid doesn’t work, and low T levels.
          I have no doubt Vitor would easily be able to get it out of his system in time. What I was saying is that the likely weight gain he’d have could making weight pretty difficult. It would be really bad for him to miss weight in that fight.
          He could want to reject the fight because he’s not sure what coming off the T will do to him, and if it will harm training.
          I obviously don’t know what the true reason is, but it could be the weight. Not being fearful of Chris, or not being able to get it out of his system like others are saying are the only possiable reasons.

  • Ryan thompson

    Vitor should just slink off with his head held low.
    Did he forget that he said he would fight regardless of the commissions decision on TRT? He’s a double talking fraud.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Link to Vitor’s quote?

      • Ryan thompson

        Go look if up yourself.
        It was all over mma websites when the Dr for the commission said he would recommend to the commission that Vitor not be allowed TRT in Nevada due to his past.
        Vitor then said he would fight regardless of their decision.

        Vitors a double talking fraud.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Well I did and couldn’t find anything so I’m calling BS on it. You’re the one on the soapbox slinging accusations so prove it. If it was reported all over you shouldn’t have any trouble finding it again.

          • Ryan thompson

            You are correct I had no proplem finding it.
            What’s your excuse?

            There’s plenty more out there!

          • Rick Ricky

            Yes you are correct I had no problem finding it.
            What’s your excuse?
            This is from Nov 2013.
            Did you flag the last post because you’re wrong?


          • MuayThaiFood

            I didn’t flag your post, you posted twice, genius. As I suspected, your memory isn’t as good as you thought it was. Vitor’s statement had nothing to do with the Dr. you are referring to or the Nevada Commission. At this point he hadn’t been given the title shot yet and had yet to fight Henderson. He was saying that if the UFC wouldn’t give him the title shot while he was on TRT then he would drop it. If that would have been the case then he would have known when he accepted the fight and I’m sure would have negotiated enough time to safely transition from TRT back to natural. When the UFC gave him the fight without that condition he obviously thought the commission would ultimately grant him the exemption which was why he accepted the fight. Anyway, he IS going to fight, regardless of their decision, just not on the date in question. Go ahead and take quotes out of context and try to use them to prove your point (not really clear on what it was even) but expect to get called on it.

  • Ryan thompson

    He’s acting as if he did the honorable thing by backing out of the fight.

    • brad king

      no doubt he backed into a syringe filled with roids

  • michigan love

    The sad part to this story is the fact that the UFC seems to be contributing to Vitor’s TRT use. They pulled him from the fight? Why? Evidently they like him on TRT. Which means that the winner of the Weidman/Machida fight is going to be urged to head to Brazil to fight Vitor on TRT and whatever else he gets away with taking there. The UFC seems very comfortable with this plan, it explains why all of his recent wins have been in Brazil, It’s really a sad example of an organization refusing to take it upon themselves to Ban the substance. The UFC has the ability to test for any substance, and ban it in their organization. As I have stated in the past, I love Vitor on steroids, he’s a monster, Off steroids, he’s not such a monster, he gets KO’d with a kick to the face. My guess is that the UFC will be spending a lot of time in Brazil in the future. Nevada pretty much sets the standard in testing, so if they ban trt, it will resonate in other states.


      The Brazilian Athletic Commission announced they are banning TRT Hendo will be the last UFC fighter in Brazil allowed to use/test before a ufc fight. with that said about to watch bellator !

    • Ryan thompson

      I’m guessing you’re only absorbing certain facts and filling in the rest with nonsense.

    • Ryan thompson

      No need to be sad,Brazil banned TRT as well.
      Also the UFC will not allow anyone to use TRT when they’re in countries that do not have a commission. That should cheer you up.

  • jim b

    do any of you actually read the article. It clearly says the ufc pulled him from the fight. It was the UFC’s choice not Vitors. Also if you are on TRT your natural production of testosterone shuts down and takes time to begin working again. So im guessing if you are on a TRT program for an extended period its probably not healthy to just go cold turkey and continue to try and train 6hrs a day. Just a non retarded guess though..

    • Maddawgmar

      Because everything lawyers say is true. Why would the UFC schedule a fight so close that he wouldnt be able to get off if he didn’t get the exemption? Odds were he wasn’t getting the exemption whether they banned exemptions or not. Either Vitor is so dumb that he thought he was gonna get the exemption or the UFC didn’t want the fight to begin with? I’m gonna go with Vitor being stupid. The UFC may have pulled it, but it’s Vitor’s fault for not being prepared in case he didn’t get the exemption.

    • Ryan thompson

      We are supposed to believe a fraud like Vitor?
      A man that said just last month that he will fight regardless of the commissions decision regarding TRT.
      He had plenty of time to get his shit together and a didn’t!
      He’s a double talking fraud.

      I’m guessing you’re not DR. Jim b.

  • jay

    Ok, when using testosterone, there are different esters. To name a few: suspension, propinate, cypinate, enanthate … Suspension is a form of testosterone that you have to shoot everyday, but clears your system in 24-36 hours (think the aqueous test solution overeem was taking and the reason he could clear out in time for a fight within a few days). Cypinate and enanthate are longer acting esters that only need to be shot once a week, preferably every 5 days and are most common in trt. The downside is that they stay in your system longer. Since vitor was granted a the exemption, it was ok for him to have these forms of testosterone in his system as long as his t:e levels were in line. Now that ALL SYNTHETIC TEST is banned, if vitor was tested, though his levels would be in range, he would still have metabolites of a banned substance in him. More than likely, Dana, vitor, his lawyer and a dr. All sat down, cleared the air and decided it would be best for vitor to clear his system, use drugs such as clomid, tamoxifen and hcg to restore his levels before he signed on for a fight in order to avoid any mishaps. Vitor did the intelligent thing here. He fights the winner without trt and is doing it with a clean system. People need to get off his case.

    • UOENO

      I agree 100%. Good post!

    • Denny Swain

      WHAT!?!?!?!? use even more drugs?????????

    • Baller31

      Wrong, the commission does not do CIR testing, which is the only test for artificial testosterone. They only check testosterone levels, so as long as his levels were in the normal range–which they should be whether on TRT or not–he would be fine. And he had plenty of time, regardless of type of testosterone, to get his levels within the acceptable range. Whole story is shady

  • Mike mckinney

    I’d really like a MMA Weekly staffer to ask the NSAC if Vitor applies for a license in the future can this drug test be held against him, (If it’s bad of course.) and will it be made public?
    Seems like if not, fighters failing out of competition test could just always not file, and drop out of said fight. Then reapply sometime latter without issue.

  • brad king

    If only there was a organization that accepted roided fighters. Then if so, Chael Sonnen could face Victor for the Light roided heavyweight championship of the world!

  • Ryan thompson