Vitor Belfort Wants Chael Sonnen Out So He Can Get Rematch with Jon Jones at UFC 159

January 20, 2013
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Vitor Belfort at Affliction 2Despite getting a knockout win over the No. 1 middleweight contender in the world, Vitor Belfort seems hell bent on getting a rematch with Jon Jones for his next fight.

Following his impressive head kick finish of Michael Bisping on Saturday night, over and over again Belfort continued to call for Chael Sonnen to be removed from his slot in the main event of UFC 159 so he could get another crack at Jones.

Belfort lost to Jones by submission at UFC 152 after taking the fight on short notice when the champion needed an opponent following an injury to Dan Henderson.

The former UFC champion echoed the same thing when speaking to Fuel TV well after his win over Bisping. Belfort has an agenda and he’s sticking to it.

“He’s a clown, get out, get out of the way. You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones? You don’t deserve it,” Belfort said addressing Chael Sonnen.

“Let me fight, real champion with real champion. You need to go back in line and let me fight the champ, the rematch.”

Luckily for Belfort, Chael Sonnen was in the Fuel TV studios doing commentary throughout the night, and his reaction was similar to most watching at home.

“I’m really confused as to what’s going on. I don’t know if he knows we’re not in the same weight class. I don’t know if he knows that he’s not the champion. I keep hearing him say ‘champion vs. champion’; he keeps saying to move out of the way. I would never tell somebody to move out of the way, but I would damn sure knock them out of the way,” said Sonnen.

“Vitor, that’s one thing that you’re not going to be able to do.”

Belfort may possibly know that he’s not going to get another shot at middleweight champion Anderson Silva, so his aim may have to go at a different target altogether, which could possibly explain his desire to face Jon Jones again.

UFC president Dana White has said recently that Anderson Silva’s goal is to face the biggest challenges possible, while also facing new challenges. Silva knocked Belfort out when they fought at UFC 126 in 2011, and doesn’t seem interested in a rematch with him any time soon.

Unless something dramatic happens, Belfort won’t get his wish. He’ll likely watch Jones vs. Sonnen at UFC 159 in April like everybody else.

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  • Este012985

    So Silva has a 10 fight deal and not one of those fights are against Vitor?? Honestly who in the middleweight division besides Silva that is better than Vitor? I understand where Silva is coming from but he shouldnt be able to choose who he fights unless he chooses Jones or GSP? Vitor should be next in line for the MW belt or give Weidman a shot.

    • Marcus miles

      I agree. He just knocked out the the guy who would fight Silvia if he were in fact the victor tonight. In this weight class Vitor hasn’t lost since the Silva fight and has been ranked number 2 or 3. I can see him fighting Weidman. By the time weidman is healthy, it could be promotion time.

      • Barry Obarma

        Silva did not sign a new fight deal so he can continue fighting as usual. He wants to face new challenges and build on his legacy. Fighters come up all the time. Wiedman, and Lombard will be awesome fights for him, but the real big fight that everybody is dying to see is him vs Jon Jones. That to me will be the height of MMA, something historical. Then maybe he can fight GSP, (which will be exciting but no way near as exciting as against JJ. You just know that GSP isn’t going to finish him). Then for the remainder of his contract he can fleet in and out taking out fighters fromt he LHW division. I wouldn’t put it past him to fight a Heavyweight. Sadly for Vitor, Anderson has made the right decision. It’s hard to train and get motivated for a fight, and it doesn’t serve Anderson’s legacy to have 2 KO’s against the same fighter. Let it be known guys, you only get one shot at Anderson, unless you put up a damn good fight like Chael did. Stay black.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Look, all the credit to Anderson for landing that kick on Vitor but it’s ridiculous to say that it exempts him from ever challenging for the title again while Anderson is on the throne. If anyone else would have been in front of him at the time they would have been laid out too. And what about Vitor’s legacy? The guy has been around forever and all that crap we were hearing before the Bisping fight about his best days being behind him should be put to rest now. He took one for the team fighting Jones on short notice and now Chael, who is totally undeserving, gets time to prepare for his fight with Jones (and his own funeral). You don’t think Vitor vs. Silva in Sao Paulo would make any money? And if it doesn’t, who cares, Dana isn’t sharing any PPV money with you anyway. I’m a huge fan of both these guys but if Anderson only wants to think legacy and superfights and won’t defend his belt against a clear cut contender with huge name recognition then tough balls, he should vacate the title and work on his legacy. Even if Vitor needs one more fight, which I think is arguable, he should be able to earn his way to another shot.

          • I agree. Vitor just knocked off the #1 contender in stunning fashion. He should fight Anderson now, or else fight Weidman for a shot at him.

          • Kris-tyahn

            Agreed, Belfort looked a lot better in this fight, than he has in his last few fights, including his KO loss to Silva. What a lot of people seem to forget, is that Belfort fought Silva after being out for 16 months & his first fight back was vs. Silva. Belfort seems to be healthy & he beat the #1 contender, how can he not get the next shot @ Silva?!? Forget Belfort vs. Weidman, that would take out one possible MW contender out, have Belfort fight the winner of Okami/ Lombart & have Weidman fight whomever when he returns. If Silva doesn’t want to fight either guy, then move to LHW or retire.

    • Madmmax

      I agree. Only other person challenging him is Weidman. Belfort vs Weidman eliminator maybe. If Belfort wins and Silva can not refuse to fight him. Move up to LHW then, because there is no one else in the MW division

  • MMA

    ” I don’t know if he knows that he’s not the champion.” That is why Chael is a clown and hypocrite. He did the exact same thing, yet for him it makes sense? F*** this clown and I can’t wait for Jones to kick his ass into retirement.

    • Kris-tyahn

      How does that make Chael a hypocrite? Chael didn’t say I want to fight Jones b/c I’m the Champ, he’s fighting Jones b/c Sonnen was the ONLY one (and Weidman) to take/volunteer to take the fight vs. Jones on 8 days, 2 MW’s accepted the fight, while NO LHW’s would. Alos, if you are referring to Chael saying he’s “the real champ”, dude you need to let go & wake up, Sonnen says that to piss morons like you off, and it clearly worked. You just made Sonnen a few more dollars, congratulations you are another victim/dummy who fell for the Sonnen trap.

  • jbroce

    such BS that vitor doesnt get another shot against Silva. Silva pulled something out of the bag that no one had really seen up till that point (front kicks up till that point were to the chest and to keep people at a distance), and outside of some new flying monkey reverse ear lock, Vitor would beat the crap out of silva in a rematch.

    • Kenny Powers

      PFFFFF, HAHAHAHAHA how can you even say that? I love how you guys try to find these crazy excuses on why Anderson won and how fighters would beat him in a rematch. He already proved this false against Chael and Rich. That said, i’m a big Vitor fan, and if he wins another 1 or 2, then they should setup the rematch, but for now, Vitor had his chance, and he got destroyed by the greatest ever.

      • Este012985

        Oh say maybe we should give Cung Le a title fight for ko’ing a washed up Franklin?… Besides Weidman who else deserves a shot? Vitor!! no one else. No one is saying Vitor would beat him what I’m saying is Silva landed a once in a lifetime kick that caught Vitor. Rematch will be much different and you know that. You cant argue how Vitor looked. He was patient and looked very strong!

        • Kenny Powers

          Read jbroce’s comment. He said Anderson got lucky and Vitor would smash
          him. That’s the dumbest thing you could say, that’s like sayin Rich got
          “caught” by Cung Le and would smash him in a rematch. Vitor is back in
          the #2 spot at MW, but i think should fight 1 more time before a
          rematch. Maybe vs. Weidman or Lomard if beats Okami. In the meantime
          Anderson’s just gonna chill.

    • Madmmax

      I’m a Belfort fan, but lets not exaggerate. deserves the rematch. He got caught in the first one and would make it a lot more competitive in the rematch. But I’d still favor Silva.

  • uncle

    TUF is at a all time low may even get cancelled UFC brings
    in a characteristic like Chael to save the show Jon is the champion and coach also they fight at the end of the season I don’t think Vitor could boost the ratings like Chael
    what would Vitor and Jon do on the show have bible study

    • Cuntlick

      Dude I cracked up when I saw “have bible study”. TUF brazil had a lot of that

    • Madmmax


  • Rome

    Looks like that TRT gave Vitor a body transformation.. WOW… what a difference from two years ago.. still a great fighter…now with TRT.. fighters can fight till their mid 40’s maybe… Vitor vs Silva 2 or Vitor vs Jones….

    • Kris-tyahn

      I said the same thing to my buddies when we were watching the fight, I’m just waiting for a +ve test.

  • just a matter of time before jones or silva face vitor again and it wont be the same fight vitor has all the tools to finish both guys

    • drkdisciple

      With the help of God …lol

      • rome

        with the help of TRT…. what a

  • octawhat

    To be the man, you gotta beat the man…

    Vitor knocked out Bisping, and now should be #1 contender for the UFC middleweight title. If you keep to this rule – title challengers are easy to figure out.

    If you look at the other challengers – Lombard, Okami, Weidman, and Philipou – with the exception of Weidman, Vitor would probably beat all of them.

    Thus, if you don’t give Belfort a title shot, and make him a ‘gatekeeper’, he may end up beating all the contenders, Then there’s no need for Silva because Vitor has done his job for him.

    • Madmmax

      Well said

  • So Vitor wins at MW against Bisping and calls for a rematch against Jones? Vitor should stay at MW and call out Weidman or the winner of Okami/Lombard so he can get his rematch against Silva.That would once again make him the clear #1 contender. Dana doesn’t want that rematch b/c he wants Silva to take on new challengers and b/c of how Vitor lost to Silva.

  • jamie

    This is the issue when the champ sits on the shelf for so long and doesn’t fight…contenders end up taking fights, fighting each other, weeding each other out, and then just muddying things up with everyone taking losses

  • PRIDE (old school) MMA

    Love MMA, but really can’t stand that much trash talk this days…

    • I agree. However, I think Vitor is positioning himself in case someone gets injured. He can certainly fill in for either fighter…. for another LHW title shot or a tune-up fight with Uncle Chael.

  • Trevor

    No surprise here that Bisping got dispatched with ease, he hasn’t beat anyone that matters. 185 is the weakest division on earth and has been for a long time Anderson’s last competition besides Sonnen was Travis Lutter. It is great to see the idiot Brit knocked back to where he belongs but seriously Belfort has nothing to offer Anderson or jones and although Chaels mouth got him the fight he is a much more rounded fighter and would likely throw Vitor to the ground without issue. It’s a weak time for 185

    • Madmaax9

      Sonnen is well rounded? Did you watch his Bisping fight? Did you see what happened when he couldn’t take him down. He tough ground and pound wrestler who’s susceptible to chokes.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Didn’t uncle Chale out strike Silva in the 1st fight?!? Just sayin, I think Sonnen over looked Bisping in regards to taking him down, which really messed with Sonnens gameplan. But I do not think Sonnen is not “well rounded”, but I think he smashes Belfort.

  • alberto navarro

    i dont understand why silva wouldnt fight belfort just because he lost in and way, if this were the case for every fight then we wouldve never seen cain velazquez destroy junior dos santos, i think belfort should get one more fight and if he wins he should definately be given another title shot, at some points it sounds as if silva might be trying to avoid that fight who knows…

  • bmc92

    so happy vitor won but i think hes going the wrong way about things he should be calling out weidman and the winner should get a title shot with anderson. it would be perfect because anderson would have no choice but to fight vitor again if ge beats weidman and if weidman beats vitor than he can silence the people saying he dosent deserve a shot yet! then lombard should fight rockhold and the winner off that should fight the winner of costa and bispbing for those guys to work there way up the ranks. i dont see any of them beating vitor though only anderson and i think vitor has a chance in a rematch.