Vitor Belfort Tells Dana White That He Deserves the Winner of Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

July 2, 2013
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Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold - UFCUFC president Dana White has already indicated that he has plans for Anderson Silva regardless of the outcome of his UFC 162 headlining bout with Chris Weidman, but could Vitor Belfort make a strong enough case to disrupt those plans?

White said that if Silva were to lose to Weidman at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday, he would be granted an immediate rematch should he want it. If the greatest middleweight champion in UFC history wins, White believes that he can finally put him in a super fight with either Jon Jones or Georges St-Pierre.

Belfort, however, has other ideas. He believes that he should get the winner of Silva vs. Weidman, no matter who is the victor.

“@danawhite the fans and me are very excited to see who is going to (be) my next opponent on this Saturday I deserve the winner!” Belfort tweeted on Tuesday.

Belfort’s case is an interesting one, but timing could prove to be the key.

Silva knocked him out in the first round of their meeting two and a half years ago. Belfort has since amassed a 4-1 record, losing to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, but winning all three of his middleweight bouts.

Those three middleweight bouts consisted of Yoshiro Akiyama, Michael Bisping, and incoming Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold, which makes a strong case for another title shot despite the previous outcome.

The question if Silva wins, however, is whether or not he’d be willing to wait around for Jones and St-Pierre to fight their next bouts, which are scheduled for September and November, respectively.

If Silva loses, it is highly unlikely that White would renege on his promise of an immediate rematch. And considering Silva’s seven-year reign as UFC middleweight champion, it seems just as unlikely that he would decline the opportunity to regain his belt.

In this day and age of fighters campaigning via social media to get the fights that they want, Belfort is sure to keep lobbying for the winner until White says that it won’t happen.

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  • Cereal Killer

    If Weidman whoops his ass AND finishes him, Belfort should get the next fight.

    That being said, I think Anderson is going to finish Chris in the first round.

    • fsunoles10

      belfort should get the next shot regardless, it wasnt like he was getting picked apart the first silva fight. silva just caught em with a nice kick but if anybody is gonna do it to me belfort would be the guy.

    • StrangerDays


      Love the delivery.

  • Vitor vs Weidman should have been the number 1 contender fight this whole time. Vitor for sure deserves to be next in line. But I can understand him being put on hold if a super fight is possible.

  • Dragon Fan 187

    Weidmans not in the same league as either of these fighters way overrated only chance at beating Anderson is if Anderson comes in injured like the Sonnen fight

    • Sir_Roy

      Right. Silva was “injured” in the Sonnen fight. Assume he lost the first round of their second fight because he was likewise injured?

      Everyone needs a hero I guess.

    • Baller31

      Belfort is not great against good wrestlers with good chins and cardio, and I believe Weidman would win pretty handily. I mean, Ortiz is just a decent wrestler, not nearly as good as Weidman, and he beat Belfort in his prime. Couture beat Belfort twice, Henderson beat Belfort, as did Jones. Weidman would be a very bad matchup for Vitor.

  • julian moran

    If Weidman wins, Belfort should get the next title shot.

    Silva cannot afford to loose twice in a row to Weidman. He could however fight another contender or rematch Belfort if Belfort beats Weidman.

    Having said that, I think Silva will beat Weidman, then beat Belfort again. I also think Belfort would beat Weidman.

  • Drock420

    I wanna see him fight outside of brazil…

  • Baller31

    If Weidman wins, a fight against Belfort makes sense. If Silva wins, I want to see a superfight. I think Vitor is great, but Silva and Weidman would both beat him.

  • Mudd

    There shouldn’t be any super fights among champions. If you’re gonna fight outside your weight class then you should relinquish your belt so the next deserving contenders can fight for it.

    • Sir_Roy

      I would agree, with one added exception; If a fighter can make weight he should be able to fight wheresoever he pleases as long as he can keep up his contractual agreements (i.e. defend his belt at least twice a year).

      If a superstar wants to be champion in two separate divisions, and can successfully defend both belts as often as required, then why not? Or, if they fight at a catch weight AND he defends his belt twice in that same year, I repeat, why not?

  • james j

    Belfort equal TRT. Lol.

  • solo

    Beside Vitor, who else? I mean really..
    Whoever wins on saturday – Silva, Belfort should get the rematch imo. He probably wont get front kicked in the head again, right…

    • Baller31

      Nah, this time Seagal will have Silva sweep the leg….

      • solo


  • tyrone

    Belfort shouldn’t be able to fight for title with added testerone! It gives him an advantage. Thats why hes so mean now, especially at weighins.

    • Real


  • toom

    I hate Vitor not for the trt but for the fact that he acts like it has no effect on his performances at all and acts like a douche to anyone who asks him

    • TheCerealKiller

      I thought TRT was short for Jesus?