Vitor Belfort Talks Anderson Silva’s Broken Leg and Fighting Chris Weidman for the Title

December 29, 2013
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Top UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort spoke with the media following UFC 168 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday and discussed Anderson Silva’s leg injury and fighting Chris Weidman for the title.

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  • BobGyro

    Vitor Vitor Vitor

    • jj


  • This guy is a beast. Everyone is talking how is wrestling sucks but the guy has been competing forever and trains with some great wrestlers. Henderson, Ortiz and Couture are some of the best he’s faced but he was also a lot younger then. If Belforts wrestling is on point I see him flying through Weidman.

    • J Barnes

      Not to mention how freakin’ fast his hands are, STILL… his stand up is scary as ever.

      • And his new kickboxing. Guy is mixing it up nicely. I wanted Weidman to have this fight before he even got Silva the first time.

        • solo

          Yea! He’s probably the scariest guy to fight in the UFC right now. And imo a candidate for the fighter of the year. Im gonna be cheering for him. Cant wait for the fight to be announce.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          Vitor v Weidman will be a great fight to watch, probably better than Silva Weidman actually.

        • Barnes

          Lol going through my old comments… we’ll just pretend we weren’t here…

    • Mark McDowall

      His striking is on point…his takedown defense is good…his BJJ is not used alot but still good.

      The elephant in the room is if he gets a TRT exemption…

      • His TRT hasn’t been an issue once. If he could only fight in Brazil he would be useless to the UFC. I’m sure he checks his levels and is cautious of dealing with suspensions and a strict punishment from Dana.

        • Marcus Miles

          Agreed. sick of hearing TRT this TRT that. Its been 100 years since he got rolled and yet everyone is acting like he is getting busted all the time. I will admit he looks like a beast now compared to when he fought Rich but who am I to judge or say how he got there. Everyone is on TRT an Vitor gets all the Sh@t for it. Until he gets caught using, shut up and enjoy the entertainment.

          • Tony

            Good response!! I agree, if he gets popped using like Bigfoot, then sure…yea. Till that time, your right, ALOT of other guys are on it.

          • Dana said his levels have never come back to high so as of now Vitor is not breaking rules. I don’t like it because he’s tested for roids in the past but it’s not for me to say. Only the UFC and commission can handle it.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            Vitor aside, I think fighters in the UFC should be subject to random drug testing throughout the year not just a single test in and around fight time. I have no idea what the UFC’s testing policy is, but pro cyclists used to go on testosterone in the off-season when they were only tested at racetime. In addition, I wonder how much blood doping goes on, like EPO, since it would be difficult to detect and would greatly improve cardio.

          • Dana White has discussed testing guys during camp. Maybe if the punishment became more severe it could help. Every time a guy gets busted it takes their credibility away from themselves and hurts the sport as well. I’m sure it’s possible that the commission or UFC will be testing Vitor prior to this fight because otherwise they will be taking a big risk with him testing positive in a such a big fight.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          I think TRT levels should be set to the natural levels of your competitior, not to an 18 year old, e.g. if Weidman’s natural levels are 600 then Vitor should not be allowed to exceed that. Replacing to an 18 year old’s level is not fair since most pro fighters are in the mid 20’s to mid 30’s. It’s still an unfair advantage if Vitor enters the cage with higher levels than Weidman, I don’t care what the UFC allows.

          • It bugs me because Vitor is so young. He’s only about 5-6 years older then Weidman.

        • Mark McDowall

          No but his past steroid use has been an issue twice(one of the 2 most common reasons why men need TRT). The Brazilian commission doesn’t test in camp so who knows whats going on there.

          I’m just saying that you know if he gets an exemption for this fight there will be a poop storm, Either way the UFC will get some bad press about it…he gets an exemption and wins…TRT is why. He doesn’t get one and looses…TRT is why. It’s going to be interesting how they handle it.

    • Sarcasticball

      Don’t know… even if Vitor is a beast his wrestling is not at weidman level at all and he will have to be at his best to beat Weidman. And as good as we was in his last 3 fight, his opponent were not at Weidman or Silva level and don’t expect him to become a good wrestler at 36 it’s virtually impossible. Anyways I don’t count Vitor out at all, I even think he as a great chance to become the new champion, but I really think that Weidman is going to win but again who know.

      • Your all over the place with your comment but I get what your saying buddy.

    • Ian Price

      If Weidman can stand up with Anderson, I think he can keep up with Vitor as well. There’s always the flash punch or kick KO risk by Vitor, but Weidman also has several ways to win.

      • Somebody gets finished this fight that’s all I’m positive of.

    • deepgrim

      cant see anyone in the division flying through weidman with there wrestling, and i cant see anyone wanting too either, he has shown his a powerful standing guiltione and high class bjj. i think he is quick at reading people punches and therefore i think he would see a takedown coming quick too. i can only see vitor wanting to ko weidman which could happen, but now vitor has exposed more of his arsenal in the last few fight, i think there will be less surprises and weidman will be on to him

      • Well now we will really get to see what the champ is made of because before Silva his toughest fight was against Munoz who I like but a lot of people feel is overrated. I’m excited to see Weidman display his skills against top guys because a standing gullitone against Jesse Bongfeldt is nothing special. Chris is a tough guy and I think he’s talented but these next three fights will be what really builds him up. We have Vitor Belfort, Machida, Jacare Souza, Bisping all lined up not to mention up and comers like Costa Phillipou, Francis Carmount and Tim Kennedy.

        • deepgrim

          its just that the guiltone come when he was trying a single and he wrapped it up so quick. yes well he still has plenty to prove, he has shown that he can get the better of anderson but different fighters present different challenges, but i feel with his game been so well rounded he can go on a good streak. Wrestlers with an allround game are pretty hard to beat cause they can control long periods of a fight. machida still has to get past mousachi tho which is a big test. souza looks strong at the minute he is lined up against carmount soon. if he can ko him he presents a big challenge with his bjj aswell

          • At least the division is interesting again. Pretty stack IMO.

  • Mike Wardlow

    Weidman is a beast.

  • Austin, TX

    He always direct every question back to how he is living his dream.

    “How do you think Silva’s leg will….”

    “I’m just living my dream, God gave me the talent and I’m giving the glory to him…..”

  • Michael J Wilding

    if this fight is in vegas vitor is screwed lol

    • archaictext


      • Michael J Wilding

        because chris is younger, stronger, has better BJJ, better wrestling and 4 inches of reach. In brazil vitor can use trt in vegas he cant. Vitor has a chance to win this fight but not a great chance.


    What is Vitor talking about? Lions & Jungles? Lions live in Savanna and Lions are not unpredictable!!! they attack at night time & eat babies

    • Mikeslash

      I don’t know I heard that he made a very elaborate research base on animated cartoon, on blogs and I even think he saw a true lion in a zoo.

  • Vitor

    This is Vitor. My wife dresses me. I am living in dreams. I am the Lion King. I do not even have to show up to beat Chris. My syringe TRT will be Chris by itself.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      He’s a complete dreamer. Weidman is on a completely different level that the likes of Bisping and Rockhold. Weidman is basically a better version of Sonnen.

  • John Miller

    He’s tooting his own horn. Let him.

  • Suckadik

    Vitor is a typical Brazilian retard. I hope Weidman knocks his dumb head off.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Vitor talks all lofty about being creative in the Octagon. The reality is Silva and Weidman have been more creative than he has ever been. He’s got a mind like Mike Tyson, all over the place. Weidman will come up with a plan for him too.

    • drock420

      I dunno if he fights Vitor in Brazil he might get KOed lol

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Dana called the leg break an accident, and while Weidman did not intentionally break Silva’s leg, I don’t think this event was as unlikely as Dana said when he said “one in a million” at the post fight presser. When you kick as hard as Silva does in a fight situation, I think a broken leg is a far more realistic and likely outcome than one might initially think. In addition, like we’ve grown to see front kick KO’s since Silva KO’d Belfort, I think we may see one of two things after this fight: a reticence to use inside leg kicks in the UFC, or an increase in kick checks and broken legs. Either way, credit to Weidman for entering with a creative fight plan.

    • Chris Morgan

      It’s only a rarity because fighters checking leg kicks rarely hit the “sweet spot” (absorbing the kick around the knee/upper part of the shin). If you look at previous broken lower legs (Anderson and Corey Hill are the ones off the top of my head), you can see that the principal point of contact is mid-shin (kicker) and upper-shin/knee region (checker).

      Anderson’s fate was (unfortunately) sealed after the first checked kick. According to Dana (I think), Anderson’s tibia was cracked after the first checked kick. So unless Anderson didn’t throw any kicks for the rest of the fight, we were bound to see the broken leg happen.

  • james j

    I just look at Vitor as a strange guy on the mic, and a fighter on the down side of his career. No respect cause of TRT.

    • earlsimmons

      No1 cares how you look at Vitor. Your a loser bro he isnt.Your a nobody and nobody cares about your opinion so dont post them.

      • Your teacher

        It’s “you’re” dumb ass.

      • archaictext

        And people care about your opinion of his opinion.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    Vitor’s comments are incoherent at best. In the interview he comes off as an ego maniac and wow he looks likes a dumbass with that hair cut.

    Oh and he’s a cheater:

    • Alec Rosen

      You sir sound extremely ignorant. People have accents deal with it not everyone was born in America and English is not his first language. Plus the audio quality was not that good in the video. How does he sound like an ego maniac? He was just saying what he thought. Fighters act confident when they fight. Does that make all fighters ego maniacs?

  • Bigufcfan

    I can’t wait for this fight to happen, Vitor already has weidmam and his trainers beat!! They are all too worried about TRT, and not weidmans training. Chris please stop talking s*** about TRT and be the champ you say you are!!