Vitor Belfort Says His Doctor is Advising Him of a 90-Day Window to Adapt to Training Without TRT

March 1, 2014
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Vitor Belfort at Affliction 2Since his removal from the UFC 173 main event title bout against middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort has been the focal point of controversy.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission on Thursday voted unanimously to ban applications for exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy, which Belfort has enlisted for the past couple of years.

Within hours of the commission’s decision, Belfort’s removal from the fight was announced with arguments immediately ensuing about whether it was his decision or the UFC’s.

At the end of the day, a key factor was the time that Belfort believes is necessary to switch from a regiment that includes TRT to one that does not so that he can compete without it.

Belfort on Saturday made a post to his Instagram page that says his doctor told him he needs 90 days to adapt his treatment and nutrition so that he can fight without TRT.

Below is Belfort’s Instagram post, which he credits to his doctor, but whom he does not identify:

“I would like to share the declaration of my doctor: Vitor Belfort’s TRT have always been a medical decision aimed to health improvement. The same treatment strategy is available and widely prescribed to every patient who makes the decision to live better and healthier life through their natural ageing process. Any performance advantage results not from the use of medication, but from the athlete’s unshaken discipline and absolute dedication to an extremely demanding training routine, impeccable nutrition and resting. In the name of his passion for the sport and dedication to his fans, my patient made the decision to interrupt his health treatment. We are going to need 90 days to adapt Vitor’s treatment and nutrition in order to support his extremely hard training routine – This is what makes Vitor one of the best fighters on UFC history and the most dedicated athlete I’ve ever had the honor to work with.”

After his removal from the Weidman bout, Lyoto Machida agreed to step in and face Weidman at UFC 173. Belfort said that he was told he would then challenge the winner of that bout, although he has yet to provide a timetable for his return to fighting outside of Saturday’s Instagram post.

  • spazmojack

    Smells like bullshit to me.

  • Alex

    Hahahahaha moron. Tries to troll the MMA community.

    “which he credits to his doctor, but whom he does not identify:”

    Now the doctor’s quote:
    “This is what makes Vitor one of the best fighters on UFC history”

    Hmmm, what kind of doctor he is, that can give such an interesting diagnosis about his patient?
    Is that you, Dr. Belfort?

  • Mike Newman

    Vitor has been on roids when he won his 1st title fact ,so it was in him then WHY??? What a joke after each win he points to his roid God!!!!!!
    Now he says his levels are low! !HA ha I wonder why he is a cheat and should be banned imo….

  • J

    I guess they need time to find a new regimen that won’t be detectable.

  • Maddawgmar

    The picture says it all

  • sounds like he’s on a 90 day probation to me.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Of course he was trying to gain a performance advantage as were the rest of the fighters on the roster on TRT. As far as the reason he backed out of the fight, it makes sense. Not one of you Vitor bashers have come up with a another plausible explanation other than snarky little jabs. I had assumed this was his reason before the fight was cancelled. You don’t just shut off TRT and continue on like normal, especially since he was likely elevating his levels beyond the upper limit during training. If you think Vitor was alone in this practice then you are pretty naive.

  • Oldy

    He will become just another: Shane Carwin (see before and after photos with 2 years, of stopping steroids) & Alistair Overeem. All downhill from here..

  • Me

    So suddenly he just needs 90 days to readjust his training? Huh? I guess all those men with Hypogonadism should simply stop their TRT and let their bodies “readjust.” Apparently it’s just that simple. And it makes you wonder why he didn’t simply take 90 days to “readjust” in the past.
    Oh that’s right, he didn’t do that because it’s a crock of sh*t and he’s just a cheater.

  • Denny Swain

    Anyone who lost to belfort during the trt stint, should have that loss removed from record.

    • But he was always in the limit unlike Sonnen and Bigfoot Silva.

    • gnodeb

      Even Hendo? Wasn’t he on TRT too?

  • Mihael Hajdin

    This is pointless vitor everyone know ur a cheater and a fraud, so dont bother giving us some BS explenations, but on the other hand roided vitor was fun to watch and will be missed..

  • asd

    Testosterone is a crucial body hormone, OF COURSE his body will need adjustment period. And OF COURSE his body will not be able to perform on the same level with LOW TESTOSTERONE levels. OF COURSE his muscle mass will DECREASE – that’s what happens when your T level is LOW.
    Kudos to Belfort for willing to fight with a significant disadvantage as well as a health risk.

    • Mark McDowall

      So by your last sentence…by definition the TRT was a performance enhancing drug. 99% of the UFC fights with what their body produces…how is Vitor fighting with what his body produces a disadvantage? If his body NATURALLY can not be at a competitive level…then he should retire…plane and simple.

  • Kris-tyahn

    WOW, what a shock! AS soon as the Commission banned TRT, I had a pool for how long it would take for Vitor to “drop out of the title fight”/what day? We had a couple of winers, but no money was given, therefore those who fot it right get bragging rights….. lol! Adios Belfort of the last 2 years & hello to the Belfort who was KTFO by Silva’s front kick to the face!


    Belfort would go crazy if he stops TRT,,, when you increase testosterone you estrogen levels increases and if you cut testosterone you estrogen levels stay HIGH hence causes “roid rage”

    • Big Pete

      I guess that explains why women are crazy because of their high estrogen levels lol