Vitor Belfort Says He’s Better Without TRT

November 25, 2014
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Vitor Belfort has been heavily criticized during his career resurgence since returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 2009, mainly due to his utilization of testosterone replacement therapy.

His TRT use was deemed legal due to most athletic commissions issuing therapeutic use exemptions during the time Belfort was on the regimen. But that all came to an end earlier this year when the Nevada Athletic Commission voted unanimously to end the controversial practice.

Belfort has since been weaning off of the therapy and pursuing a fight license in order to capitalize on a three-fight winning streak that has put him in title contention.

Chris Weidman vs. Vitor BelfortThe Brazilian fighter finally got approval from Nevada to fight Chris Weidman, and while an injury to Weidman has delayed their fight until UFC 184 in February, Belfort has been training without the use of TRT and says that he is now stronger, lighter, and faster than when he was using the therapy.

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“It was better for me (to stop using TRT) because I left a boring treatment that was bothering me, and now I’m stronger, lighter and faster,” Belfort recently said in an interview with SporTV.

“So, for me, it was wonderful. Doesn’t matter what my blood says nor the result of the blood test. What matters is what is in my head.”

Although Belfort is now off of the TRT regimen, because results of a voluntary out-of-competition drug test in February showed an elevated ratio of testosterone-to-epitestoserone and a prior positive test for steroids, Nevada has required him to undergo stringent drug testing upon request.

At the behest of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Belfort was given a random drug test on Nov. 1, which included both blood and urine specimens. NAC executive director Bob Bennett recently confirmed the test and its results to

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Belfort tested negative for all banned substances and his blood serum testosterone levels were within normal range, according to Bennett.

It’s likely that he will face more testing prior to and surrounding the fight with Weidman, but if Belfort is to be believed, he shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Belfort and Weidman are scheduled to headline UFC 184 on Feb. 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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  • taylor2008

    I am a vitor fan, but he is blowing smoke.

  • VitorMirForrestChaelWandyReem

    1) is a good fighter that didn’t do well in big fights
    2) uses TRT
    3) starts doing well
    4) gets caught
    5) presumably gets off TRT
    6) says TRT did not help

    • hahaha

      What about dan henderson? Oh right…. hes old so is ok.. and hes a fricken “Legend” total bullcrap. They are alot more fighters using trt… they are smart enough to get away from it.

  • Seth

    Yeah…sure…you jacked up your body to absolute limits with a substance proved to help athletes. And on top of that – by taking it, you messed up your natural production of the same substance. Im SUUUUUUUURE you are doing great now.

  • TheCerealKiller

    What’s he supposed to say, “I’m old, slow and weak now”?

  • wyatt earp 187

    The part where he say’s I left a boring treatment tells me he is lying his azz off but at the end of the day trt or no trt vitor is a warrior.

  • Guest

    Vitor will become the third man in UFC history to win two titles in different weight divisions when he crushes P/ss Weidman.

    • Darin

      Nah, Vitor will be the first man in UFC history to enter a title fight resembling a chubby housewife and will be crushed as bad as Silva was twice.

      • Guest

        He looked good in his latest video while swimming at the beach.

        • There are so many things I want to say to you about your comment…

        • sean

          Vitor talks a lot of crap!! And so do you!!

          • Guest

            You’re a f#ggot. Go kill yourself.


    He’s better without TRT?!? yeah, his previous fights before his last 3 Wins proved otherwise. Also, if he needed TRT b/c he was “garbage” without it, then how can he be better being off of it now, which means he’d be the “same” fighter as he was prior to his last 3 wins?!? The only difference is, he’s gotten older since then, but he’s trying to say he’s better without it?!? What an idiot, had he said he felt lighter and that he felt as good or something like that, then he wouldn’t have looked like a complete idiot, like he does now, saying that he’s better without it, which makes no sense and it makes him look like a hypocrite.

    • asd

      Wow, what an egocentric idiot you are. What do you expect an athlete to say? “My body can’t perform anymore now, I’m weak and can’t fight up to my abilities :(” ???
      He has to think positive, just like any other person off of medication that helped them. Try managing your aggression better, son.

  • RubeKegal

    Vitor’s entire career is a joke.

    • Guest

      the guy is a legend in the sport whether you like it or not. at least he’s done more than you have in your pathetic life.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Maybe RubeKegal is a millionaire.

  • brad

    Trt or not the guy has tremendous skill and is an absolute legend. That being said, Vitor has probably been on steroids for the last 20 years, I very highly doubt he is going to be able to perform nearly at the level he has been. Doing steroids consistently for that long shuts down your bodies natural endocrine system and I just don’t see how he is going to be nearly the same without testosterone.

  • The Scoobs

    I think Joey Rogan sucks dicks.

  • joeshmoe2000

    I still remember when Vitor Belfort was in the ring and he had no real muscle tone. I was like, hmmm I wonder if he just got old? And he got his butt handed to him that night. Now he thinks he is better? I don’t think so, maybe more experience but he’s older and getting weaker? No ways he will have a chance in hell. Chris is going to eat him up and spit him out. By the way, I am NOT a Chris Weidman fan. I would prefer that Anderson come back and take his belt back. That would be an epic battle because when Anderson doesn’t clown, he is very, very dangerous to anyone in the ring with him.

    • Guest

      Dunno what fight you watched but it was probably a very long time ago. Belfort is the most complete fighter Weidman will face. He’s got good footwork, punching power, great bjj and good takedown defence. Anderson Silva already tried beating Weidman twice and failed. He simply couldn’t touch Weidman. His clowning around got his ass handed to him as well.

  • Joe Dog

    His hair is perfect!

  • drkdisciple

    I still remember how not so long ago Vitor gave us the “trt is a medical necessity for me” speech. Now he gives us the “I’m better with trt: bs…hope Weidman knocks him silly.

  • cheflacsto

    I am not sure if Vitor can beat Weidman but I wouldn’t say Anderson got his ass kicked twice, broken leg and for sure got knocked silly in the first match. As he did in the second but recovered and damaged Weidman from the bottom. Weidman looked completely gassed out in the late rounds against Machida. I don’t recall ever seeing a UFC champ not in the Heavyweight Division being that gassed. Weidmans downfall will be in the late rounds when it eventually does happen. However I am not sure Vitor is going to get it done. I do agree with most people here the “I am better without TRT” is BS.

    • who what huh

      Don’t see how Weidman looked totally gassed out when he won round 5.

      • cheflacsto

        Yeah and he lost round 4 but neither of which have anything to do with how he looked late in the fight. You have never seen a fight that a guy looks completely out of and then wins? How someone looks and what the scorecard say mean nothing. Don’t worry I am sure your boy will beat belfort but I don’t think his reign will be as long as people think.

  • WalnutCreekScott

    Vitor is a comedian.