Vitor Belfort Rips on Chael Sonnen “the Clown”; Sonnen Fires Right Back! (Video)

January 20, 2013
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Chael Sonnen at the UFC 148 press conferenceVitor Belfort, after knockout Michael Bisping out at UFC on FX 7 in Brazil on Saturday night, wasted no time moving on to his next target. Although his next target was of the verbal tongue lashing kind… Chael Sonnen.

“He’s a clown, get out, get out of the way,” declared Belfort. “You just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson Silva, then you fight Jon Jones? You don’t deserve it.”

Sonnen was part of Fuel TV’s post-fight coverage team for UFC on FX 7, leaving him ample room to respond, so it’s not surprising that he did so with the verbal venom that he’s known for.

“I’m really confused as to what’s going on. I don’t know if he knows we’re not in the same weight class,” retorted Sonnen. “I don’t know if he knows that he’s not the champion. I keep hearing him say ‘champion vs. champion’; he keeps saying to move out of the way. I would never tell somebody to move out of the way, but I would damn sure knock them out of the way.”

Check out the video clips below to hear what Vitor Belfort had to say in his Fuel TV post-fight interview and what Chael Sonnen said in response…

Vitor Belfort:

Chael Sonnen:

  • Seth

    COME ON! I live in Poland, Im on this site day-by-day and it would be nice to finally be able to watch videos that you post here…why you block it for other countries? :/

    • el che

      same goes from fans here in Canada, eh. what gives?!?!?

      • Oswald Cobblepott

        Let them play!

    • Jonathan

      Same! From the Philippines

    • Harald G.

      also not working here for Germany 🙁

    • MuayThaiFood

      I’m in the States and they haven’t been working for me for over a week now.

    • Mattaah

      Same goes for Finland…

    • straightAhead

      Same goes for us in Qatar

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yup samething here, apparently Canada is too foreign or too far from the U.S.A. Stupid website!

  • Phael Sonnen

    Chael should stick to what he does best…. sitting up there in the studio with his clown make up on. He is not a fighter but nothing more than a dry humper with bad jiu jitsu and pillow fists. Would leave to see Vitor knock this clown out but all he does is talk, he would never fight Vitor… calls out everyone from Wanderlei to Rampage to Big foot, yet these fights never come to fruition.

    • Phael Sonnen

      Would love*

      • Sir_Roy

        I Lol’d at ‘pillow fists’. So true … 5 round ‘beating’ on Silva and nary a mark on the Champ’s face to show for it … Lol.

        • Kris-tyahn

          That’s very true, but some guys bruise like a peach, like GSP, while other fighters like BJ in his prime barely got cut or bruised. The 1st time BJ was “cut” was his fight vs. GSP, but the beating he took, his face should have been a lot worst than it was. When BJ fougth Diaz, his face was a mess but Diaz did land like 200-300 punches. Silva’s also “tanned” if you havent noticed, its much easier to see a bruise on a white guy than it is on a “tanned” guy.
          I never said you can’t see a bruise on a “tanned” fighter, but it’s a lot easier to see damage on a white fighter.

          • jeremy

            you mean a black fighter? lol tanned…

    • Arxangel

      You’re right. He should stop fighting for multiple championships with Silva and Jones, and instead fight guys who aren’t in the top ten. (I wrote that knowing full well Bigfoot is the number 9 heavyweight per MMAWeekly, but thought it would be kind of me to give you a way to transition off- topic).

      • Phael Sonnen

        My point was why call these guys out and say you “accept” to fight them and never fight them? There have been plenty of opportunities to fight these guys but he never does. It’s all talk and just watch, when he gets annihilated by Jones, he’s not going to fight Vitor.

        • Kris-tyahn

          WTF are you talking about dude?!? He fought Silva X2 & accepted to fight Jones on 8 days notice while NOONE else would, not even LHW’s. I also believe Sonnen’s fighting a guy he called out, in Jon Jones! I’d like to know these guys you speak of, that Chael has called out & didn’t fight? I know Rampage, Lyoto & Wanderlei turned down Sonnens challenges. Lyoto said it was b/c they werent in the same weight division (which was true at the time) & Wanderlei ….. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t or even if it’s true, I read some say that before. But Lyoto & Rampage did not want to fight Sonnen.

          • Phael Sonnen

            Wow your really buying into Dana’s bull****…

      • Kris-tyahn

        LOL – +1 Arxangel

  • No Regrets

    I had no idea who Vitor was calling a clown in his post-fight conference. I thought he was talking bad about Jon Jones the whole time. Apparently not.

  • BabyEater

    Funny, he says Chael just got knocked out pretty badly by Anderson… Did he forget that kick to the face that put him to sleep in the first round? Last I checked Chael’s been Anderson’s toughest opponent in the UFC and Vitor wasn’t even a speed bump. Only reason he can call himself a “champion” is because of his glove cutting Randy in the eye.

    • Phael Sonnen

      Let’s see how Chael does against Jones and then you can start comparing from there… Belfort has definitely been Jones’ toughest test with that armbar attempt.

      • Kris-tyahn

        Ughh what?!? Sonnen went 7 rounds with Silva, Belfort lasted 1 & got KTFO by a front kick, the 1st EVER in the history of the UFC.
        FYI: Belfort was far from Jones toughest test, a 15 sec scare, does not make it the toughest test. Belfort was the “closest” to beating Jones, but after that, he was Jones punching bag. Evans went to a decision, so I’m not sure how you can say Belfort was Jones toughest test, when he was finished & looked good for 10 secs.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Last I checked Chael’s getting a title shot at LHW coming off that embarrassing loss. I’m sure Jones is watching tape right now and wondering how he’s going to avoid the unorthodox spinning backfist Chael added to his arsenal. Chael won’t give him near as much trouble as Vitor did. He’s going to get ragdolled and smashed.

      • Kris-tyahn

        “Chael won’t give him near as much trouble as Vitor did” – Did we watch the same fight?!? Are you talking about the 10-15 secs Belfort almost got the submission & after that got spanked & looked like Jones punching bag.
        Sonnen won 6 of 7 roudns vs Silva – Belfort got KTFO in the 1st round by the 1st front kick KO in the history of the UFC.

    • Madmmax

      Or because of he won a heavyweight tournament at the age of 19

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      He is still a clown though!

    • True.. and Vitor beat Bisping by ko while most people think Bisping should have won the decision vs Chael.. I think Vitor would ko Chael.

    • Este012985

      Last I checked even if Chael beat Silva in the first fight it wouldn’t have counted since he was caught cheating… But anyway Vitor would beat Chael by submission we all know Chael likes to get submitted

  • DIck Niaz

    Vitor Belfort doesn’t give a crap what weight class anyone is in. Vitor is a moneyweight fighter.

    UFC 12 Heavyweight tournament champion
    Former Light Heavyweight Champion
    Reigning Franklinweight Champion
    Reigning Super-Rumbleweight Champion
    Top 5 Ranked Middleweight Contender

    Sorry Chael, there is no weight class were you can hide from Vitor.

    • I think Chael will spank Vitor, but I loved your post nonetheless!

    • Kris-tyahn

      Sonnen would pound Belfort! A fight I’d love to see. Like Sonnen said, he won’t ask someone to get out of the way, but he’ll knock them out fo the way. Priceless!

  • Allen

    I hope everyone know Jones will destroy Chael right? Chael isnt a great fighter he is a mid level guy that is a very good wrestler thats it. He talks and talks and he gets his ass kicked when he talks.

    • Kris-tyahn

      So your saying Silva got owned for 4.5 rounds & lsot 6 of 7 rounds to a “mid level guy”?!? LOL okay noob, whatever you say!

  • Mark McDowall

    Chael Sonnen knows his days are numbered. He is a good wrestler with limited other skills. He is known as a non power puncher and someone with little to no jui-jitsu skills.

    I think once he looses to Bones he will take a permanent position in the announce booth. Its not a bad thing…the guy has a great eye when watching fights. I like to listen to him analyze fight. From what I have heard about his coaching during TUF, he is a hell of a coach! I look forward to him moving down to cage side at some point.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I agree, though I still think Sonnen has a few good fights that we can watch, like him vs. Belfort. I think Sonnen has a great “eye” for fighting/MMA & could see him being a great coach. Some people succeed more as a coach, rather than a fighter, I can see Chael falling in to that category.

  • carlos

    we can’t see this either in Mexico, c’mon you’re following the story and the end of it is contained in a video you can’t watch, depressing, yet just post it on youtube and problem solved.

  • jeremy

    It’s funny that Vitor would call someone else a clown with that goofy ass hair cut he had lol Vitor looked like a clown when he entered the octagon

  • GeneralUtter

    Blocked in Sweden aswell, but there are always ways around thing, check out ProxTube.