Vitor Belfort Returns to the Head of the Line, Says UFC Middleweight Title Shot is Next

June 25, 2014
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Vitor Belfort vs Luke Rockhold - UFCBefore the fall of therapeutic use exemptions (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Vitor Belfort was the next in line for a shot at UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Now that TRT has all come crumbling down and the smoke is starting to clear, Belfort is still next in line for a title shot.

Lyoto Machida is first, but Belfort will get the winner of the UFC 175 bout between Weidman and Machida, according to a UFC Tonight report on Wednesday.

Belfort’s wife and manager Joana Prado told the program that Belfort has set his sights on the winner of the July 5 title bout and that the UFC has indicated that is the fight that is next for “The Phenom.”

Belfort had been expected to fight Weidman at UFC 173 on May 24, but when the Nevada State Athletic Commission shocked everyone and voted to ban TUEs for TRT in February, the fight fell apart. Belfort had been utilizing the therapy and needed time to adjust to the regulatory change.

Weidman was then lined up with Machida. After the date of that fight was pushed back to July 5, Belfort had managed to get his training without TRT under control, and started planning his return to the Octagon.

He was originally going to try and step in for Wanderlei Silva against Chael Sonnen on July 5, but the shell game went haywire after Sonnen tested positive for prohibited substances in a random drug test and subsequently retired.

So now, Belfort is returns to the front of the line, waiting for Weidman and Machida to play out.

(Photo courtesy of UFC)

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  • Maven

    “Belfort had been utilizing the therapy and needed time to adjust to the regulatory change.”

    Yeah… “the therapy”… let’s just speak plainly and say he was cheating. If he can make the adjustment without it, then he never needed it except to gain an unfair advantage. Glad that TRT is banned.

    • Dragon Kid

      It takes time for the human body to adjust to the training without TRT. He’d been doing it for a long time so getting off of it was no easy task.

      • Ted

        Yes it is. If you are using TRT properly, it is just to get test levels at higher end of normal. Coming off of that is fine cold turkey, your body adjusts quickly. However, if he was abusing testosterone it’s a different story

  • RubeKegal

    Vitor aka Cheator Belfort should be banned from MMA and possibly life.

    • Mihael Hajdin

      Dont be so hard on the guy, im personally gonna miss vitor “roided to the gills” belfort..

  • Ian Price

    We’ll see how he looks and fights off TRT.

  • Wolf Ticket

    Wait, wait, wait. He still has no license in Nevada, and next time he asks for one, he has some explaining to do regarding his failed test couple months back.

    Would UFC really be so stupid to make that fight before Vitor is cleared by the commission? I’m so tired of fights being canceled, which is a very likely scenario in this case. How bout the next shot goes to winner of Jacare vs Mousasi?

  • broseppi

    I’m confused…his wife and manager said he’s next in line for the title shot, or someone from the UFC? Based on the article, I can’t tell if UFC tonight was breaking the news based on real information, or if this is just Belfort’s wife talking to the show.

  • Joseph Koerner

    I love how the TRT Athletes have created this FAKE alternate reality of legitimate TRT use and not just the blatant PED use that it is meant to cover up… LOL… Lame journalists and ignorant fans are at fault for not having common sense..

    • carsti07 .

      Sorry man, but I really can´t say anything to all this PED and TRT stuff because I´ve no f..g knowledge about that s..t. So still I´ve got no opinion yet… Not anybody knows about that like you do

    • MMAreality

      Common sense is not understanding how cover up drug use. That would require a lot of chemistry and knowledge of drugs. Common sense is things like push not pull on a door. Commmon sense is something that everyone should know. Thanks though!

      • Joseph Koerner

        Any average Gym rat knows all about this stuff. Read a bodybuilding publication going way back to the 90’s and you would have this knowledge base. Read the news about the Balco scandal and follow this stuff just a bit and you can find the truth. Maybe the average Fan gets a pass BUT NOT THE JOURNALISTS who perpetuate the continued half truths.

        • MMAreality

          Doesn’t matter- you are missing the point of the comment you made and what I said in return. It is not common sense. Once again common sense is something that people should just know without any education. You used the term wrong. You are trying to act as if you are smarter than the rest of the mma world saying it is common sense.

          • Joseph Koerner

            Your concentrating on my “common sense” comment instead of the merits of the overall statement. Doing so just indicates to me that your trying to distract from the merits of the comment by directing people away… who cares if I didn’t use common sense in the perfect sense. YOU know exactly what I meant and I sense you are purposely misdirecting.

          • Joseph Koerner

            It’s a troll tactic to do so… misdirect with semantics instead of the overall message. Bottom line is that I wish Journalists would call out the obvious bullshite and they simply refuse to probably due to upsetting the powers that be and losing some access if they veer off the excepted view point. In regards to the fans I think it is a bit elitist of me to suggest they should know better, but I just wish they did..

  • truthbtold

    He’s going to get smashed and he knows it. He just wants a few big paydays before he gets put to sleep…