Vitor Belfort Passes Nov. 1 Random Drug Test Ahead of UFC 184

November 20, 2014
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Vitor Belfort has cleared the first of what is likely to be several hurdles leading up to his UFC 184 title challenge of middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

At the behest of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Belfort was given a random drug test on Nov. 1, which included both blood and urine specimens. NAC executive director Bob Bennett confirmed the test and its results to on Thursday, following an initial report by ESPN.

Belfort tested negative for all banned substances and his blood serum testosterone levels were within normal range, according to Bennett.

Belfort and Weidman are scheduled to headline UFC 184 on Feb. 28 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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Chris-Weidman-Vitor-Belfort-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-Face-Off-5838The fight, however, has been nearly a year in the making. It was first scheduled for May in Las Vegas, but delayed when Belfort felt he needed more time to come in line with Nevada’s decision to end testosterone replacement therapy exemptions. Belfort had been one of the fighters utilizing the therapy.

He had tested positive for an elevated testosterone-to-epitesterone ratio in a February random drug screen, while still utilizing the TRT regimen. Belfort has also tested positive for steroids on a prior occasion in Nevada.

The fight with Weidman appeared to be on track for UFC 181 on Dec. 6 with Belfort getting approved for a license in Nevada with the stipulation that he would submit to and pay for any and all testing requested by the state’s commission.

Weidman, however, suffered a broken hand in the lead-up, so the bout was rescheduled for UFC 184 in late February. With the move to Los Angeles, Belfort still had to agree to any testing requested by Nevada, plus, he must also submit to any testing required at the request of the California State Athletic Commission.

So there is a strong likelihood that there will be more random drug testing for Belfort in the next three months.

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  • PrideMMA

    I doubt he will pass all of his drug tests, and if he does he would most likely look horrible in his fight. IDK why Wanderlei was banned when you have someone like Vitor who can still compete. I may get a lot of heat for saying that but Wanderlei’s trt and steroids talk is just talk he has never tested positive(its a he said she said situation). Vitor, Chael, Marquardt, Overeem, Cyborg, etc have tested positive(proven with a test). The NSAC is useless and corrupt. They also say tests cost 35k and up each time they test. That’s full of shit. Each fighter should get tested before and after every fight. Just voicing my opinion. Would love to hear thoughts on how to improve this.

    • Seth

      First – yes, he most likely won’t pass each test and he will look horrible no matter how many tests they put in front of him.

      Wandarlei was jacked up his entire career pretty much. Remember, PRIDE had clause “We do not test for steroids” in their contracts, so PRIDE was not only fake but also free-for-all when it comes to roids and PEDs.

      How to improve it? Its easy. First failed test, one year suspension. Second failed test, ban for life. Easy way to make sure no one will try to abuse the system – or if they try, they will be really punished. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes – but if you do same mistake again, that’s not “mistake”.

      And how do you know how much testing costs? .-.

      • PrideMMA

        That’s the first post I found thats from a good source. It saids for ncaa testing it costs about 250 to 300 and they also do wada or vada whatever it is testing. I do like the 1 year suspension then a ban for life. Especially if its on paper and not a case by case basis which it currently is now.

        • Seth

          Tets itself may cost like that. But remember, you don’t pay only for that. Let’s take for example Wandarlei’s test – not picking up “bad guys” here, just the first guy that came up to my mind, fitting what I want to say. So, let’s say Wandarlei is expected to fight in Las Vegas. So he will be tested by Nevada State AC. But he trains in Brazil – so someone from NSAC has to fly over to Brazil to take the samples from him. Someone who is on NSACs payroll. That person doesn’t pay for the travel, NSAC pays for it – as its part of their work. All expenses of that trip (hotel etc) is also on NSAC. Then trip to laboratory with samples and payment for testing.

          Now, I don’t know if all of those costs are so high as 35k/person, but I can easily see it being expensive – since you have average of 20 fighters on the card, mostly training and living all over the country or – some of them at least – ouside of US. So it’s not only amount for test itself, but all the costs AC has to pay for it.

          Now, if you are UFC and you hire 3rd party company (non related to either UFC or AC) to do testing for you – that’s what that company does to make profit. So they will charge not only costs of operation (travels, test costs etc) but also, will charge for doing those test for you – same as any other company will charge you for doing something for you. That’s where those costs come from and if we speak about hirinf 3rd party company doing testing, I wouldn’t be suprise with high costs of that. Every company looks to make as much money as possible, right?

          • PrideMMA

            Good rebuttal. That’s definitely something I overlooked. For the most part though tests are done in the state its sanctioned by because tests are generally right before and after a fight. Now their trying to do it during training camp which is awesome. So with the new way I can see some tests being pretty expensive as you described.

      • JJDNB

        Wanderlei was jacked his entire career?
        Proof please?

        • Seth

          Yeah…because with clause “We do not test for steroids” he was clean in PRIDE. Also, Fedor, Cro Cop and other of those top pro-wrestlers were clean in an organization ran by mafia.

          Also he ran away from drug testing as soon as his old, broken body allowed him because he was clean. Makes sense, right?

          • JJDNB

            I live in the Americs where alcohol is legal. I don’t drink alcohol. Does me living in America make me an alcoholic?

            A police officer was giving my friends and I a hard time when I was in high school. He claimed we were drunk. Asked us to take breathlizer, we refused. We were not drunk or drinking(ever)Does that make us drunk?

            So simply put, wanderlei HAS NEVER FAILED A DRUG TEST IN COMPETITION.
            Facts are fact, sorry to burst your little bubble.

          • Seth

            You seriously want to compare those two? Its idiotic. First of all, your paycheck didn’t depend on you drinking alochol, right? You see fighters now (when they are tested and punished for it) taking PED and roids, trying to do whatever they can to win and make money. Do you SERIOUSLY believe that they didn’t do it while they weren’t tested (which pretty much makes it legal to use them)?

          • JJDNB

            Again, show me the proof.

    • JJDNB

      Totally agree with you. All those cheaters got a slap on the wrist and wanderlei get the death penalty. But Wanderlei has a bad habit of going all beastly when he gets upset. He should use more tact. Maybe he’d be getting an ESPN job instead of making stupid videos badmouthing everyone.

  • Seth

    “Random” drug “test”.

  • Denny Swain

    Search for a masking agent ?

  • Jason Priest

    Good for Vitor. Can’t wait for this fight.

  • Shizmaniz

    I seariously doubt they tested for EPO and HGH in a random test. because its so expensive, they typically reserve those test for pre or post fight.

  • ajone

    I’m sure if Lance can get away w/epo, hgh and testosterone(fast clearing one) right under WADA’s nose, Vitor can dodge these drug tests…