Vitor Belfort Not Likely to Get a Rematch with Anderson Silva

July 4, 2013
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Vitor BelfortUFC middleweight contender and former light heavyweight titleholder Vitor Belfort recently stated that he wants to face the UFC 162 winner between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. His only loss in the middleweight division is to Silva, but he likely won’t be getting a rematch.

“The hard position that Vitor is in is when you talk about a rematch for him. (Silva) went out and kicks him in the face in the first 60 seconds for one of the most devastating knockouts of all time,” said UFC president Dana White following the UFC 162 pre-fight press conference on Thursday.

“So when you go back to Anderson Silva, who is in the twilight of his career, and you say to a guy like Anderson, what about Vitor? ‘I annihilated Vitor.  I got other fights that I wanna fight.’ You talk about his legacy and his this and his that. Those are tough fights to make,” added White.

Belfort and Silva fought in the UFC 126 main event on Feb. 5, 2011.  Silva delivered a front kick to Belfort’s face that knocked the challenger down.  He finished with follow up strikes on the ground midway through the opening round.

“I’m not saying that Vitor couldn’t get the next shot, or couldn’t get a shot soon, but if you’re Anderson Silva… ‘I wanna fight (Georges St-Pierre) or Jon Jones or somebody different,’ said White. “You could make a better argument that Dan Henderson should get the next shot. He hasn’t looked impressive and he hasn’t won, but (Silva) didn’t beat him as bad as he did Vitor.”

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  • Madmmax

    The only thing that made sense here was the mentioning of a possible fight with Jones. Belfort got “caught” in their first match and we never really got to see a fight. Besides Jones, he is the most deserving of the fight. We saw Cain Valezquez get caught early by Dos Santos and look what happened at the rematch. Same potential here.

    • John Bunch

      Excellent point!

    • BobGyro

      yes Dana excellent point

    • bajafox

      Why isn’t this comment at the top? I could have skipped reading the rest…

    • JDMMA

      Seriously? you need to go back and watch that fight again,,,
      Jones took Vitor down and controlled him the whole time, Vitor had a fighter’s
      chance … if they fight again,,, Jones will submit him in 1st round guaranteed

      • Madmmax

        True. But not talking about rematch with Jones. He had no business being in that fight. We’re talking about getting rematch with Silva

  • Tom Jolley

    White. “You could make a better argument that Dan Henderson should get
    the next shot. He hasn’t looked impressive and he hasn’t won, but
    (Silva) didn’t beat him as bad as he did Vitor.” Wow what a dumb statement. Unless there is a super fight it is complete bullsh!t if Vitor doesn’t get the rematch.

    • John Bunch

      I agree Vitor should get Silva next if there is no Jones fight. But I always thought Hendo should have gotten one more crack at Silva…just didn’t happen for whatever reason and it’s way too late now.

    • Seth

      Fanboy was burned? anyone has aloe vera for that kid?

      wasn’t kicked to the face with one of the basic kicks known to martial
      arts where at that level of competition. As much as I like Vitor and as
      much as I respect him, I wouldn’t pay for that rematch. Hard to say that
      he is impressive as of late, thou it’s also hard to tell how much of
      his recent accomplishment was caused by TRT – that affects his fights,
      no matter if in low % or high %, it still affects it. When it comes to
      TRT I have same opinion as Dana has – If you have to use TRT, you are
      too old to fight. Just retire and go down the history as one of the big
      guys that helped to build UFC and MMA.

  • I can’t think of anyone else who’s more deserving of a rematch then Vitor. He may have lost in the first round by devastating fashion but he’s pretty much wrecked everyone else he’s fought since. Maybe the winner of Munoz/Boetsch can take him on to keep him busy. That’s pretty rough when Urijah Faber had received 5 title shots since losing his belt.

  • izzy

    Y not Vitor vs Dan Henderson winner getz the next Crack at Silva.

    • bajafox

      Best idea yet

  • Baller31

    I think Henderson is more deserving of a rematch. His last two losses were split decisions that very easily could have been wins. He beat Anderson Silva the first round of their fight, which is a lot more than Belfort did. Heck, he beat Belfort. And Belfort’s two knockouts certainly weren’t against the same level of competition as Hendo has been facing…we all saw what Hendo did to Bisping. I agree with Dana that there is no incentive for Silva to choose to fight Belfort over a new opponent, maybe in the LHW class.

  • Mike

    The two people Belfort has beaten recently are Bisping and Rockhold. Both are not top contenders. Let him fight the loser of silva vs weidman. If he wins that, he is 100% deserved of a shot.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I hate Bisping, but he has been a top ten fighter for years! Luke was the last Strikeforce champ. I would call that a top contender.

  • The Best Eva

    So stupid, Dana spends a butt load of time pumping up Bisping and even Rockhold a bit and then Vitor runs through both of them and he’s not the #3 guy? Come on.


    Give him the winner of Souza & Okami or Costas Philippou, but not in Brazil !

  • jbroce

    how is that annihilating??? He got one kick in and it connected. Its not like he went out and dominated him for 5 rounds, or even 3 rounds, or even 1 round! He got a lucky kick and now he knows he cant get lucky like that again. I guess Cain Velasquez should have NEVER gotten a title shot again either huh? Such BS.