“Vitor Belfort is Gonna Have to Wait; Anderson Silva is Getting the Rematch” — Dana White

July 14, 2013
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Vitor Belfort at UFC 126Vitor Belfort began campaigning for a shot at the winner of the UFC 162 main event championship battle between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman well before Weidman pulled off the upset on July 6 in Las Vegas.

He’s been tweeting. He’s been texting UFC president Dana White. He’s been pleading his case to anyone and everyone that would listen.

And after Weidman won, he stepped up his lobbying efforts.

“@ChrisWeidmanUFC Congratulations, you are the new champion,” he tweeted immediately after the fight. “Next challenger is me!”

Belfort lost to Anderson Silva at UFC 126 in August of 2011, but has been stellar ever since, save for an unexpected shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, whom he nearly upset via armbar at UFC 152.

Outside of the losses to Silva and Jones, Belfort hasn’t lost to another fighter since Dan Henderson in 2006. In his two fights since losing to Jones, he knocked out Michael Bisping and outgoing Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold, two of the top middleweight contenders.

White, however, on Saturday announced that Silva and Weidman had signed bout agreements to meet in a rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

Even before that, the company president was steadfast that Belfort was going to have to wait for another shot at the belt.

“Anderson Silva has gone undefeated since 2006. He’s beat everybody and held the title. He deserved the rematch before he even fought (Weidman),” explained White following the UFC 162 post-fight press conference.

“Vitor is just gonna have to wait. He’s not getting the rematch,” he continued.

“He can text, he can tweet, he can write (expletive) letters, he can call his congressman. He can do whatever he wants to do; he’s gonna have to wait. Anderson Silva is getting the rematch.”

And so it came to fruition on Saturday when White announced the rematch, and Anderson Silva put out a message of his own confirming the fight, saying, “I back, trust me, I back.”

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  • Now I like Vitor the guy is a beast but if you think about it he has only won two fights in a row since losing to Silva then get a title shot at Jones, lost that fight, then won another two fights and want’s a title shot again. I mean Bisping is a nice victory to have, especially finishing the guy but maybe he should take another fight while he waits. I’d like to see him fight Costa Phillippou cause that guy is tough.

    • And the guy is on a 5 fight win streak, where’s his title shot? 😉

      • Mark McDowall

        I’d like to see Vitor fight in the US without a TRT exemption. See if he really is the beast that he has shown. I know that Vitor is a gym rat but he has been yolked his last couple fights but we will see.

        If I was Dana I would say that his next fight has to be in California against the winner of Bisping/Munoz…winner gets a title shot. See how quick he is to call out Weidman then…

        • ViTRTor Belfort? 😉 j/k I understand where you and many fans are coming from but if he gets medical clearance from the commission there’s nothing anyone can do. I don’t even know if Dana has an issue with him on that TRT. I like Vitor but I don’t like guys on TRT who have failed for legit steroids in the past. If you never failed for PED’s in the past and are on TRT like Dan Henderson then I can be somewhat okay with that. But I do believe hard training and skill won Vitor his fights with Bisping and Rockhold.

          • Mark McDowall

            I think you hit the nail on the head there. I think the reason that Vitor wont get pushed to the top again is because he has popped for steroids twice before. Fact are facts…one of the most common uses for TRT is to counteract previous steroid use/abuse. Dana and the UFC don’t want a champion that is always going to have that monkey on his back. Plus if Vitor says he doesn’t need it then he will fight anyone anywhere.

            Also I remember reading a couple places that Vitor got his TRT prescription from his kids pediatrician…just sayin…thats pretty shifty!

        • tyrone

          Vitor is abusing trt, hes doing way too much, thats why he has roid rage at weighins. He never acted like that til the trt. Hes a cheater

      • BobLemons

        I’d like to see Philippou against Bisping a lot, I think their striking matches up very well and Philippou needs to beat a Bisping or Belfort level guy to truly be a contender.

        • You are 100% right. I love the way they use their footwork. They are both great kickboxers. That match would be way better then Munoz vs Bisping, no offense to Munoz. I like the way you think please follow me on facebook and twitter. I love talking fights with everybody on here.

          • Raymond Gonzalez

            I really don’t understand why TRT is even an issue. You lose testosterone as you get older. That’s just part of being alive and being a male human being. That’s just the nature of the beast. I don’t think it’s fair to artificially extend one’s career through replacing hormones (especially if they were prematurely depleted from steroid use). Guys past their physical prime are simply that: past their prime. Why are guys in their late 30’s thinking they can keep up with guys in their 20’s? That seems a little delusional. TRT is a cop-out. Only a rare individual like Anderson Silva or Randy Couture can hang at that level at an advanced (for the sport of MMA) age.

            As far as this article goes, Dana is right. Anderson earned the rematch before the fight even started. Let Munoz and Vitor fight and the winner gets the loser of Weidman/Silva II. That would be fair.

          • I was always for Belfort/Weidman as #1 contender. The TRT usage is such a delicate debate. As long as the commission allows it then I guess there’s not much to say.

          • Raymond Gonzalez

            Yeah, I see your point, but the whole thing seems like a lame attempt for sports promotions to milk viable commodities for as long as possible without concern for their safety or health of the athletes after the TRT stops. Their bodies will stop making natural testosterone since it’s being injected. If they stop the treatment, there’s all kinds of risks like testicular cancer and heightened levels of epitestosterone and estrogen. It’s no bueno. Anyone who is for the treatment really needs to look up the side effects. If we care about these guys, we shouldn’t let them do it. It’s the compassionate thing to do. I’m just sayin’. We the fans control the athletic commisssion, not the other way around. I dig your insights, though. It’s refreshing to have someone on here that isn’t a narrow-minded douche that says “winning” or “being effective” or something racist or homophobic as an answer to every single question. Peace, brother.

          • I appreciate your response and look forward to continue talking fights with you. Please be sure to follow me on fbook and twitter.

          • Jimmy Burn

            i thought the commission banned it now cos it can be used as a masking agent for other stuff? btw im a bit of an mma noob, still learning and catching up on stuff, but i LOVE IT!

    • julian moran

      A win over Costa Phillippou does nothing for Vitor.

      Costa Phillippou does not have the name/fan following/hype behind him.

      • That is true, but since Vitor has stopped Bisping and Munoz is fighting Bisping, I can’t think of anyone else to keep him busy. Okami is busy. Anyone you have in mind? He has a lot of time on his hands, I wouldn’t want to see him set in the shelf until the Silva/Weidman rematch then some.

        • Raymond Gonzalez


          • Raymond Gonzalez

            Or a MW Machida,

    • Marcus Miles

      He beat Anthony Johnson even though it was a catch weight, it was supposed to be at 185, he beat Akiyama before that, lost to jones, then won those two you mentioned in a row. If you think about it, at 185 he won 4 straight with the loss to jones in the middle at a different LEGIT weight class. Anthony Johnson was a 185 guy that couldnt make weight at that time and that was AJ’s devision when their fight took place and Anthony Johnson was a ranked fighter in the top ten as well. I think he deserves another crack at the belt but he will probably fight again before hand. Who do you think he should fight at 185 in the mean time, Jacare??

      • I have very high hopes for both Jacare and Tim Kennedy. Jacare however is fighting Okami. So I don’t really know who can keep Vitor busy with a “makes sense” match up.

        • Marcus Miles

          I dont think anything will “make perfect sense” for vitor at the moment since he is number three and he would have to fight someone below him. I am sure something will end up happening in the next few months where Vitor will step in for someone to keep busy. He is in a tight spot.

          • I really hope he doesn’t sit around. Not just because of ring rust but because I love watching the guy fight!

        • Raymond Gonzalez

          I’d love to see Machida vs. Belfort

      • Raymond Gonzalez

        Or Rockhold. He got caught with a hail mary move, badass and highlight-reeley as it was.


    HA HA HA, Make the Mousasi fight happen!

    • Raymond Gonzalez

      That makes a ton of sense. Mousasi needs a breakthrough fight. He’s a f****** beast.

  • Juniorbra

    That’s sucks , I think Vitor the way his been fighting he will destroy both. I’m just saying.

  • Informed One

    Vitor desperately wants to fight AS, bc if he wins (which I think he has a shot), he will be the champ and the champ usually gets home field advantage. That means he can defend his belt in Brazil, which means he gets to stay on the juice. I hope Weidman beats Silva again so we can see Vitor fight in america without TRT. If Silva wins the rematch, which I doubt, Vitor gets next crack and that will prove nothing. I love watching exciting fighters, but I hate cheaters. Chris seems like a standup guy that our kids can emulate. I don’t want a guy who takes chemicals to be a champion. Champion represents the best, that should not be tainted with enhancement.

    • Jimmy Burn

      um, no

  • solo

    Vitor is really pushing this. if i were in his place i would wait

  • tyrone

    Vitor is ducking mousasi, with good reason

  • Fred

    Funny how Anderson Silva gets an immediate rematch but EVERYONE else has to fight their way back up the ladder, nice playing favorites Dana, reflects real good upon your other fighters I’m sure. And I don’t care if he was champ for a long time he should still be treated like everyone else and have to win 2 or 3 fights before getting another title shot.

  • Guest

    Okay, the fact that Silva is getting a title shot right after being popped disgusts me. I’m one of the few usually giving Dana and the UFC the benefit of the doubt, but this is just plain wrong.

  • Guest

    Yeah I think you missed the part where it shows that this article is from july 2013 bud