Vitor Belfort Fully Intends to be on TRT When He Challenges Chris Weidman for UFC Championship

January 22, 2014
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Vitor Belfort UFC 156

Much has been made about whether or not top middleweight challenger Vitor Belfort would be allowed to remain on his testosterone replacement therapy regimen for his upcoming fight with UFC champion Chris Weidman.

Belfort on Wednesday told UFC Tonight that he fully intends to be on TRT when he meets Weidman. In fact, he says it is medically necessary.

Part of the reason there is so much chatter about whether or not Belfort will be allowed to employ TRT for the fight is due to the UFC’s intent for the fight to occur in Las Vegas, a place where Belfort has been suspended for a performance-enhancing substance violation in the past.

Outgoing Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer at one point said he didn’t think it was likely that the commission would grant Belfort a therapeutic use exemption for TRT because of his past indiscretions.

Muddying the waters a bit was UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani’s assertion that Belfort’s manager, Glenn Robinson, told him on The MMA Hour on Monday that Belfort wouldn’t be applying for a TUE.

Belfort, however, told UFC Tonight that was not accurate. He explained his use of TRT is a necessary medically prescribed treatment and that he fully intends to apply for a TUE when he fights Weidman, regardless of where it takes place.

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  • Pablo Vasquez Jr.

    needs the juice!!!

  • Big Tuna

    That among other juices…he is a terrible sportsman and a fraud! Is hate to see a champ like him

    • Manuel Lopez

      What are you talking about? Don’t hate man. And yes, Weidman will beat Belfort…and guess what, he will out class him, and knock him out. You heard it here first 🙂

  • fsunoles10

    sounds like you harbor some serious resentment towards weidman for whipping up on silva bud, why is that?

    • Azad Ibrahimov

      Silva’s nuthugger, perhaps?

      • fsunoles10

        yeah but i want him to say that. haha

  • Maddawgmar

    Yeah because he can’t handle a champion caliber fighter without some sort of aid. If the NSAC grants the exemption, they are officially the worst commission ever.

  • fsunoles10

    im a big belfort fan but he looked like he was abusing his trt exemption in his hendo fight, vitor had muscles on top of muscles that were not quite there before. that being said if he comes into this fight looking similar i dont know how you dont pick belfort, he has looked absolutely terrifying as of late.

  • Ricky Chambers

    Another Ariel nosedive. TRT is a good smoke-screen for roid use, but I’m not sure it’s a particularly good PED

  • Austin, TX

    Why can this be allowed? It is blatant abuse with him.


    if vitor juicing weidmans tittle rain may be over vitor second knock out

  • wow IF for some strange reason he beats weidman and is crowned champion the TRT debate will surely explode, and i cant wait IF that happens to hear how dana white is going to justify TRT and him as champion. Part of me would want him to win just to have something to read at work hahah

  • tim

    My biggest problem with the whole TRT issue is that guys are saying it makes an even playing field for both fighters. When in reality all it is doing is giving older guys with experience the energy of a younger fighter. But I doesn’t give the younger fighter the knowledge and experience of the older fighter, so how is that fair to the younger guy?

    • earlsimmons

      let me guess your a democrat? Everything has to be even and fair, no winners or losers. Life isnt fair bro and people deal with it.

      • Dar Rearick

        ur a retard its called cheating

      • TheCerealKiller

        Exactly! Sorry Vitor, life isn’t fair.


        Let me guess your a racist oh I mean republican. Politics has nothing to do with weather or not u believe it’s cheating or not so don’t be an IDIOT

      • archaictext


    • archaictext

      Good point.

  • Dan

    I sure hope Nevada disallows the TRT exemption…once you test positive for going beyond TRT levels, that should be the end of your ability to get the exemption.

  • TheCerealKiller

    There should be a rule; No TRT for championship fights! Just like no one pound over allowed.

  • taylor2008

    THat wont happen. Weidman put a beating on Silva in 2 fights and now he will beat Vitor.

    • earlsimmons

      yes thats perfect logic he beat silva therefore he can beat any other fighter on the face of the earth…..

      • taylor2008

        Did I say he beat Silva therefore he can beat any other fighter oon earth? Oh right I didnt….you said that. Vitor without steriods is not going to beat Weidman. Weidman is a very well rounded fighter. Fantastic wrestleing along with a brown or black belt in jitz. If Sonnen had better Jitz skills he would have beat Silva.
        Anyone can beat anyone at any time with a well placed punch, kick or submission…I am just saying Weidman is a very strong grappler with smart stand up skills. Never said he can beat every other fighter. Dont put words in peoples mouths.


          Weidman beat the best ever twice and is currently the scariest dude on the planet. He is on a run that won’t be ended be vitor or anyone else currently fighting anywhere. It’s gona take sum young phenom that’s comes along in a couple years

  • Mike mckinney

    If Vitor has a doctor telling him he should have TRT, then he should. Reguardless of what “fans,” the commissions, or the UFC has to say about it.
    What will be interesting is if a commission says he can’t fight. If that occurs then he shouldn’t. I’d hate to see him retire that way, but that should be it. If nsac won’t clear him that will put the UFC in the spotlight. If they take him elsewhere that will bring a ton of attention to the matter.
    Truth is the nsac should, and likely will clear him. It could get interesting though.

    • Mark McDowall

      Your right. If he needs it medically then yes he should be allowed it. Problem is, the second most common reason TRT is prescribed is for previous steroid abuse…something which Vitor was busted for before. The only person in the UFC that NEEDS TRT is Bigfoot because of his previous pituitary tumors.

      The commission wont say he can’t fight, they will just say he can’t fight with a TRT exemption. It will be very interesting to see what happens when/if he is denied. Especially since his first bust for PED’s was in Nevada.

  • iekfnf

    If TRT is the reason he’s winning then by that logic Dan Henderson should’ve won all his fights. TRT doesn’t give talent. If that were the case bonner would’ve disposed Anderson Silva. If he really does have low testosterone he would be at a great disadvantage without it . Below normal levels(which he does have) will make him tired and sluggish before the fight even starts. Remember this guy has been fighting since he was 18. Repeated blows to the head has correlation to low production of testosterone. As long as he is within normal limits he is on fair playing ground. It doesnt make him superman. Give the man credit, he trains hard. I think vitor is just finally putting it all together.

    • Rick w

      I agree vitor has always been good. But mentally he wasn’t always there and it effected his performance. Plus 185 is where he belongs. Not 205. He’s always did great things.

    • macarrech

      Repeated blows to the head has correlation to low production of testosterone? What about years of abusing testosterone being the culprit in his now low T levels.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    For the TRT apologists, please explain why a professional athlete should be allowed to take something that allows them to increase their T levels and not have it considered cheating or a PED. For those that cling to the “A Dr. said he needed it” excuse, try googling doctors, steroids, athletes and let me know what you find. Dr.’s prescribing unnecessary “treatments” to athletes isn’t anything new…wake up

    • BobLemons

      TRT exemptions allow them to increase their T levels to the normal range, not above it.

      The issue is that they have low T levels because of past steroid abuse.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    The amount of professional athletes with erectile dysfunction and ADHD these days is amazing. A real epidemic.

  • Jon Doe

    i wonder if people know that you can artificially lower your testosterone. you can actually deplete it almost entirely. ask a tranny, they can confirm this. 😉

  • michigan love

    Belfort isn’t taking trt to get a hard on. He’s taking trt because it makes him stronger physically and a mental monster to deal with in the ring. As someone who has personal experience using testosterone, synthetic trt gives you unbelievable strength, almost immediately. I’m talking going from benching 225 to 325 in just a few days. Huge gains all at once. TRT is no joke, and an athlete like Belfort is a dangerous guy when he’s not on TRT, you put TRT in his system and all of a sudden he’s knocked 3 solid contenders cold, this guy is a deadly weapon on TRT. Now don’t get me wrong, I like seeing this guy on TRT because he’s a vicious psycho, but Weidman doesn’t deserve to have to enter the ring with someone whose pumped up on a genetic altering steroid substance. At some point the UFC needs to put the ban to TRT and any other legal or illegal performance drugs.

    • BobLemons

      First of all TRT is the name of the process, Testosterone Replacement Therapy. You only put the first T in your system. You comment makes me question your “personal experience”.

      Now, I have used steroids. I used a mixture of Testosterone Decancate, Testorsterone Proprinate and Testosterone Enanthate to be precise. As for the “unbelievable strength”, that never happened, the gain is minimal. High testosterone levels allow muscle to build bigger and faster post-workout, it also helps the muscle to recover much faster, allowing you to lift and build more often. The 225 to 325 in a few days is absolute rubbish. It took me 3 months to gain 22lbs of lean muscle.

      Whether it’s permitted TRT of shooting trembalone in your ass in the locker room, the benefits are reaped while training. Using the juice allows you to become bigger and stronger over time, it’s not a super mario magic mushroom that turns you into a monster on fight night.

      With that in mind, any athlete can use steroids any time of the year and get stronger while cycling off in time for the fight. With TRT, it’s managed by doctors so that your testosterone level is the same as any normal man, giving no advantage. It’s the abuse outside of sanctioned TRT that should be concerning people. This whole TRT issue is moot.

    • Big Guy

      You are trippin, or trollin.. I dont know what kind of super alien test you got, but NO ONE has EVER put 100lbs on their bench press in a couple days. I’m a professional athlete, and I just came off a 12 week cycle (serious dosage, not weak TRT dosages) and i only put 25 lbs on my bench.. This aint my first rodeo either

      • jack meoff

        Hook me up bro

  • Mark McDowall

    Vitor can intend on being on TRT for the fight all he likes…but if the commission says no then he’s screwed. I think if they say no then they should test him throughout his entire camp. Because he could be taking it during camp then just come down for fight time. And if he thinks he is slick and trys that then win loose or draw he will pop for elevated levels and get suspended.

    My dad has to take T because he has low levels. And you can tell when he is running low because he turns in to a couch potato who doesn’t want to do anything. But that first few days after he gets a top up he is a totally different man. But my dad is 67…Vitor is what…38?? Could you imagine what that has to do to him?? I think, especially in a title fight, it should not be allowed at all.

  • Kyle Reusch

    If you look at Vitor a couple years ago he was actually kinda flabby….. Now he is ripped like he’s 18 yrs old again. It is cheating… plain and simple. If you “need” trt then you should not be fighting to begin with.

  • Vitor is a known cheater. Despicable.

    Ban from the sport, please.

  • bajafox

    Still blows my mind that athletes are allowed to use synthetic drugs but can’t smoke a joint

  • midgetslayer

    legalize it all- its the only fair way- end the war on drugs too- cancel all foreign aid- then we are a free society

  • The Best Eva

    I hope he doesn’t get it, I want to see how he fights without it.