Vitor Belfort Embarrassed by Silva/Sonnen Brawl, Calls it Unacceptable in MMA

April 16, 2014
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Vitor Belfort at UFC 126The animosity between The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen came to a head on the most recent episode of the show with the two coaches coming to blows and one of Silva’s assistant coaches attacking Sonnen from behind during the melee.

The friction largely stems from Sonnen’s past comments disparaging former champion Anderson Silva and Brazil. Wanderlei Silva, as a proud Brazilian, let it boil to the point that he confronted Sonnen during filming of the reality series.

Also a proud Brazilian, UFC middleweight contender Vitor Belfort, however, did not condone the actions of Silva and Sonnen on the show. In fact, Belfort said he was “embarrassed” by their actions.

Citing the examples of his childhood sports heroes, Belfort believes that he and other athletes carry a responsibility to be disciplined and respectful in their actions, two things that weren’t implemented to much effect when Silva and Sonnen cames to blows, and Andre Dida pummeled Sonnen from behind.

“The fight between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen on TUF Brasil embarrassed me,” wrote Belfort in a post to Twitter and Facebook. “First of all because MMA is not a brawl, it’s a fight between two prepared people inside of an octagon. And that is what I do; I don’t brawl, I fight.

“Second of all, there’s no room in a sport like MMA to accept this kind of behavior when the sport itself has clear rules for unsportsmanlike conduct both inside and outside of the octagon.”

Belfort’s objections to the Silva/Sonnen brawl went well beyond the sport though. Beyond how it effects the sport, Belfort also pointed back to setting an example for those that will never set foot in a cage in a sporting atmosphere.

The actions of Silva and Sonnen are a prime example of the bullying that goes on in everyday life, and that is not something that Belfort wants to condone, nor does he expect his peers to condone it, which is what happened when the fight went down with cameras rolling and on display for the world to see.

“Third and most important, MMA should never influence behaviors where a discussion ends up in aggression as if that is an adequate standard,” he said. “Millions of young men and women suffer violence on a regular basis, and television should not promote this kind of behavior as something acceptable, and athletes should resent any violent attitude regardless of any provocation.

“MMA fighters should urgently be aware that their behavior both inside and outside of the octagon may influence millions of people for the good or for the bad. I chose to influence people for the good and that is also the path that MMA chose to trail. Anything aside from that is no longer MMA, it is a brawl and that definitely does not represent me.”

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  • Usmc8408

    Vitor needs to just keep his pie hole shut about everything right now and stay out of the spotlight. Embarrassing is him pulling out of a title fight because he can’t “juice” anymore.

    • TheCerealKiller

      You know he was pressured out by Lorenzo, right? They didn’t know if he could cycle off the TRT, get a license and still perform in time.

      • MuayThaiFood

        What’s a hater going to do but hate?

    • Budgiecat

      Nothing he said here was incorrect.

      You’re just mad at who said it….

      • joe

        Vitor saying that is like a murderer telling a rapists he is wrong for his crime…2 fighters get into a scuffle and its big news lol…they are FN fighters…yeah they should be “professional” but same time they are competitors. Belfort is a competitor too but only when he is on riods. F trt. That is just medicine for old dudes…Vitor does legit juice….u can see it, look at him in his ufc return…then look at him in the past 3 fights allllllll in Brazil and u can tell he isn’t taking scripts, but the lance Armstrong s–t.

  • BigG

    Vitor really should try to focus on new ways to cheat instead of worrying about others. The guy is a f–king tool!

    • This is an ad hom attack. Either address his premise, or concede that he is correct (which you sorta already did through omission). Logic.

  • Gary Fredericks

    If I were Vitor, I’d be more worried about my secret piss test results I’m trying to hide from than some duffuss HAS BEEN named Wanderlei Silva and his gang banger wannabe antics.

    ….coconut headed monkeys….both of them.

  • Evan J

    Says the dude that can’t fight because TRT’s been banned!

  • Raphael Mastro

    Love him or hate him, he’s right.

  • candelario

    I love how some people can’t see past the TRT issue, and dialog about the embarrassing altercation…..”unsportsmanlike conduct both inside and outside of the octagon.” …. I guess his words flew in one ear and out the other

    • joe

      Belfort is just trying to gain respect. for his controversies. Personally, in this business I am surprised guy who dislike each other don’t have more incident similar. I don’t think it is positive, but I don’t think it is negative either. I mean guys in NFL get into fights with teammates, what is the surprise when fighters get into it. Not a big deal. Still, this TUF bs I think is set up. Not the fighters…but the coaches BS like this…shamrock Ortiz…and the one where I forget who but the coach punched the door and not only put a hole in the door but the damn thing fell off the hinges…I mean common lol what a joke.

  • Mr. Pena

    Why do you blame Sonnen since the fight was totally provoked and started by Silva? Silva is one of my favourite fighters (still), but still was totally pathetic of him. And do not appeal to Sonnen’s promoting his Fights with Anderson. And that is between them anyway. And I don’t want to even start commenting about this pathetic Dida guy – except that that is the behaviour of a coward who does not have what it takes to step into the ring and go 1-on-1 against anyone.