Vitor Belfort Declines Any UFC Non-Title Fight at Middleweight; Dana White Offers Rashad Evans

July 31, 2013
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Vitor Belfort at UFC 126UFC president Dana White had plans for Vitor Belfort to square off with Tim Kennedy, but it looks like those plans have gone awry.

Belfort recently declined the offer to fight Kennedy, his wife and manager Joana Prado telling that Belfort is the top contender at middleweight, so it made no sense for him to fight anyone at 185 pounds other than the champion.

Belfort is coming off of back-to-back, highlihgt reel knockout victories over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold, which he believes puts him in the catbird seat.

Prado clarified that Belfort would fight for the UFC, even against Kennedy or anyone else, as long as it was a catchweight bout or at light heavyweight or even heavyweight. He just didn’t feel he should fight anyone at middleweight unless the belt was on the line.

That’s fine by White, who seemed to wash his hands of the matter, but not before offering an alternative and questioning Belfort’s matchmaking ideas.

“Vitor doesn’t want (the Kennedy) fight. So I said, okay, let’s do him and Rashad (Evans) then (at light heavyweight),” White said Wednesday in New York. “He wants to fight at a heavier weight, let’s do him and Rashad. I haven’t heard back on that yet.”

It’s not clear if that’s something that Belfort would even entertain, especially considering he trains alongside Evans at the Blackzilians camp in Florida. It would seem unlikely, however, as Evans helped coach Belfort for his UFC light heavyweight title challenge against Jon Jones.

Belfort has already offered his own alternative… Chael Sonnen.

White was somewhat baffled by the sense in that match-up as well.

“First of all, Vitor’s calling out Chael?” he shook his head. “Chael hasn’t even fought yet. Chael’s fighting Shogun (on Aug. 17 in Boston).

“Vitor drives me crazy man. Lorenzo can deal with Vitor, not me.”

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  • BobGyro

    Just give the man Chris Weidman or Silva after the rematch

    • Mark McDowall

      You really want to put a MW title fight in Brazil in front of hundreds of people?? Wont ever happen…

      Vitor will not get a TRT exemption in the US, alot of athletic commissions have already said they will not honor his TRT exemption due to the circumstances of how he got it.

      • kbroesq

        Man, I hope that’s true. NONE of the guys with exemptions in the UFC have them for legitimate purposes. It’s just absolutely absurd that any commission would allow Belfort to be on TRT.


    Vitor v Gegard

    • MMAFan

      White…Please you are a brilliant man we want to see Vitor fight for that title again! Give the fans what they want.

  • Whatever

    The Kennedy/Belfort fight baffled me also. A waste of a match up, only logical reason for that fight was for Kennedy to get KO’d and then cut him so the UFC doesn’t have to keep having Tim’s snooze-fest fight style on the cards.

    Mousasi/Vitor makes sense and so does a match with Okami, Jacare, or Munoz. But I’d still rather see Vitor get the winner of Weidman/Silva II.

  • Now I’am a big Vitor Belfort fan. I’ve always appreciated the guy as a martial artist, but; let’s be real people. The guy came back to the UFC, won a fight against Franklin then got a title shot and lost fair and square. The guy wins 2 fights and is accepted by the UFC to challenge Jones. He lost another title fight. He wins 2 more fights and wants a title shot again. I hate to repeat myself but I miss fighters like Chuck Liddell, who took on Babulu Sobrol a dangerous fighter, because he didn’t want to sit out, he loved to compete and he even said if he couldn’t win that fight in the meantime he didn’t deserve a title fight then anyway.

    • David

      I agree with this completely. A little off the subject but I wish Wanderlei fought Chuck after his face reconstruction because I know wanderlei is a better fighter. Wanderlei had basically done what Anderson Silva has done with mma but since it was with Pride(the best at the time) he doesn’t get te credit he deserves.

      • Very true David. Wanderlei now gets talked about likes he currently a bum and has never done anything for the sport when in face the guy is an incredible fighter, was an incredible fighter, and even after taking tons of damage, continues to fight b/c he loves the sport. Vitor will change his mind when other fighters offer to fight anyone, at anytime for the next spot.

    • laleggenda

      The problem with Vitor is his sense of entitlement. I can’t think of another non-champion who turns down fights on the basis that that fighter doesn’t deserve to fight him. The guy is an ego-maniac. Not to mention he acts like a petulant child – flash back to how he reacts to anyone who asks him completely relevant questions about TRT.

      When he came back to the UFC, he got a title shot against Anderson without having actually fought at MW (Franklin was catchweight). Three fights later, he got a title shot against Jones without having actually fought at LHW. Now he gets two wins in a row and he feels ENTITLED to another title shot, refusing anyone whom he deems beneath him? Wow! Vitor has three wins over ranked opponents in the last decade and somehow he feels he’s owed a third title shot.

      I’ve generally rooted for this guy over the years, but he’s definitely wearing thin.

      • Wow you put that very well my friend. Please follow me on fbook and twitter. I love fans like you who put it all out there and voice themselves. I don’t see Vitor being aloud to sit out for 9 months. 6 months till a fight plus a 3 month training camp.

      • Ping

        Again someone who isn’t knowledgeable. He beat Franklin the former champion, and had a very long history of success at MMA, and great name recognition. And again with him being allowed to fight Jones. IT WASN’T A FAVOR FOR HIM. HE SAVED THE UFC FIGHT CARD. people are dense.

      • Mark McDowall

        I think the reason he turns down so many fights is because he only wants to fight in brazil because of his TRT exemption.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Sorry,but everyone besides Silva and Weidman ARE beneath him at this moment in time. He’s been told that no matter what he does he won’t get Anderson again so what’s he supposed to do?The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
        He’s fought from MW to open weight class. He’s only lost once at MW and that was to the GOAT. The last two guys he beat were probably going to get title shots if they beat him, the last one being the last S/F middle weight champion. It’s not entitlement it’s frustration at being the most qualified and being passed over.
        I wouldn’t call his first fight with Silva a fluke but anyone can get caught. Look what happened to Silva and he got an immediate rematch (well deserved for past accomplishments IMO). Just because a win is decisive doesn’t mean it’s going down the same way twice.

        • kbroesq

          First of all, what matters is his attitude; not whether what he’s saying is actually true or not. He’s acting like a child..

          Second, how can anyone tell that EVERYONE besides Silva/Weidman are beneath him? Evans is beneath him? How do you know? There are a lot of fighters who match up well to Belfort. He wins two fights and all of a sudden he’s a world beater.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well forget about Rashad, he’s not a middleweight and that’s what we are talking about here.

      • toom

        My thoughts exactly ever since Vitor got on trt he’s been a huge douche. He acts like trt didn’t help him at all like people are stupid enough to believe him yeah I guess you do just get bigger faster and stronger with old age

    • Ping

      Woa Woa Woa… “The guy wins 2 fights and is accepted by the UFC to challenge Jones” This right here shows you don’t actually follow the fights. Jones had a full training camp getting ready for a fight, Belfort took the fight on very short notice to SAVE the card. Belfort did the UFC a favor, not the other way around. As for people talking about Belfort winning 2 fights and wanting a fight. The wins were against top fighters, and Belfort has been in the UFC longer than anyone currently fighting. He was winning in the UFC before Couture was fighting, before Ortiz was fighting, before Liddell was fighting and they are all retired!

      • When I said he was accepted I meant they did not have to accept his offer to fight for the belt at a higher weight. Yes he’s been around a long time which means he’s had his time, now there are several new guys to fight. I’m a Vitor fan, I just don’t like that he’s refusing to fight any non title fight while everyone else is fighting tough fights waiting to be next for a number 1 contender fight. I mean Costa P is on a 5 fight win streak. Vitor expected to Wediman right away giving no thought that Silva being the champion he was deserved an immediate title shot.

        • Ping

          I personally think Anderson getting a rematch right off the bat is a horrible idea. After getting his bell rung like that he should probably have a warm up fight up against someone like Bisping, not just thrown back in with the guy who knocked him cold. Other than Costa I don’t see anyone in the division that should be ahead of Belfort. The way the division is right now Belfort pretty much has nothing to gain by fighting anyone. He’s nearing retirement age. He wants to take fights that make sense, not high risk vs small reward fights.

          • Anderson didn’t get beat in a good fight, he got beat acting like an idiot, so him getting a rematch makes sense. If he gets beat again taking himself serious then he should have to work his way back. If Dana doesn’t want to book Vitor in a title fight then he should have never thrown him Bisping and Rockhold. Now the guy doesn’t want to fight anyone else unless its for the belt.

    • Milosc

      These were title fights in two weight classes, and the Jones fight was a personal gift [of ‘his’, to the UFC] and should count NOTHING against him

      He’s a legitimate top contender/virtual wrecking machine at 185, active hall-of-fame’r with precious time left to compete, and just mowed down two other guys talked about for title shots, themselves

      The guy has a point

      At least let him punish Chael (who I feel White is protecting from obscurity). The man deserves a red carpet

      • Good points but Chael is fighting Shogun. Why would he be calling that fight at all? Why not take on Kennedy? That’s a great fight. I don’t like this pick and choose type of attitude. Just fight. I don’t know. I’m not saying I’m not a fan of Vitor anymore, the guy is a legend and yes he did beat two top MW’s since the Jones fight but you can’t expect to sit out for 9 months.

        • jimmy

          Kennedy lost to Rockhold wouldnt that be a step down?

          • It was a close fight though, it’s not like he destroyed him but I get what your saying. I have very high hopes for both guys like Tim Kennedy and Jacare. A tough loss in SF hopefully holds neither guy back from big fights.

  • Kenny powers

    Yup just do Vitor/Mousasi at 195 since Gegards goin down to MW anyway and if Vitor wins give him AS after he gets his belt back

    • Mark McDowall

      Do it at 85 for the next title shot.

  • David

    I have lost all respect for Vitor! He thinks he deserves a shot at a title( he probably does) with only two wins in a row. That’s not what I lost respect for I lost respect for him because he’s acting like a child. He’s a fighter whom the UFC has given him more than he deserved( Jon Jones for instance). He loses every shot he gets and refuses to fight anyone else. He cheats in every fight he can(trt). I think it’s because he wants to make as much moneyhe can before he retires but still. He’s a person that thinks to much of himself.

    • rampagin

      dude vitor is a beast. I think he deserves the title shot. bisping and lukehold are big names. I think dana is a douche for throwing his friend to fight. its like he s saying “oh you. want to stand up to me here fight your teamate”

    • Rafael

      Again with this bulls*** about trt?Can’t even take you serious when you start bitching about a question that is already clarified.He’s trt level is the same of anybody else. He just replenish the trt level ’cause he has insufficiency. If you don’t like him ok, but stop saying what you don’t know about him. And also he won the last 3 fights. 2 of them was against top title contenders. Thats why Vitor deserves he’s chance. And the true about all this hate against vitor is that he’s boring with this religious talk. He always talk about it in all his answers. However, people can’t judge him because of that, it’s his way, his believes and he can’t be harmed just because he’s so.

      • Kbroesq

        You don’t know what you’re talking about. Seriously. Most athletic commissions allow testosterone levels of athletes to be at a 6:1 ratio of a normal man. The NV Athletic commission allows it to be even higher. The guys using TRT max that to the limit and take total advantage

        Second, I’m religious. It doesn’t bother me that Belfort claims to be religious or talks religion. It’s his hypocrisy. He’s basically married to a porn actress and he has no humility whatsoever.

        Finally, this isn’t an issue of ‘deserving.’ It’s an issue of acting like a child. If you had read his comment (in fact, it was in the first freaking sentence!) you would have seen that the guy said he DOES deserve a title shot.

        I don’t think any differently – It doesn’t bother me that Belfort gets a title shot. It bothers me that he acts like a little 12 year old, and it bothers me that he gets to cheat because he cheated in the past (that’s why he has low levels).

    • kbroesq

      Exactly, I don’t care about whether he deserves it or not. If he is given a title shot, it certainly wouldn’t be ridiculous, but that’s not the issue.

      I’ll use your words, because you said it best; the issue is that he’s acting like a child. Honestly, so many years of steroid abuse has turned him into an angry, hateful, Jekyll/Hyde-type personality.

      There is no one I want to see lose more than Belfort. Just a complete d*&% on every possible level.

  • Ping

    People apparently have very short memories. I keep seeing posts about how he was able to fight Jones. This wasn’t a favor for Belfort. He took the fight on short notice while Jones had a full training camp. He did it to save the card. Belfort just came off two big wins, a loss to Jones he took on short notice where he almost broke Jones arm, and took Jones to the 4th round which most fighters aren’t able to do with a full training camp, and has been fighting for the UFC for longer than Couture, Ortiz, and Liddell who have all sense retired.

  • Owen D

    People seem to think Belfort hasn’t done enough to deserve a title shot but he beat Rockhold and Bisping, two guys that are better than anybody Weidman has beaten(keep in mind I don’t consider the Silva victory even a fight), and arguably he gave Jon Jones his toughest test. Meanwhile, for some reason Weidman was #1 contender. Since Weidman got no work in that title shot, why not squeeze in a Belfort fight before the rematch with Silva? Anderson said he wanted 3 months off anyway. But 5 months for the rematch? Why not make it 8-12 months later? I figure Dana wants Weidman to still be champ for that fight that’s why he won’t give Belfort the shot. Dana hands out a title and title shots for nothing and he lies to the public’s face. Now he’s trying to put Belfort against someone he trains with, makes no sense and it looks like a decision out of spite.

  • Denny Swain

    Vitor vs mousasi.!!! Oh yea, thats right, i forgot, vitor refused to fight him as well. He must be afraid, and with good reason.

  • kbroesq

    I think of all the fighters in the UFC and MMA in general, I dislike Belfort the most. I cannot understand his cult popularity. The guy is a cheater and a complete ass. I already disliked the guy, but this story, along with his last outburst at a post fight press conference where an American journalist had the ‘audacity’ to ask him about TRT (God forbid a journalist ask him a question to which MMA fans want answers), has made me just loathe Belfort.

    Now he’s refusing to fight for anything but a title at 185 because he has two consecutive wins!? We’ve seen so many more deserving fighters in other weight divisions (as well as MW) continue fighting after streaks that were three times as long and much more impressive. Belfort just lost back-to-back title shots convincingly getting KO’d in the first round and submitted by Jones.

    This guy claims to be a Christian, but he’s one of the least humble, most arrogant people I’ve ever seen.

    Belfort is nothing by a hypocrite.


    I have no problem with Vitor fighting anybody, but lets not do it in Brazil anymore, because i think they throw out his blood & urine samples : D

  • onehitwonder

    i think it would be funny to let Kennedy skip over Victor and go for the title next. it would be like “hey you weren’t using that spot were you?”