Vitor Belfort Continues to Live His Dream at UFC 133

August 7, 2011
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After blasting through Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 133, Vitor Belfort is back on track and moving on past the loss to Anderson Silva in his last fight.

Belfort speaks very clearly about living his dream as a fighter, but not focusing on the past and only dealing with what is right now in the present.

The present for Belfort is enjoying a win and also hyping up the UFC 134 card heading to his native Brazil in just a few weeks.

  • wonggfan

    Anderson kicked him so hard that Vitor can’t differentiate dream from reality.

    I liked the dude. But he can’t beat Anderson.

  • BigGuy

    If I were Vitor I wouldn’t think about the past either. Anderson made him look ridiculous. He will never beat Anderson.

    • wonggfan

      Just look at his record! He looks impressive when he fights guys that he is a favorite against. He has extremely good form and is higly technical.

      But when he fights a fighter is is on paper equal to him…this guy chokes/wilts/gets confused.

      Yes, he looked impressive against Tank Abbot, Wanderlei (pre-Pride), Marvin Eastman (the beast man), Japanese cans (I don’t know their names), Matt Lindland, Rich Franklin, and Akiyama. All those guys were underdogs.

      But look at his losses. Randy, Saku, Liddell, Ortiz, Overeem, Hendo, Anderson. In all of those fights this guy either gets out classed or out psyched.

      • Unador

        Let’s face it. Vitor sux.
        He has to catch someone with a strike, so he can follow up with a flurry of blows. That’s his game plan, every time.
        If he can’t get in a good shot, he gets plowed.
        He’s no better than Baroni, ( Borroni?,Bouronni? Buh-row-knee )
        Fast hands, finishes in a flurry. If not, flails around until he loses. Just like VItor. And where is Boroni now? same place Vitor should be. Anywhere but here in the UFC.
        This guy has a huge amount of talent, but doesn’t implement it at all in the octagon. He’s hung up on his own striking. One single facet of a multi faceted fight.
        = bad fighter