Vitor Belfort Confirms Chris Weidman Fight Move to Los Angeles

October 26, 2014
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Recent speculation has zeroed in on injured UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman defending his belt against Vitor Belfort in February in Los Angeles.

UFC president Dana White – after Weidman’s broken hand scrapped a Dec. 6 date – indicated February was the target, and in an report on Sunday, Belfort put an actual date on the fight.

“On Feb. 28, I will be stepping inside the cage and winning this belt,” said Belfort in the report. “It’s going to be good, right after Carnival. Los Angeles is a great place, the first place I lived when I moved to the United States. It was the right place. I’m really happy with this news.”

When Los Angeles became a target, questions arose about Belfort’s recent drug testing issues in Nevada.

Belfort was originally slated to fight Weidman at UFC 173 on May 24 in Las Vegas, but withdrew from the bout citing insufficient time to safely get off of a testosterone replacement therapy regimen after the Nevada Athletic Commission banned its use in February. He was administered a random drug test on Feb. 7 by the Nevada commission and returned elevated levels of testosterone.

Belfort went before the NAC to get preliminary approval for a fight license when the bout with Weidman was rescheduled for Dec. 6 in Las Vegas. He was granted approval with the stipulation that he would undergo rigorous random drug testing.

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After Weidman was injured and the bout likely on the move to Los Angeles, questions lingered about the drug testing issue since there would be a change in regulatory jurisdiction from Nevada to California.

California State Athletic Commission Executive Director Andy Foster, however, indicated that Belfort would undergo testing in California that would be every bit as rigorous as what he would have faced in Nevada.

“The testing would be similar (to Nevada’s requirements) and Mr. Belfort would need to complete these tests as a condition of licensure,” Foster told on Thursday, while also confirming that Belfort’s testing would include both urine and blood testing.

UFC officials have yet to confirm the date or location of the fight.

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  • uncle

    Chris Negan Weidman

    • Skinit


      • uncle

        Negan from the walking dead

  • sfads

    A “similar” test? Sounds legit. Sorry Weidman, you really will be fighting a juiced up horse. Watch for the kicks.

  • Denny Swain

    Make sure to look for masking agents

    • Pick

      Nah, just look for the zipper. They’d find 2 juiced up midgets in a man suit with god-awful hair.

  • Guest

    The athletic commission is just trying to protect Chris Weidman from losing his belt to a legend.

    • Skinit

      a “legend?” Belfort is half the MAN Weidman is….stupid comment.

      • Guest

        Weidman couldn’t achieve half of what Vitor has done in his 18 year career.

      • Jason Priest

        If you don’t think Vitor is legend, you either: A). Incredibly ignorant B). A hater or C). you just started watching MMA 6 months ago. Vitor has been doing this for 15 years. He’s the former UFC and Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion and an Abu Dhabi bronze Medalist. Hilariously ironic that you would call his comment “stupid” and say Vitor isn’t a legend in the same sentence lolz.

        • Kris-tyahn

          I disagree only bc Vitor has such a spotty resume with all the PED’s he’s done. We all know he’s been on PED’s or TRT for several years. We also know the only reason Belfort was able to do what he did in his last 3 fights was b/c of TRT, not b/c of his own athletic abilty like many MMA fighters, Weidman being one of them. If he can do to Weidman what he did to his last 3 opponents, then I will give him the credit he deserves, until then, he will be the guy who excelled with TRT.
          He’s a Future HOF no doubt, but he will have an asterix next to his name, just like Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire etc..
          Guess time will tell if Vitor of the last 3 years was b/c of TRT or if it was just part of the story, though legal. See if he can do the same without it!

      • kimo-sauve

        absolutely !!!

  • High Fidelity

    As a longtime Vitor fan, I hope he gets thoroughly tested before and after this fight. He needs this win to be clean, the CSAC needs to do their part to verify this. If Belfort wins, it will be via vicious KO or nothing at all; he will not grind out a decision against Weidman. Then, if Chris is face first on the canvas before the end of the first round, wondering how the hell he got there, there will be no room for excuses!

  • Maddawgmar

    This picture upsets me… Maybe it’s the Marine in me, but the flag is not a fashion accessory… It is not supposed to be draped around the body.

    • Jason Priest

      I was in the Army and it doesn’t upset me at all. They just promoting competition. Who cares lol

      • Maddawgmar

        Yeah I understand I guess, it’s okay to disrespect a flag and wear it as a cape as long as it is promoting a competition. It’s not like thousands of people gave their lived to defend it. Why not set it on fire after to symbolize the passion for competition?

        • Jason Priest

          If that’s what you wanted to do, I wouldn’t be mad. Those people died so you or anyone could do what they wanted: Freedom of expression. It’s just a flag dude, relax.

          • Kris-tyahn

            Agreed, I have friends who fought in the war. Draping a flag around your body, with the pride these two athletes hae is almost the same thing as burning it…. pretty sure burning one’s flag is considered extremely “disrespectful”/inconsiderate/ignorant etc., though I haven’t seen two people get upset with someone (lovingly) wrapping themselves with their country’s flag around their body.
            How could “THE ALL AMERICAN” disrespect his country’s flag by showing his patriotism by going to 2nd base with it?!?
            Maddawgmar: I guess you haven’t been following Weidman much, since he’s done this for as lng as I can remember. Also, do you get upset when Americans and other Olympians do the exact same thing when they win a medal at the Olympics?!? Guess those Olympians have no respect for their country either, they’ve only spent 4-8 years minimum of their lives training and sacrificing to represent their country vs. the rest of the world.
            I think you need to lighten up a little! If they haddrawn cartoons or even stitched their own logos on the flag, then I could possibly understand people getting a little… little upset, but to wrap themselves in ther flag, like 99% of Olympians do after they win a medal. Hard to back you up on this one, sorry!

          • Maddawgmar

            There is a standard on how the flag is to be displayed, and the only time it is supposed to be displayed on a body is when it is draped over a casket of someone who died in the service of their country. Just because Olympians do it doesn’t mean it’s right. Yes I have been pissed about them and him doing it. Ever notice Brian Stann drape a flag over him, no. Because he know people who died so that flag has a meaning, and displaying it like that is disrespectful, and spits on those guys graves. Now, that being said I would never say he can’t do that, but I don’t have to like it


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