Vitor Belfort Clearing All Hurdles, Gets License to Fight at UFC 187

March 23, 2015
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Vitor Belfort may be one of the most prominent figures in the debate over performance enhancing drugs, and particularly the previous legal use of testosterone replacement therapy, but the Nevada Athletic Commission on Monday approved his license to fight Chris Weidman at UFC 187 on May 23 in Las Vegas.

The two have been scheduled to fight several times in the past, but have yet to make it all the way to the Octagon. Clearing the licensing hurdle is a huge step towards making it a reality.

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The former UFC light heavyweight champion and heavyweight tournament winner went before the NAC on Monday to explain why, after having tested positive for steroids and elevated levels of testosterone in the past, he should be allowed to fight.

Chris Weidman vs. Vitor BelfortBelfort tested positive for an anabolic steroid at Pride 32 in 2006. He also admitted that a voluntary out-of-competition test early last year showed elevated levels of testosterone.

The second failure came during a period of change for the industry, as Nevada ended its previous policy of allowing therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy.

An employer of TRT, Belfort has been the lightening rod for the controversy over whether TUEs for its use constituted “legal cheating” or not.

Now that TRT has been nixed industry-wide and the focus is on dropping a heavier hand on performance-enhancing drug use, Belfort had to jump through numerous hoops – in the form a multiple drug tests – to get a shot at returning to the Octagon. He hasn’t fought since November of 2013.

According to Nevada’s commission chair Francisco Aguilar, Belfort has undergone five drug tests since the state stopped TRT exemptions and has passed them all.

Belfort said that it was difficult ending the therapy, but learned how to cope without TRT by staying mentally strong and committed.

After a few questions from the commissioners at Monday’s hearing in Las Vegas, Belfort’s request for a fight license was approved.

He will now challenge Weidman for the middleweight championship at UFC 187.

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  • Seth

    Why I have a funny feeling we will see a headline containing words “Failed” “Test” “Belfort” after that fight…?

  • ?????

    He hasn’t fought in almost 2 years yet he still gets a title shot over Jacare ?????

    • Guest

      Belfort had been the number 1 contender since he knocked out Hendo back in 2013.

  • Guest

    Belfort is gonna KO Weidman.

  • KJK

    I think the whole point is missed here. He has tested hot multiple times, with multiple organizations, for multiple substances a/o reasons and yet the NSAC is willing to let bygones be bygones and grant him a license to fight….pure and simple bureaucratic B.S. chicanery! The use of these various substances in the past is a direct indicator of his lack of faith in his abilities. I’d bet a years pay he looks absolutely nothing like the juiced mid to late 30 something we’ve seen in recent fights and 2 years pay that Weidman gives him the beating of his life…..or at least as bad as Randy did in the pink shorts fight!

  • Chiso

    What are the chances they both actually make it to the fight this time?