Vitor Belfort Can Only Play Spoiler at UFC on FX 7, Won’t Earn Title Shot with Win Over Bisping

January 2, 2013
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Vitor Belfort at UFC 126If Michael Bisping can beat Vitor Belfort in the main event at UFC on FX 7, then he has done more than enough to earn a shot at Anderson Silva and the UFC middleweight title.

That’s according to UFC president Dana White, who confirmed that Bisping is next in line for the long reigning champion should he win in Brazil in January.

Bisping has long lingered near the top of the 185-pound division, but not quite attained his goal of getting a crack at the title.

That long sought after moment could just be 25 minutes away if he can beat Belfort at UFC on FX 7 in Brazil, but White knows that’s no easy task. Beating Belfort is easier said than done, but if Bisping does it then the title shot should absolutely go to him.

“If Bisping can beat Belfort, that’s a tough fight for Mike. He deserves a shot at Anderson,” White confirmed on Saturday night.

The same can’t be said for Vitor Belfort unfortunately.

White says that with Anderson Silva signing on for a new 10-fight deal with the UFC, he’s closing out his career with legacy type fights, and doesn’t have much interest in rematches of bouts he already won decisively.

Silva knocked out Belfort at UFC 126 with a devastating front kick just past the midway point of the first round.

“Anderson’s at this point where that fight was so one-sided and so fast and so decisive, it’s tough to throw Vitor right back in there. Especially when you’re dealing with Anderson, Anderson’s gonna want to fight new guys and new challenges,” White confirmed.

It’s a tough spot for Belfort, who, at 35 years of age, has to know the clock is ticking on him ever getting another shot at the middleweight belt, much less while Anderson Silva still sits atop the division.

If there’s a consolation prize, it’s the fact that Belfort can play spoiler in a big way should he defeat Bisping at UFC on FX 7. It would send the promotion on the hunt for the next potential contender to face Silva in 2013.

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  • kennybro

    with 10 fights left, vitor can still get a title shot against anderson. he would just have to pretty much destroy everyone else with name value in the division. if nobody can get passed the gate keeper, they’ll eventually let him go at it again… maybe…

  • bajafox

    I almost want Bisping to win just so someone can be named as the next contender. If Vitor wins, it will be months before they can sort out a #1 contender again. Plus, the sooner Bisping gets ktfo by Anderson the sooner he can stfu too

  • Coolio is no Foolio

    This makes no sense. Isn’t that exactly what they just did with Cain Velasquez? He was finished decisevly and got an almost immediate rematch.

    • Joey

      I see where your coming from with this line of thinking except…

      -Cain was hurt coming into that (not really an excuse but still)
      -The heavyweight division is much smaller and has a lot less quality people for the champ to fight so getting a title shot isn’t as difficult.

      -Anderson has defended his belt for so long now that he can basically pick and choose what fights will draw enough to justify taking it (although I don’t agree with this)

      Plus I am sure if Vitor goes out and demolishes a few top 10 guys like Cain did to Bigfoot, this fight would look a lot more appealing to Dana and Anderson.

    • lol The champion always gets a rematch if he wins a fight after he lost the title. And Cain won in a fashion to rebound himself for a rematch and look what happened, he won the fight.

  • Rocky7

    If Bisping gets title shoot, I just can’t emagine how he will beat Silva, his boxing isn’t nearly as close as Silvas strikeing, not talking about his ground game…. but it seems a good fight to see.

  • Vitor is a legend. But he got hit shot at Silva. Lost. (Not failed) Rebounded. Took a short notice fight up in weight. Lost. And he’s back at it again. You can’t blame Dana for not giving him a shot if he beats Bisping. A win against Vitor however def. gives you status as top contender cause that guy is tough.

  • Troy

    Well who else is left after Vitor? Weidman who is injured and Cung Le perhaps. Other top contenders lost. Lombard is only coming off 1 win. At least this would be Vitor’s 3rd straight in the middleweight division. Shouldn’t punish him with the Jones loss. He helped out the UFC there. Only lost 2 of 9 and to Anderson and Jones. Costa is on a win streak but needs at least 1 more notable win.

  • MuayThaiFood

    I’m a big fan of both Anderson and Vitor but I don’t think it’s fair that Vitor is automatically ineligible for a title fight. If he he does enough to earn one then it shouldn’t matter. Not saying that beating Bisping is enough but if your boss tells you’re never getting a promotion no matter how good your work is that doesn’t give you much incentive to work harder.

    Also, although you can’t argue with the end result you have to think that Vitor was a little unlucky being the first guy to get knocked out by a front kick to the jaw in the UFC. It had the possibility have been a competitive fight if Anderson hadn’t cheated (jk). If Anderson promises not to do anything sneaky like that again and Vitor does enough to earn another shot I wouldn’t mind seeing them matched up again.

  • trupert

    I’m hoping for a Hendo-type knock out of Bisping, then they have to go with Spider vs Weidman when Weidman gets healthy (or Rockhold if not) Then for Belfort to win his next fight decisively against a Le or Rockhold and get one more shot against Spider. There is such a grey area between getting beat up decisively the whole match and missing a block and getting one foot to the face and KO’d. I know it’s the nature of the game in MMA but when it’s a 1st round ‘lucky punch’, I’m ok with a rematch. When it’s a total outmatched fight (see Travis Lutter) then never again or maybe after a 5 or 6 fight win streak.

    • silvaVSrashad

      What is up with this Weidman bandwagon. Bisping deserves a title shot long before this self proclaimed number one contender Weidman. Give it up people I don’t even like Bisping but Weidman before someone that has many more fights against much tougher comp. Bisping is next give it up Weidman groupies.

      • shakejunt

        munoz win > stann win. had weidman fought and beat boetsch, there wouldn’t be much of an argument about who was at the top of the pack.

  • Anthony Lopez

    Dana White is a complete hypocrite. After Forrest beat Tito this last time and was asked if he was going to continue fighting he said “I’m not gonna be calling out Bones Jones or anything”, to which Dana chastised him, saying “if you’re not fighting for a title shot, then what’s the point of fighting?” Here, he is essentially saying that Vitor isn’t going to get a shot so long as Anderson is champion. Dana White and Anderson are really getting annoying with all of this. Fight whoever is the number one contender, regardless of the circumstances. (And no, Weidman is not the number one contender)

  • dgs

    As much as I dislike Bisping (I think he’s a complete prick), I don’t see Belfort winning this fight. No matter what I think about Bisping the person, as a MMA he is very good, and I believe he is good enough to beat Belfort in a decisive fashion. I see lots of take downs at will and GnP for three rounds by Bisping.

  • 123

    of all the people he wants michael bisping to fight its vitor belfort? whos last 2 loses are to anderson silva & jon jones.. in my opinion whoever wins this fight is no1 contender.. dana white just wants michael bisping to lose so he can say vitor belfort doesn’t deserve it & make chris weidman no1 contender.. guaranteed.

  • Guest

    That sucks…. I’m sure there are lots of people wanting to see Belfort go for the title shot once again. Besides, if he beats Bisping decisively (which I think he will), he should be next in line.