Vitor Belfort Believes He’ll Get Licensed in Nevada, but Won’t Reveal Surprise Drug Test Results

May 14, 2014
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Vitor BelfortUFC middleweight title contender Vitor Belfort says that he’s done all the testing that shows he should get approved to fight by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, albeit not under the watchful eye of the commission. He also says that the results of a surprise test administered by Nevada in February won’t be a problem.

“Not at all, even because I was in treatment,” he recently told “The only thing is that I didn’t have the license (to use it) in Nevada.”

He has yet, however, to reveal the results of that voluntary drug test.

Belfort was not licensed by Nevada at the time of the surprise test. Nevada officials, however, were well aware that there were plans afoot to have Belfort challenge UFC middleweight Chris Weidman in Las Vegas in the coming months.

With Belfort having tested positive for banned substances in Nevada in the past and being an admitted employer of legal testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), the commission surprised Belfort and asked him to take a voluntary drug test, which he did.

In the ensuing weeks, the Nevada commission voted unanimously to ban applications for TRT therapeutic use exemptions, which means Belfort and other fighters would no longer be allowed to legally use TRT if licensed by Nevada. The UFC and most other jurisdictions quickly followed suit.

As a result, Belfort was out of the Weidman fight to sort out his situation and figure out how to deal with having to fight without TRT.

And although Belfort’s drug test was processed, the results have never been publicly revealed.

Because he was not licensed at the time the test was administered, the Nevada commission is not allowed to reveal the results without Belfort’s permission, which he has not granted.

He has talked about how his testosterone levels are where they need to be, how he is already cleared to fight again in Brazil, how he can now fight without the assistance of TRT, but Belfort has not talked about the results of that surprise drug test… and it appears he won’t be talking about them anytime soon.

In Belfort’s recent interview with, he spoke briefly about the surprise test in Nevada, although he didn’t directly address the results.

“I always did all the exams. When I was doing the TRT treatment I did exams every week, so I have all the history,” he said. “That’s really serious and I have good doctors. I was always very responsible with that.”

But as interviewer Guilherme Cruz was about to press on about the results of the drug test, the interview was interrupted by Belfort’s wife, Joana Prado, who helps manage his affairs.

“That (subject) is closed,” Prado told Cruz. “You already have the answer from the lawyer, the UFC and everybody else.”

The answer, of course, from Belfort’s lawyer is that he won’t talk about it; the result is irrelevant. The answer from the Nevada commission and the UFC is that they can’t talk about it without Belfort’s permission. The answer from Prado is that Belfort, the one man that has the authority to reveal the drug test results, won’t talk about it.

If and when Belfort applies for a license to fight in Nevada, he will have to go before the commission and it is likely that the drug test result would come up at that time. If so, it would then become a matter of public record.

Until then, however, it appears the Belfort and his camp will not address the result of Nevada’s surprise drug test.

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  • Mark McDowall

    If everything that Vitor said about his TRT use is true…then he should never fight again. He said that it is medically necessary. Hendo and Sonnen seem to be able to fight without it, and didn’t need to take time off…how come Vitor did? Also if he didn’t fail the surprise test…then why be so secretive about it? Just all seems shady to me…

    • TheCerealKiller

      Not talking about it is the same thing as admitting guilt in his situation. He wasn’t licensed at the time, so I don’t think they can hold it against him.

    • MuayThaiFood

      That’s all well and good but if Sonnen and Henderson didn’t need it to fight then why were they allowed exemptions? Mysteriously all these guys bodies have suddenly and miraculously healed. Praise Jesus!

      • Seth

        Their bodies didnt heal. They just dropped it – what he meant, was that Hendo and Sonnen didn’t need time to find another way to cheat…oh, sorry – another way to boost their testosterone.

        Everyone who used/uses TRT is too old to be fighting. Same goes for this so-called “phenom”.

        • Mark McDowall

          Yes but they all said that TRT was nescesary for them to live basically. Now all of a sudden they don’t need it? Like you said I think it’s the old guys looking for an edge to keep them going.

          • Seth

            From what I know, only Vitor said he needs it “for normal life”, so shows how “smart” he is again.

        • MuayThaiFood

          I know their bodies didn’t heal, I was being sarcastic. If what Chael claimed was true then the only way he would be able to compete again is if he were to cheat. Don’t be naive and think that Vitor was the only one trying to get an edge. They were all cheating…within the rules. At least now cheats won’t be able to get a free cheat pass (exemption).

          • Seth

            I never said Chael wasn’t cheating. Neither I said Vitor was the only one. I just dislike that idiot, for denying that TRT helped him with his recent “comeback”. I can’t wait to see his face smashed, now when he has only his own body – which he destroyed with roids, PEDs and TRT. That’s gonna be only Vitor’s fight since Anderson I may pay for.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well, I guess I don’t understand why Vitor has been the lightning rod for this issue. Maybe because he’s had the most dramatic results. I mean you should agree that Chael saying he will die without and then telling the commission he’s not noticing any difference training without it is pretty slimy. The athletic commissions and doctors deserve more blame than they are getting. They are the ones tasked with protecting all the fighter’s health and they failed miserably.

          • Seth

            No, they didn’t. Most of them makes “extra money” on cases like that. If you know what I mean. And not only from Vitor, from many others too.

      • Mark McDowall

        Exactly…and if it is “medically necessary” then how can they fight without it?? Im calling BS on this one…

  • The milkman

    The guys got chocolate cake all over his face and claiming he didn’t eat the cake

  • Jthor

    Vitor is a cheat, a liar, and his hypocrisy pretending he’s a man of god while this lying is going on is sickening. Im looking forward to seeing the real Vitor in his next fight (after being thoroughly tested through the whole camp). When we see what a fraud he is when he hasn’t had “the spirit of god” injected in his ass for months prior to his fights. Show the test results you f—ing cheat

  • Zemo Carpathian

    Sorry Vitor, nobody likes a cheater.

  • Mihael Hajdin

    Im gonna miss roided Vitor!