Vitor Belfort Admits to Elevated Testosterone Level, Provides Explanation and Test Results

June 6, 2014
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Vitor BelfortFiring a preemptive strike leading up to his June 17 hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Vitor Belfort on Friday released a statement and a link to his Feb. 7 drug test results that have stirred a tremendous amount of controversy.

In anticipation of a May 24 fight with UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, Belfort submitted to a surprise drug test upon arriving in Las Vegas on Feb. 7, a test that he now admits reflected higher than acceptable levels of testosterone due to his testosterone replacement therapy regimen.

The Nevada commission a few weeks later banned TRT exemptions.

A short time after the ban, Belfort was removed from the May 24 bout, with both he and the UFC explaining that he needed time to adjust to life and training without TRT.

As for the test results, up until recently, Belfort and his legal team had deemed them irrelevant.

Wanderlei Silva, however, failed to apply for a license for his July 5 fight with Chael Sonnen, so the UFC wanted to insert Belfort in his place. With that change to the line-up at UFC 175, the results all of a sudden became extremely relevant.

The test results were expected to become a matter of public record anyway at the June 17 NSAC hearing, plus, UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan, a person who was likely to be in the know, recently stated on his podcast that Belfort’s testosterone levels for the Feb. 7 test were elevated.

As such, Belfort released the following statement, admitting to elevated levels in the test results, also explaining why they were elevated and providing further test results showing that he has since kept his levels in an acceptable range:

“In anticipation for my hearing before the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC), I want to address questions concerning a drug test I took back on February 7, 2014, that was requested by the NSAC.

“At the time that test was taken, I was considering filing for a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) from the NSAC. While I had not made formal application for a TUE, the NSAC nonetheless requested I take the test and I willingly complied. I further confirmed to the NSAC, in writing, the widely known fact that I was then presently on TRT and had been for many years leading up to that test and that I had further taken the TRT dosage recommended by my doctors the day prior.

“The results of the February 7, 2014, test indicated that my testosterone level was above the therapeutic range. While levels slightly outside the normal therapeutic range are not uncommon for some undergoing a TRT regimen, and my doctors immediately modified my therapy to return me to within the therapeutic range (as you can see the 22nd February test results was normal), I do want to acknowledge that the February 7, 2014, test indicated my level was above the range.

“Since that February 7, 2014, test, I have taken several subsequent tests, in late February, March, April and May, and the results of each test indicate my levels were either normal or below normal. To avoid any ambiguity, I am releasing, along with this statement, the results of all the test noted above and will provide the same to NSAC for their consideration as part of my licensing application. I further welcome any additional testing that the NSAC deems appropriate and necessary with respect to being granted the privilege of a license to fight here in the State of Nevada.

“Shortly thereafter, on February 27, 2014, the NSAC banned all TRT and I stopped my TRT treatment that very same day. Now I am applying for a license in Nevada. I don’t want any clouds hanging over my ability to compete and I understand it is my responsibility to prove to the NSAC that I have the requisite fitness to be licensed in Nevada.

“I truly appreciate and thank the Commission for considering my application, and I look forward to providing any information and answering any questions that the NSAC might have on June 17. And if the NSAC sees fit to grant my application, I look forward to fighting on July 5, 2014 in Las Vegas and again proving that I am one of the best fighters in the world.”

Click here to see the test results that Belfort posted:

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  • zarthustra

    VICTOR BELFORT killed TRT therapeutic use exemption in MMA for all, including those who clearly need it for medical reasons.

    • Mark McDowall

      The only person who needs it is bigfoot. Other than that its not NEEDED…for anything other than previous steroid abuse.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Didn’t Antonio Silva get popped for steroid abuse a few years back? What were the circumstances of that?

      • zarthustra

        To me, in addition to Bigfoot Silva, Chael and Dan Henderson may possibly have also been legitimate. Chael and Dan have never exhibited the sort of body composition changes suggestive of steriod use. They may have had low testosterone levels due to reasons other than prior steroid use.

        On the other hand, Frank Mir, Vitor Belfort… those who have the eyes to see…

        • Mark McDowall

          Besides just plane old father time kicking their butts…the #2 cause for the need of TRT is previous steroid abuse. It wouldn’t surprise me if either of those are the need for Hendo and Sonnen being on it. Either way I think that is a BS excuse to be on it and still fight…

  • Mark McDowall

    Is this really a surprise?? We all know it this was going to be the result.

  • smedrano0206

    It was high but not too high

    • Gary Fredericks

      that’s because hormone replacement therapy of any kind is not exact…just ask anyone with a bad thyroid and how long it takes for the doctors to tweak your T3 and T4 levels. Took mine just over a year to get it right because it takes time to read the effect of dosage changes.

      • smedrano0206

        Yep I’m on it too so I know

      • smedrano0206

        And I just feel normal on it…I work out regularly and I don’t feel like I can do more with it than without it….but then again, I’m taking normal doses…don’t know how it affects you if you take more than you’re supposed to

      • zarthustra

        It’s not because HRT “is not exact.” It’s because some people game the system to cheat and gain a competitive advantage. Then, when caught, they can pay experts to help construct slick fictitious alibi’s that most of the public, journalists, and talking heads will fall for. Such as “I just took my shot yesterday so that’s why I tested over 25% above the permissible limit.” Or previously “the test result is not relevant so I won’t reveal.” Or before that (still talking about Vitor) “it was a steroid in a nutritional supplement I bought.” People will believe what they want to believe and the facts don’t need to get in the way.

    • zarthustra

      His level was 34% higher than the very highest permissible value of the normal range!!!! Is that really “not too high” ??!!!

      • smedrano0206

        Well if he can prove he had just received the injection when he was tested the levels would be higher than normal….if he had a doctor doing the treatment, the should have records, ect

        • zarthustra

          Wrong. You are required to maintain levels within normal limits at all times. You don’t get an exception just because a doctor wrote an order for it.

          • smedrano0206

            Required when you have a TUE exemption…I never said that his levels were where they should be but I bet he gets to fight because his levels weren’t off the chart

    • TheCerealKiller

      Getting old sucks in every other sport that doesn’t allow cheating. Oh wait, it’s not allowed in MMA now either!

      Vitor’s sudden career resurgence aka steroids

      • smedrano0206

        Being on TRT and using steroids are 2 different things…he didn’t test positive for steroids….not saying he didn’t use them in the past though

  • JudoChopSuey

    Why is this even an issue that he can fight? He should not. Firstly, he admits to using TRT, secondly he admits his doctors do not monitor him properly, third he said it was corrected by his doctors in Feb and on the 27 he tested normal, forth he claims to have been tested in Feb, March, April and May and has shown normal or below levels… Well, is that while continuing to be given TRT by his doctors or, without? If it is without, then this goes to show that he probably never needed it in the first place and it was bullshit cheating all along. If he fully intended to get off of TRT why would he hide the fact that he failed in the first place. Just own up to it, take the 6 month ban, then get back in there legally and unadulterated. So much baloney.

  • TheCerealKiller

    So he lied to us all for the past month and thinks it’s all good now? “Oh, but I stop using after I got caught”, not good enough.

  • John Bunch

    Can Luke Rockhold get that “L” changed to an “NC” then? j/k, before any literalists take me seriously.