Vitor Befort Still Calling for a Shot at Jon Jones

February 10, 2013
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Vitor Belfort UFC 156

Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort failed in his bid to capture the UFC middleweight title from Anderson Silva in early 2011. He also failed to topple UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones when he stepped up for a last-minute shot at the champ last year.

He has since gone out and dethroned top UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping.

The UFC is telling him he is still a ways off from another shot at Silva, so after a near-miss armbar against Jones, Belfort called for another shot at Jones after his win over Belfort.

Most people wrote it off as the heat of the moment, but Belfort recently met with a group of reporters, including, and reiterated his declaration that he wants Jon Jones.

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    Let it go V

  • jim

    “Befort” beat himself then called out Jones??? Lol

  • Pistol10

    Belfort did beat himself against jones. Instead of trying to pull guard for the rest of the fight, he should have stayed on his feet and attacked with his greatest ability… His lightning quick hands.

    • jim

      It says in the story that “belfort called for another shot at jones after his win over belfort” did anybody see that or is it just me?

      • JimmyPettishardo

        The writers for mmaweekly can’t write for sh**T.

        Damon Martin is probably the worst writer. That guy is a disgrace for all MMA journalists.

    • Milosc

      I don’t think he really believed. Now, he really ought to

      Whatever it is, it will be different

  • drkdisciple

    With the help of god and TRT he might win the rematch,,,but i doubt it!

    • Mark McDowall

      I find it funny that someone failed a test for the same event and automatically Vitor’s name comes up!

      • drkdisciple

        I doubt Vitor would fail a drug test since he has a “Doctor’s note” for TRT!

        • Mark McDowall

          I agree. But lets not open up that HUGE can of worms!

  • Milosc

    His logic is sound. I would like to see him fight both

    The road to the belt should be more or less like a tournament. I can see some rest between title shots just not to be stagnant, but I’m starting to think Anderson Silva prefers not to fight Vitor again. The guy is the only person to hurt Jon Jones and demolished “the next guy to fight the champion” at his own weight class. He’s getting looked over. Are they going to start grabbing guys from the top 6-10 or something?

    • JimmyPettishardo

      No..they are slowly going to pressure Anderson into fighting guys at 205 or GSP.

      Chris Weidman is one guy that might pose threat to Anderson at 185.

      As for Vitor, he can’t even crack top 10 at 205….not sure if it makes sense for him to fight Jones.

      The day that Bisping fights for the belt at any weight class in the UFC is the day we could stop watching MMA.

  • JimmyPettishardo

    Vitor can’t even beat a top 10 guy at LHW, what makes him think he should get a shot against Jon Jones.

    At MW, I think if he beats Chael Sonnen or another top 5 guy, he should get a title shot after Chris Weidman.

  • Chris M

    yea what a joke trt should b illegal i dont care how low there s*** is especailly when its bc they have done steroids in ther lifetime!

  • Pete

    Let it go, Belfort. Did your doctor say you need more elbows in your diet?

  • LeoLarios

    He will be champ again
    Wherever he decides to go, mdw or lhw

  • kbroesq

    I used to be neutral to Belfort, but now I don’t like him. You lose convincingly to both Silva and Jones, and now you’re calling both of them out again. Maybe a few more fights after beating one freaking guy? He’s just too loud too quick.