Visa Issues Resolved, Mark Hunt is Coming to America for UFC 160

May 19, 2013
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Mark Hunt UFC 119-007Mark Hunt’s visa issues have been worked out and he is coming to America.

Hunt is scheduled to fight Junior dos Santos in the UFC 160 co-main event on Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, but had trouble getting out of New Zealand. He was being held up due to a past legal issue that he characterized as “a stupid misunderstanding” over “something that happened a long time ago.”

On Sunday (U.S. time), however, Hunt tweeted, “Thank u for my visa father.”

UFC officials confirmed to that Hunt got his visa and should be leaving New Zealand sometime on Monday (New Zealand time) to fly to the United States.

That will put him in the U.S. in plenty of time for the dos Santos fight, although not as soon as Hunt had hoped.

“I’m running out of time to acclimatize,” Hunt said on Tuesday during a UFC 160 media conference call. “I fought once in Vegas before. I went out four days before the fight and it was quite tiring. It was a bit of a problem.”

A veteran of the fight game, Hunt has fought all over the world, so travel issues are nothing new to him. Things didn’t go as planned, but barring any further incidents, Hunt should be in Las Vegas to fight dos Santos at UFC 160.

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez puts his belt on the line in a main event rematch with Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday.

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  • Jason

    Could be very difficult to get over the time difference that fast. Not what you want before a big fight.

    • bajafox

      I hope it doesn’t make or break him in the fight. Anyone who stands in front of JDS needs to be on top condition

  • Cptmats

    Juniors heart just sank !

  • adice89

    Id really liked to see hunt in the shape andcondition he wanted to be in so that sucks big time. With that being said jds better get mark hunt down and fast. Nobody and i mean nobody in the HW division will go toe to toe with mr. Hunt. Hunt by KO round 2

    • Wolf Ticket

      Lol at everyone who thinks Hunt’s standup is so great. He was knocked out by a middleweight couple of years ago. Now he beat Stefan Struve by TKO in round 3, who BTW was knocked out by JDS in under a minute, and people act like he’s Anderson Silva. Bookmakers love people like you very much, you pay for their big houses and luxury cars.

      • adice89

        lmao yeah he got rocked bad my MELVIN MANHOEF!!! You f***** idiot if anyone gets hit by him there going to sleep and mark hunt ran into the punch which made it worse. Btw Melvin was weighing over 205lbs that fight which made him not weighing in the middleweight weight. Its guys like you who think they are an expert at everything without actually doing anything. Expert swimmer who never got in a pool.

      • toom

        finally.someone talking some sense

  • I love Mark Hunt as a kickboxer but where are all the JDS fans at!

    • urdooomb

      Everyone is a fan of both JDS and Hunt.

      Hunt obviously has a huge buzz coming from his recent come back.

      I like Hunt. And I will watch this fight.

      But JDS is just too much for Hunt.

  • Mike mckinney

    I don’t see jds trying to take this fight down. I don’t believe we’ve seen him do that with anyone. Jds is faster with hand speed, foot speed, and has better conditioning.
    I get why people like mark hunt, but can’t understand why they like him in this fight. Sure he always has that punchers chance, but that’s not a way to pick a fight. Especially when jds has that same chance.
    I’m going to go check the betting lines now, but I’m sure if hunt checks them they won’t help with his confidence.

    • adice89

      i garuntee if this end up being a standup matchup jds will get knocked out cold. Im willing to bet real money too which I do have. Jds has one way to beat hunt in this fighg and thats by taking this fight down to the ground and win by submission. Jds has the striking advantage over anyone, except mark hunt.

      • toom

        wow that’s a pretty bold statement u guarantee it how long have you been watching mma like 1 minute

        • adice89

          ive been watching since the start of pride fighting championships you idiot. Maybe if you watched it as long as i have you would have more knowledge.

          • toom

            well when.Mark hunt loses I’ll call you an idiot

          • urdooomb

            he will disappear by then.

          • adice89

            No i will still be here laughing in your face. If jds wins he will take mark hunt down and submit him. THATS HIS ONLY WAY TO WIN. I really hope he stands and trades punches with hunt. JDS will be going night night.

        • Lucas Freire

          Maybe YOU have been watching mma for only 1 minute.
          Go look for Mark Hunt fights.
          He’s fast,powerful,titanium chin and as unbelievable as it may seem,elusive

          • toom

            hes been.knocked out before and we will see he hasn’t beat anyone.good ever

      • dgs

        “Im willing to bet real money too which I do have.”

        I found this sentence to be especially humorous.

      • toom

        you keep saying.don’t count Mark hunt out your counting.out dos Santos other then on the ground I mean who’s to say Mark doesn’t tire out like he did against Rothwell it’s a fight and anything can happen and to say you would bet real money you sound like a fool

    • Cptmats

      “I get why people like mark hunt, but can’t understand why they like him in this fight. ”

      Because JDS is the perfect opponent for Hunt, Guys like Cain, Mir and Cormier have excellent ground games and as much as Hunt has improved his, anyone of those guys would be too much for him on the mat.

      JDS however isn’t going to take this fight down, He will stand with Hunt and Hunts stand up is second to none !
      Styles make fights and this is a bad match up for JDS !

      • urdooomb

        Perfect opponent in terms of style.

        JDS, unfortunately, is not the perfect opponent for anyone.

        Go ask every single HW in the UFC as to whether he thinks JDS is a perfect matchup for them.

        Go ask Cheick Kongo, Pat Barry, and other strikers.

        • Cptmats

          ” JDS, unfortunately, is not the perfect opponent for anyone.”

          He’s perfect for Hunt !

  • adice89