Vinicius Quieroz Tests Positive For PED’s At UFC 120, Released From UFC

November 3, 2010
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Vinicius QueirozIt’s one and done for Vinicius Kappke de Quieroz after a loss and a positive drug test at UFC 120.

According to UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner in an e-mail to, six random fighters plus the main event fighters were drug tested and Quieroz was the only fighter who came back with a positive test.

Quieroz lost his fight at UFC 120 by submission to British heavyweight Rob Broughton.

The test results showed Quieroz was positive for Stanozolol, which is an anabolic steroid.

The Brazilian was notified of the results and has been released by the UFC.

Ratner also confirmed that all of the other fighters tested came back negative for performance enhancers and drugs of abuse.

  • Bonation

    Queiroz was given the exact same treatment we should expect cheaters to get from the UFC. Right Dana White?

    So what the F. is Chael Sonnen doing in the UFC.?

  • Pistoleroh

    What crap. Why even try to cheat. You right Bonation but the reason he probably got this treatment is because it was a first impression for him and thats not how you want to make it.

    • I agree. Not the way you want to make a good first impression, plus it is the UFC overseeing its own event, so they have to present a strong stance when there is no commission involved.

    • Bonation

      Releasing Queiroz was the right thing to do. It should be the UFC stardard for every fighter cauht using PEDs.

      Dana White won’t release Chale Sonnen because that would give other MMA shows a chance to hire a guy who is guaranteed high TV ratings and ticket sales.

  • Do you think if the UFC started an automatic policy of cutting guys on PEDs that guys would stop using them, or do you think it would be more like cycling where guys just get a lot better at masking them?

    • Bonation

      I don’t think fighters would stop using PEDs and I don’t think they would try to mask it more then they already do. I still think the UFC should start an automatic policy. It would make a statement for those who still use PEDs. Because lets face it, Chael Sonnen gets 1 year off, maybe 6 months if his appeals are accepted… that’s nothing, 6 months is the average time between each fighters appearences anyway, and the $ 5000,00 fine is a joke. They are encouraging PEDs.