VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva Swings His Axe at the UFC Again, ‘I Can’t Work Anymore’

November 29, 2014
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(Video courtesy of WandFightTeam)

Wanderlei Silva has unleashed another video. In his latest monologue, Silva claims that the UFC threatened to sue him if he went through with a $10,000 Bellator 131 promotional appearance, and also offers his support for Quinton Jackson, apologizes to Cain Velasquez, and congratulates Fabricio Werdum.

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  • The Warrior

    He looks weird with that moustache.

    • clarkharry86

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      • The Warrior

        Get stuffed

        • sean

          Hahaha well said sir

  • PrideMMA

    Wanderlei has good views on this subject. MMA fighters are not treated fairly! I make more than the average or above average MMA fighter. I cannot say that about boxing, football, baseball, soccer aka futbol, and etc. Yet MMA puts more strain on the fighters body and mind. People say MMA fighters are not elite athletes. That is probably true. I believe that is true because it costs a lot of money to eat healthy have a nutritionist, fight camp and so much more. As a fan I believe we are losing as well because of my previous statement. As a fan it would be awesome to see all athletes in MMA to be at the top of their game.

  • Seth

    UFC losses more and more money…so tell me Wand, how are they suppose to pay anyone more?

    And don’t act like you didn’t know you are under contract. No matter how hard you will try to prove you are an idiot – you aren’t that stupid. You knew perfectly that you are under contract. Viacom knew it too. They did that stunt just to get some more publicity. And UFC didn’t want to sue you for working off of your image. You can do seminars promoted with your name, you can run gym promoted with your name – what UFC did is blocked you from working and promoting their COMPETITION’S event. That’s absolutely normal thing in business world. Why would UFC help Viacom to promote their event?

    And it’s not UFC’s fault you can’t profit off your own image. You would be perfectly fine and able to fight…but you decide to run away from drug testing. You were punished for being coward and not even trying to man up and deal with your own mistakes you made. Instead of admitting what you did and taking punishment for it like a man – you just ran away like a coward. Don’t blame ANYONE but yourself for your situtation.

    Also UFC had no control over creating rules. ACs made all the rules and UFC can’t change them or put new rules in. Even when they wanted to test new gloves or new scoring system, they would have to do that somewhere where they aren’t controlled by ACs.

    And now since Bellator used him to get some buzz around and didn’t pay him – he takes shots at them too. Classy.

    Hes full of s**t, doing those videos only to make himself look good “Ow, guys look at me – Im talking to help you! Im behind all fighters!” But so far he only talks the talk – but he doesn’t (and he won’t) walk the walk. He will not do ANYTHING besides talking to help them. And he expect people to believe he’s trying to help?

    • Jerome

      The basic point Wand is making is that by not giving the fighters a fair share of the profits or treating them respectfully the UFC are hurting the sport of MMA. Anybody that knows anything about MMA knows there is a lot of truth to this and that Wand is one of the few fighters willing to put his head above the parapet and say it.
      Wanderlai’s contract was supposed to be for him to fight for and hence get paid by the UFC if he’s not fighting for them the UFC are obviously taking advantage of the contract by stopping him from working with anybody else without paying him for fighting. This is typical behaviour for the UFC who will often use contracts as a way to leverage their power and monopoly. It might be normal in the business world but in the sports world where you have a large company on one side and an individual with no union on the other its plain wrong.
      When Wand was talking about the rules he wasn’t talking about the rules of the fights he was talking about the rules by which fighters do business with the UFC. The UFC has teams of lawyers draw up contracts which set these rules in the UFCs favour and there’s very little fighters can do about it when the UFC have monopolised the sport.
      The only person that is full of s**t is you Seth. What the hell are you talking about “Walk the walk”? do you expect Wand to punch Dana in the face? By talking openly about this Wand is taking a huge risk as UFC has a record of being totally cut-throat when it comes to the way they treat fighters who speak out. Just look at how they have treated Tito, Shamrock or Couture the very same guys who built the UFC. Wand may not be a saint or a poet but at least he’s doing what he knows and that’s fighting the only way he can.

      • Seth

        ” Wand is one of the few fighters willing to put his head above the parapet and say it.”

        Sorry, but he started to talk about it after he was cut from ANY profits of his UFC contract. Now, when he is making NOTHING, he’s all brave and talks about it? Tough guy, really. While he was making money, UFC was awesome in his eyes and he kept his mouth shut.

        “Wanderlai’s contract was supposed to be for him to fight for and hence get paid by the UFC”

        As far as I know – we know NOTHING about his deal. Since UFC stopped him from appearing – there has to be clause in his contract, saying that he can’t do certain stuff untill contract expires. And guess what – by signing that contract, he agreed to ALL terms in it. Blame him for signing it, not UFC for keeping what HE agreed on.

        “This is typical behaviour for the UFC who will often use contracts as a way to leverage their power”

        For that I have one thing to say. Bellator and Eddie Alvarez. Enough said to show you that its not “typical UFC”, but “Typical business strategy”.

        “he was talking about the rules by which fighters do business with the UFC.”

        I ALWAYS write this, when it comes to fighters. It’s not UFC fault either. Did UFC ban fighters from creating union? I support Fighters Union idea since the day GSP came up with in public. But its not UFC fault that fighters still didn’t do a damn thing about it. Blame fighters here – because if you expect UFC to create that union for them, you are an idiot. As long as fighters won’t decide to create it – they will HAVE to play by promotors rules. I don’t see a reason to blame UFC for the fact that fighters still don’t have their union.

        “What the hell are you talking about “Walk the walk”?”

        Look what I wrote above. Wand could simply start creating that union, for example. Or doing something else that would REALLY help fighters. Because those videos are only helping Wand (you know how views on youtube bring you money, right?). In previous one he said he’s not afraid to speak up against UFC and he NEVER WAS AFRAID. If he wasn’t afraid while he was active fighter…then why didn’t speak up? He had more power back then and back then he really could change something. Now? No one gives a s*** about his videos and those videos have no power to change a damn thing.

        “By talking openly about this Wand is taking a huge risk as UFC has a
        record of being totally cut-throat when it comes to the way they treat
        fighters who speak out.”

        Tell me more about it. Im cuirous how UFC can hurt him now. They won’t pay him for fights? They won’t book him for events? Oww…sorry, I forgot. HE QUIT the sport after he was PUNISHED for what he did. Same as Sonnen did. Sonnen at least had balls to admit what he did, while Wand left his nuts in Japan…if he ever had those in first place.

        “Just look at how they have treated Tito, Shamrock or Couture the very same guys who built the UFC”

        Last time I checked Tito made 300 000$ for pro wrestling stunt in Bellator. Really, UFC hurt him badly by what they did to him…

        All Im saying is simple: Wandarlei isn’t profiting anymore for his place in UFC – now he tries to bad-mouth them. Bellator used him and didn’t pay him – now he takes shots at them. Bellator knew that UFC will block his appereance, but all they wanted is to have Wandarlei’s name linked to their event SOMEHOW, because that still a way to get more people to know about it. And that was smart move by Bellator – they got what they wanted and they didn’t have to pay for it. So wait – the very next promotion that will try to work with Wand, is the next one he will mention in his videos.

        • Jerome

          Eddie Alvarez is your best example of the UFC not leveraging their power???? The UFC attempts to buy off one of their only real competitors biggest stars by offering them a way better deal than the UFC gives its own fighters but hits a road bump because there’s a law that says a company has to be allowed to match that contract, which Bellator do. So the UFC wait until after his next fight and steal him anyway – that’s your best example of the UFC being the good guys???? why am I even talking to you I’ve got better things to do.

          • Seth

            That was example of OTHER ORGS doing same thing. Bellator didn’t “match” UFCs offer. They simply COULDN’T match the offer. So they did what they did – pulled all the money they had and brought Eddie to legal BS, screwing him big time, preventing Eddie from making money for over a year. So UFC is bad because they “prevented Wandy from making money”, but there is nothing wrong with Bellator doing that for a year with Eddie? Such a hipocrites among UFC haters. Google offer that UFC gave Eddie back then and tell if Bellator had any chance to match it. So my example was only to prove that EVERY MMA promotion will do whatever they can to spoil oppositions party. Its nothing new.

        • Jason Priest

          I guess in your eyes, (the typical arm chair lawyer/referee/man-fan), the UFC can do no wrong lolz. What is your beef with Wanderlei? He’s an iconic figure in MMA and a legend. What’s up with all the negativity?

          • Seth

            They can do wrong. And they does a lot of stuff wrong. Too busy schedule, hosting events in places where so-called “commisions” are messing up their job event by event…UFC is no saint. But neither is Wand.

            What’s my beef with him? Let me point that out. First, he showed what a coward he is by running away from drug testing and denying that he made mistake. Chael is being trashed by fans a lot, but he at least had balls to admit what he did and man up. Wandarlei didn’t.

            Second, he talked in last video that he was NEVER afraid to speak up against UFC. But as long as he was paid, he kept his mouth shut. As soon as money stopped, he started to talk trash about UFC. Same as Tito did, for example.

            Third, he still acts like he is the victim here and he still doesn’t want to admit that he was punished for breaking rules, on top of that he tries to act like a “good guy”, while being hipocrite in almost everything he says.

            MAYBE he is an iconic figure. MAYBE he is a legend. But he keeps throwing his legacy to the toilet piece by piece. Is that really how “legend” acts? I don’t think so.

  • When is Wand going to do a video showing all that he is doing to help these mistreated fighters he always mentions in these videos? It’s been all talk and all whining up to this point.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Just like most of his UFC career has been.

      • UfcFansAreJOKES

        What about your career gary? Oh that right you are nothing. Same with you erik… do you have to live with the guy? Maybe he is doing it on his own free will off camera and not a camera whote

        • Gary Fredericks

          I am nothing? This coming from a person hiding behind a screen name while bashing others using real names, LOL Would you like to compare pay stubs bud or are you still getting allowance from your mother? LOL I got to where I am, a happy content and successful place without using or needing PED’s or by stacking the deck for me ( not that I would have needed them in my profession), unlike Wanderlei Silva. The guy is a turd…a brain damaged, self absorbed ego-maniacal turd. Sorry if you are all butt-hurt by others opinion of your man-love crush but it is all true. Wanderlei has had a couple entertaining fights in the UFC but that was it. IF he was worth ANYTHING, the UFC would have done a lot more to help salvage his steroid filled canned tomato feeding career. At the end of the day, Silva was a fun fighter to watch kick around tomato cans and nothing more. He was a star in a questionable organization that turned away from PED use and had questionable integrity in the outcome of their matches per Ken Shamrock and Don Frye’s own admissions. Now he’s really pissed he got busted and trying to point the finger in any direction aside himself. He is a washed up turd and you are in love with a realistic WWE Hybrid fighter.

          • Gary Fredericks

            …and I have a fully functioning and rational brain.

  • Luke

    He must be off cycle, because he looks like hes lost alot of weight!

  • Joe Dog

    Pugilistic dementia seems well established. Poor Mr. Silva. What’s next? Will he discuss Elvis sightings or the Easter bunny. The guy is obviously whacked. Anyone else tired of these videos?

  • Chad Lutz

    years of steroid abuse does not make you any smarter…. Just go away!

    • Guest

      Dumb comment is DUMB.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Ask to fulfill your contract. If they refuse, you have grounds to sue them. This isn’t that hard.

    • bill

      Well he is banned for life isnt he? so he has no value to the UFC as neither side will ever be able to fulfill it. Yes it is Wandy’s fault but the only reason to keep him under contract and keep him from earning a living from his name is to hurt him at this point. The UFC didnt build him, he was more popular before he ever signed with them.Maybe they have the right legally speaking, but its very obvious the UFC’s intention is to hurt him financially.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Of course the fighting portion of the contract is void since he can’t fight anymore, but what’s his obligation for the of it? If he’s going to make stupid videos ripping on his contract, then explain to us what the contract says.

        • dad

          Mom said get off the internet, or no pie tonight!

          • TheCerealKiller

            Coward guest.

      • Alex S

        He’s banned for life in Nevada only, although other state commissions generally tend to honour the same punishments for such athletes, but officially its only Nevada that banned him for life. Doesn’t matter at this point though, he was nearing the end anyway, not like he was a fighter in his prime and screwed up his chance to shine in the sport.

  • Don

    The fight game is a rough dog eat dog cut throat business, that hasn’t changed with MMA.