VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva Says “It’s All a Big Confusion,” Plans to “Reach Out to the NSAC”

May 30, 2014
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(Video courtesy of  WandFightTeam)

Wanderlei Silva, who has come under fire amidst a storm of controversy after being removed from his UFC 175 bout with Chael Sonnen, tries to explain his side of the situation, and still seems to believe he could fight on July 5.

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  • tour

    I don’t know the protocol, but I have trouble believing that a person showed up, and there was no explanation of the importance of Wanderlei doing what was asked. Then without giving Wanderlei a chance, the UFC didn’t step in, Nevada didn’t step up to help, and now he is out over a misunderstanding. He has fought several times in Vegas. He knows the program, this isn’t new to him. I would like to believe it was all a misunderstanding, but that doesn’t really make sense in context.

    • bob

      Unfortunately, what seems more likely is that testing happened a little earlier than usual, or then he expected, it surprised him, he refused to do the test and played dumb when the representative was there saying he didn’t understand or what not.. I really wanted to see this fight, but can’t complain with Vitor taking his spot. Hopefully Wand will be in action again soon as well.

      • james j

        Wandy plays dumb more better than anyone

        • Denny Swain

          Except obama

          • capoeiraike .

            And yo momma

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Not signing something without your lawyer is fine, but you dont get to say Ill take the suprise drug test later. Thats the whole point of making it a suprise drug test

  • james j

    Wandy call WSOF

  • Mike mckinney

    It’s relatively rare that they do the out of competition drug test on fighters with fights coming up. I’m curious what percentage of fighters get the test before they submit their application.

    Any ways this all makes perfect sense. Don’t let silva fight, and replace him with a fighter you know will be clean… Wait a minute, they picked Vitor??? Lol

  • Denny Swain

    English or no english, a piss cup needs no translation. I’m sure that wandy has taken a masking agent to hide what he was on. Why is he so eager now? He has went and taken something to clean his urine

  • Seth

    Typical Wandarlei – He messed up, people started to laugh at him, he sees how stupid his decision was and NOW he wants to say he did nothing and it’s not his fault…

    Just fire his sorry ass, do we really need him here?

  • taylor2008

    I like Wandy but he can say what he wants….he dodged the testing.

  • Robert Parks

    So Basically,the NSAC has to wait till your done Cycling and then “When your back in the states” you will comply with all there requirements??? GTFOH,You know your cycling and took something to cycle you faster so that when your back in the states,your gonna try and piss and moan,or pout and cry like a baby in hopes of them giving you another chance! Own up to your problems and fix them,you will be much happier then and won’t be on edge all the time like you been with Chael!