Video: Wanderlei Silva Says Chael Sonnen was Playing to the Cameras, but for Him It’s Personal

March 10, 2014
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Everyone wonders how real the rivalry between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen is. Are they just playing it up to hype their fight on May 31, or do the two actually despise each other.

Following the premiere of The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3, Silva put out a video on his YouTube channel that seems to indicate a good deal of both. He does, however, make some outright claims that Sonnen is fueling his fire with promotional propaganda that has crossed the line for Silva.

“The guy makes jokes about homeless children,” said Silva in the video. “You use poor children in your jokes to make a few extra bucks? Be a man! I told him never to do that again. It’s not something you can do.”

Check out what Silva had to say about Sonnen and their rivalry following the first episode of TUF Brazil 3.

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  • Jeff Jones

    I can only pray that Chael puts such a beat down on Silva he will finally stop talking.

    • Fern

      Chael has never put a beat down on anyone sorry to say. Those lay and pray pillow punches won’t do anything.

  • blob

    Well Chael doesn’t have TRT this time and if it’s a 5 round fight Wandy has always a punchers chance as I dont see Chael finishing him.

  • integrity

    So Wandy takes offense at Sonnen talking about poor kids in Brazil. Just wondering, how much of his income is Silva donating to help those kids? Oh, that’s right, NOTHING. STFU.