VIDEO: Wanderlei Silva Announces His Retirement, Speaks Out Against UFC

September 20, 2014
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Former Pride champion and UFC veteran Wanderlei Silva on Friday released a video announcing his retirement and did not mince words when it came to the way the UFC treats its fighters.

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(Video courtesy of Wanderlei Silva)

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  • deepgrim

    good video it has to be said, alot of thruth in it

    • Joe Dog

      Excuse me, what is thruth?

      • deepgrim

        sorry about the spelling mistake, it was meant to say truth, i see you werent able to work out what i was trying to say. Oh and there is deliberately no apostrophe in werent in case you want to point out my lack of correct grammer too

        • werdoooomb

          grammar not grammer.

          And it’s has nothing to do with grammar. It was spelling. Honestly, and unsurprisingly, most of the comments here are full of grammatical errors. The articles themselves are also full of grammatical and stylistic errors.

          But not being about to spell “truth” correctly (assuming it wasn’t a mere typo) says something about your intelligence.

          Also, I think Joe Dog was being facetious. He was asking you what “truth” you saw in Wandy’s video. He knew that you had made a spelling error. He also understood what you were trying to say.

          In other words…. you are dumb.

          • deepgrim

            so not spelling a word incorrectly says a lot about your intelligence- how do you figure this out? What do you think it says about me? were do you think i sit in society? Do you know if i have a degree or not? You know that there are novels that have been written and proof read and still have mistakes? Does this mean they are terrible writers. I figure you are another one of them people reading through peoples comment hoping for a spelling mistakes because you think it makes there comment less valid. one word. LOSER.
            And yes i figured, he knew i was meaning to the say the word truth but yet he left me a pointless message saying “what is thruth?” this is an mma forum not an english literature forum, so why bother wasting peoples time, with stupid comments about a spelling mistake- have you that little to be at with your time

  • Muttley76

    For a guy that seemingly went off the deep end lately that was actually a well thought-out and even somewhat touching video. Not saying I believe this is the (at least only) reason he’s retiring, the NSAC likely has a little to do with it lol, but still, it’s very hard to believe his thanks to fans are anything but genuine.

  • Guest

    He’ll bf back after the drugs flushes out his system.

  • Brown4eva

    to pussy to come out and say UFC or Dana White!

    • Jason Tracey

      *too, stupid

      • Brown4eva

        worst come back EVAAAAAAAAAA

  • Piotr

    He’s right.

  • Mark Mason

    Don’t use drugs and if you do and get caught man up and deal with your decision.

  • Bluedust

    He’ll resurface in Bellator in a month.

  • Chicago

    Say what you want to say about Wand. I can not defend his actions, but i will say that he is the 1st fighter that i felt really truly appreciated his fans. God bless you to Wand.

  • TheCerealKiller

    You’re not fighting because your butt is getting suspended for cheating. Blame everyone except yourself. As for the pay, you guys all signed the contracts. If all of the fighters thought it wasn’t fair, then don’t sign. Once there isn’t anyone to fight, they’ll have to pay more.

    • blob

      I’ll tell Wand I’ll send you over if he keeps complaining.

      • TheCerealKiller


    • julian moran

      I’m sure it’s that simple. You are so smart!!

      • TheCerealKiller

        You make fun of “simple” people.

  • Rondo Scalabrini

    go to One FC!

  • Water Buffalo

    The truth spoken from an open heart with absolutely no fear or regrets,
    by a man that has earned our respect, a man that is MMA period; a
    beautiful moment. Obrigado.
    Ache cara_acere siempre en tu esquina.

  • PrideMMA

    Wanderlei Silva is the greatest fighter of all time. What he did in pride and his will to fight is incredible. People can say whatever they want but he will never be duplicated or replaced. People can talk shit all day but until you have been in a cage you have no idea what this man has done. Nothing but respect for Wanderlei. My favorite fighter of all time it was a gift watching your fights, because of you I am into MMA.

    • Seth

      Yeah. What he did in Pride won’t be duplicated. Mostly because there is no MMA promotion in the world that puts a line “We don’t test for steroids” in their contracts, making it completly legal to juice up at will.

  • Bruno Delayti

    May his true words ring bells and be of help for those who give out their best for us all. This is a way too serious a sport to be placed under the responsibility of these who only profit, regardless and despite of those who truly make it so happen.

    Big-mega hint to Dana and his staff, it was never about making
    outrageous amounts of cash. It is, and was, all about cherishing and taking care of those fighters who deliever so much of themselves for the sake of our sheer entertainment. All praises to them all. Take heed, W. Silva will shake their comfortable foundations, no doubt.

    Hey there honorable Mr. Silva, we’re hearing you, so speak up! We’re here.


      NO! Unfortunately one of my all time favorite MMA fighters just made me lose a tonne of respect for him. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET Mr Silva IS the only person responsible for running away from athletic commision officers and getting himself in this mess in the first place. Now that Mr. Silva has boxed himself in a corner he is using a very familiar tactic to blame his employers. The fact he keeps going on about how the UFC doesn’t pay him enough is a joke!! The guy has made a tonne of cash in the UFC. I have a problem with this because he’s a millionaire making a truckload of money and still whining about it. Plus Mr. Silva is the one who wanted and chose his career, just as most of us do, he became a huge success and has done well. Saying that he has endured injuries that will never heal is true but again I say he knew this would happen when he started his career and it was HIS CHOICE. This entire rant just doesn’t have legs because Mr. Silva has his own agenda, blaming others to steer people away from the fact he was almost and pretty much caught being a cheat.

      • Bruno Delayti

        Mr. Lewington, Tks for your replying.

        I honestly respect your point, mainly
        that one on how every high-level athlete must know beforehand that there’ll be
        consequences. Just didn’t quite dig that “caught being a cheat” remark. It is probably because I don’t know the full story, so if you could clarify
        that to me I’d thank you in advance.


        • Seth

          Well…since he had to RUN AWAY from SAC testing, probably he had something to hide.

          If he had something to hide from testing, than most likely it wasn’t legal. If it was, he wouldn’t run from testing. Is it clear now?

  • Seth

    First of all – he’s an idiot. Since he sparrs 3 times a week and all of those are “brawls”, Im not shocked he’s injured all the time. Who the F do hard sparrings during their training camp? Its one of the basic rules, as it is dangerous – you may get injured doing that, or you may get blasted hard, which isn’t healthy either. If he trains like that, I don’t feel bad for him one bit as HE asked for it, by doing that.

    Second of all, Barao wasn’t FORCED to fight. I can’t imagine a independent contractor being forced to do anything. He was the UFC champion, so UFC needed him, not the other way around. Bellator proved they can pay more than UFC, so he could easily just jump ships. And as much as I dislike Bellator – look at their tournament format, where guys fight 3 times in 3 months (so twice as often as Barao, who fought 3 times in 6 months) and they still are doing great. It’s not healthy, but it’s not a reason why Barao lost his belt. TJ schooled him and dominated him for the entire fight, because TJ was a better man. Then Barao was FORCED to do a rematch? If I recall correctly, majority of fans said he doesn’t deserve a rematch right away. Not many people wanted to see that rematch now, so he wasn’t FORCED to take it. And if he had problems with weight cutting – he should’ve told that earlier, so UFC could come up with backup plan or other solution. If he had health issue, he knew that earlier than fight day. If he had problems with making weight, for sure he knew it earlier – since he was cutting weight so often, he knew its hard for him. Why didn’t he tell that? Well, he wouldn’t make money.

    FIghters with name are forced to fight all year? I guess I missed last 5 JBJ’s fights. Because he has a big name for sure, right? So he is forced to fight all year long. Unless he fights once a year. Check your facts, Wandy. I know you are retarded, but at least check dates on sherdog or wikipedia. Its not hard, even for you.

    In…about a month, we will see a news “Wandarlei signs with Bellator FC”. Same as Rampgae, Ortiz or Couture – he’s bashing UFC now, when he stopped making money there, because as long as he was getting overpaid he was happy and he never said that he is underpaid – but now, when his UFC career is over, he will turn the table – as Ortiz and Rampage did – and will sign with Bellator. Then he will praise Bellator, say how great there are and how they pay him what he deserves, continue to bash UFC and go to TNA wrestling, to make another $$$. Funny it is, how Rampage, Tito and now Wand are saying that UFC is greedy – yet they are following every single dollar they see. They would jump of the Empire State Building, to catch a few bucks midair.

    So, stay tune for next chapter of the “Wandarlei’s Drama”. In next episode we will see how much he will be paid in Bellator. See you in a few weeks, for next update on his Viacom career.

    • diego arg

      stop sucking the cock of ufc for free because your mouth it is going to hurt

      • Seth

        Wow…such a smart comment…your mom has to be proud, she has such a inteligent kid…

    • vicious_m

      According to your logic: firemen are not forced to risk their lives fighting fire and soldiers get shot just because they chose this way of life so they should deal with it. I bet you never even came close to any MMA gym not to mention the actual training. F—ing idiot amateurs like you just make me f—ing sick.

      • Seth

        I dont get your logic. Firemen work is to save people from fire. It’s what he’s paid for. Fighter is paid for fighting – but it’s different kind of thing. Firemen doesn’t sign a contract and fire agreement each time he has to go to action. Fighters sign bout agreement if they agree for certain fight – and if they don’t agree with certain fight, they don’t sign it and don’t fight. It’s at least once a month we hear that someone turned down a fight offer. So by your logic firemen should be allowed to say “F it, I don’t like that street so let it burn down. I don’t care”. And to your information, I do train MMA. I don’t see how that has anything to do with this case, but whatever. It’s hard to find logic in your silly comment.

        • Ted Bates

          You train in women’s MMA.

    • Jason

      Dude, have some more respect to the man that helped build MMA to what it is today.


      • Seth

        Hard to have respect for someone who fought with clause “We dont test for steroids” in PRIDE, then ran away from drug testing in UFC. People were so quick to bash Reem, Sonnen or other ppl caught on roids, yet you defend guys like Belfort or Wandarlei. I just refuse to praise cheaters and act like they are great, while they are not.

  • Joe Dog

    Laughing my arse off…what a drama queen. Ridiculous in every way, guitar strumming etc… Retirement? Welcome to Bellator, douchebag. Wanderlei vs Rampage is just around the corner. Winner gets Tito etc…(sounds of my finger in my throat stimulating my gag reflex between bursts of laughter).

    • Seth

      Nah, man. It’s Wandarlei/Ortiz, then winner takes on Rampage! 😀 Rampage is still reigning Drama Queen Champion 🙂

  • BobGyro

    The UFC makes Don King look like a poster boy for Unicef

  • mmalive

    Get a kick out of reading these comments.

    Wandy is a VERY SMART guy.

    He goes where he knows he will be PAID BIG MONEY.

    Even though he might get KOed.

    Hell, Wandy’s style is to BANG it out.

    None on that decision BS.

    Uncle Dana/Zuffa crew more care about NO ONE but themselves.

    Lining their pockets of full hard CASH at any fighter’s expense.

  • james j

    With no Roids Silva just was not that good. Honesty is a reality slap.

  • Al

    Name a line of work where the company executives/shareholders DON’T take the lions share and treat the workers like ants, it’s the standard business model….. why does the UFC have to be different ?

  • Guest

    A guy is putting it all on the line in this video and armchair warriors are making negative comments towards him. This only reinforces the negative stereotypes regarding MMA fans. As for me, I’ll stick to boxing. The boxing model allows for perfection of the trade and hence you get guys like Pac-Man and Mayweather. MMA fighters are failing to reach that level of perfection most likely due to the lack of protection and proper development.