Video: UFC Fighter Thiago Silva’s Bond Hearing

February 7, 2014
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Thiago Silva’s bonder hearing begins at the 2:18:36 mark of the video.

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  • Usmc8408

    He’s f***ed! Forget about fighting, he’ll be lucky if he sees daylight again.

  • Racin8de

    Wow, he’s fcked.

  • Robby Clark

    That’s a shame.. He’ll get time right in his prime. Those are some serious allegations, and I don’t think the media will take too kindly to 6’2 and 230 lb tattooed ultimate fighter. Damn..

  • Robby Clark

    This the judges first rodeo?? He needs a show.. I’d watch

  • Milosc

    He may be okay from this. We’ll see what’s dropped and what sticks

    It’s an ugly situation, but I’m pulling for him. I only wish it were his “wife’s” or Pablo’s life that was ruined from all of this, instead of just his

    • soah

      classic case of ‘blame the victim’

      • Milosc

        Keep your hands out of another man’s pocket

        That was ‘his’

        • Rence

          IDK man, seems Thiago already had a new GF so to say that another man was fishing in his pond may be a stretch…

  • Dan DeRizzo

    It”s really SAD that a top UFC fighter has no MONEY..Why you ask ? because Dana and the brothers
    F- these Guys.How does Floyd Mayweather make 25-50 mill a fight.These guys train there asses off all year long.How much MONEY do you (dana) need..GREED… Its time you and the brothers start to pay these fighters right…SAD, VERY SAD

    • Rence

      There’s still a wide gap in pay, but dont most of the guys on an undercard of a boxing event many times end up only getting a few hundred bucks? or am i totally misinformed about that? So while the top guys on a UFC card dont make mayweather money, at least most of the undercard guys are getting paid better than pro boxers on their level if you were to compare one to the other.

  • Rence

    If anyone wants to watch the proceedings but doesnt want to have to sit through the other peoples hearings, skip ahead to the 2:18:35 mark and silvas is the rest of it.

    But wow…just wow. Also, wasnt Silva on his hometowns version of a SWAT team before he got into the UFC? I’m kind of surprised that with all the time spent talking about his posing a danger due to being a professional fighter that that didnt come up. Or am i thinking of a different fighter?

  • lowlb

    Judge seemed to advocate for Silva. and then he took a break…