VIDEO: UFC 185 Main Eventers are Packed with KO Power

March 14, 2015
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OUCH! UFC 185 KOs 750

Several of the UFC 185 main card fighters have landed stunning knockout blows. From Alistair Overeem‘s retirement knockout of Brock Lesnar to Anthony Pettis flooring Joe Lauzon, here are the top five most brutal knockouts from UFC 185’s main card fighters…

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  • Groinstrike

    I’m sad to say that Hendricks has lost his way. His main focus used to be heavy punches, wrestling, and bjj… That’s what got him to the title. Then he left it. He decided he wanted to be a kickboxer, that likes to mix in holding against the fence.. Instead of a deeper stance to explode forward with power punches, he almost stands straight up. I don’t know if it was a coaching decision, or Hendricks but I’m disappointed. I hope he returns to what made him great.

    • TheCerealKiller

      That’s exactly why I’m picking Brown to beat him tonight.

      • Sir_Roy

        Never been a Hendricks fan, but I’ll take that bet my good man … Hendricks has NEVER looked leaner and meaner than he did during the weigh ins Friday. I think he had an amazing camp. I think he’s got the same chip on his shoulder he did after his controversial loss to GSP. Rare big baby Hendricks doesn’t make excuses for himself, and he’s been doing the opposite this time so maybe he found his fix.

        He made the mistake of thinking to grind out the same 5 round victory against Lawler as he did during the bout that granted him the title … and came up on the short end. He keeps claiming injury and physical limitations held him up. He’s made the opposite claims this camp, and I tend to believe him (should he lose, and change his tune, I won’t be able to keep from thinking him a complete laughing stock though). Aside from the main event, this is the fight I’m looking most forward to.

        • mmafanguy

          he complain this time to… He said he didn’t know why the judge give the fight to Lawler. These guy must learn to accept defeat and try to do more next time, this is the way you learn and progress in life.

          • Sir_Roy

            Meh … the two fights Hendricks questioned (Lawler & GSP respectively) I can’t blame him for questioning really. Both could have gone his way pending (especially GSP fight).

            It’s more “how” he complains that gets my goat.

    • taylor2008

      He dominated Brown.

    • deepgrim

      i think he changed his style after the condit victory, he was going around firing alot of overhands in that fight and missing the target and got the victory on takedowns in that fight. after that he seems to have a lot more kick boxing combo’s but has sacrificed the power by not getting his weight behind the shots. i would like to see him mix the power shots with the combos. hes still a good fighter hes 2 defeats against gsp and lawler could have went his way on a different night