VIDEO: Tito Ortiz Baffled by Anderson Silva, Ready for Bellator Title Shot

March 18, 2015
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Tito Ortiz recently spoke to FightHub TV, saying that he’s happy with where he’s at with Bellator, but is ready to take aim at his ultimate goal: to win a Bellator world title and finish out his career with the promotion as a champion.

Ortiz also weighed in on the recent controversy swirling around performance enhancing drugs. The spotlight has shown even more intently lately because of one of the legends of the sport, Anderson Silva, recently testing positive for steroids… twice.

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Having built his reputation as a fighter of the fans, Ortiz had some heady opinions on PEDs in MMA. He admitted to being surprised by Silva’s positive test results, but didn’t hold his tongue in his assessment that the punishment for dopers has to be harsh.

Check out the full interview below…

(Video courtesy of FightHub TV)

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  • Sir_Roy

    When Tito was going through his long line of injuries, I couldn’t help but think; “don’t PEDs make you more prone to injury?” Muscles getting a little too strong for the tendons & joints to keep up with. Just saying.

    • The Milkman

      It kinda works both ways. Long term use of PEDS can cause tendon tears and injuries, but short term use can help you recover from injuries faster

      • Sir_Roy

        Meh … I’m no expert. Can’t comment on PEDs aiding in short term injuries, though I’ve heard the theory was bogus from those purportedly in the know many a time. It gives the drive and energy to work through them perhaps, but heals them quicker? I’ve heard contradictory information more than a few times. But whatever.

        My tongue was firmly in cheek. Nonetheless, if I have to posit a guess, I’d say Tito was more “long term” than short.

        • MikeMcK

          You’re right. It’s funny that the people who seem to know the least usually have the strongest stances on things. Problem is many like to use such incredibly broad terms like PED’s, which pretty much includes every substance other than food and poisons…lol
          It all depends on the injury, and depends on the drugs. It’s also very possible that a drug that could do a great job enhancing one fighters performance and actually hinder another’s. People just like to think all these guys just have superman pills laying around and if they take one and win a fight it’s because of the pill.

          Let’s just take something like pharmaceuticals in humans and act like its a recipe to make toast.

          • Sir_Roy

            Lol yeah. Seems to me a topic a little more detailed than just to say “steroids make you heal faster” without doubt. Like I stated above, I’ll leave the conclusive comments to the experts.

            Personally, I wouldn’t inject anything into my body without having had the most educated, conclusive and expertly founded medical science backing it up. And it would be a doctor doing the injecting for all the right reasons.

        • Mike D
          • Sir_Roy

            Thanks for the link.

        • The Milkman

          No offense but I thought it was common knowledge that steroids make you heal faster. I’m no expert either.

          • Sir_Roy

            Fair enough. No offense taken.

            It’s a little too broad a comment I believe just stating that “steroids make you heal faster”. Which is why I left it alone because I don’t have specifics and don’t care enough to dig them up. I do know there are definite specifics and the question is far more variable ridden than just to say “steroids make you heal faster”.

            Case by case and definitely on a doctor recommended basis only would be my knee jerk assumption.

  • Seth

    Tito Ortiz…2015…Title shot in MMA…am I the only who can’t find any logic in that idea?

    • TheCerealKiller

      It’s part of why I can’t take Bellator seriously.

      • Seth

        I think I should correct myself. I stated “Title shot in MMA” which isn’t really true…it’s more like title shot in pro-wrestling…and all of the sudden, it makes sense for all-talk guy like him to get one.

  • Joe Dog

    Cheeto, Frito, Dorito, Tostito etc….

  • Professor

    “…saying that he’s happy where he IS…” You’re a writer, fix your grammar.