VIDEO: Thiago Silva’s Wife Reportedly Posts Videos That Led to UFC Fighter Being Fired Again

September 20, 2014
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Thiago Silva allegedly searching his wife’s house:

Thiago Silva allegedly high on cocaine:

Thiago Silva, who had just been re-signed to the UFC after charges in a domestic violence case involving his wife were dropped, has once again had his UFC contract terminated.

Silva’s wife, Thaysa Kamiji, reportedly released the above videos, and the UFC subsequently fired him again.

The videos and the below transcription were first reported by Brazilian site Globo Extra allegedly showing Silva high on cocaine and showing Silva searching his wife’s house for a person she might be hiding in the house, while also carrying a concealed weapon in his pocket.

According to Extra, here’s their conversation from each video as translated by Fernando Arbex:

From the video of Silva searching Kamiji’s house:

Thiago: Why did you call the cops, honey? I did nothing, why are you recording?
Thiago: Honey, Why are you doing this? Tell me.
Thaysa: Thiago, stop staring like that. Give the gun, please, I’m here.
Thiago: Turn off the camera. I know that you are hiding a guy up there, do you think that I’m a fool?
Thaysa: Which guy, Thiago?
Thiago: You think that I’m stupid. You’re pointing this at my face, so I can’t see that stuff over there. Take that light out of my face, please. 
Thaysa: No, Thiago, because it will be a proof if I die.
Thiago: Proof of what, you aren’t going to die. You are lying, there is a guy and he’ll do something, I’m not stupid. 
Thaysa: Thiago, one day you’re going to kill because of your addiction.
Thiago: I’m not going to kill you. You’re doing something.
Thaysa: What am I doing, Thiago?
Thiago: You called a guy to come here. Take this light out of me.
Thaysa: I’m recording you, Thiago. 
Thiago: Why are you doing this?
Thaysa: To show you everything when you get normal again, you’ve never brought a gun before.
Thiago: I did nothing. Stop lying.
Thaysa: You have a gun in your hand.
Thiago: It’s in my pocket, I did nothing.

From the video where Silva is allegedly high on cocaine:

“I’ve lived 13 years beside him. I’ve worked so he could train, I invested in his career even before he could think to be an MMA fighter. I was his foundation and I was assaulted, had an abortion due a beating that he gave me. But I thought that he was going to change. Because of my love, I didn’t report his acts to the authorities. We were unbeatable together, I’ve always thought that he could change, I used to say that it was because of his camps and his upcoming fights. But he never changed.”

“He had always had drug issues. I’ve always thought that it was because his childhood problems that he didn’t change. But things got worse since 2012. Cocaine, molly and marijuana started to be common in his life. He even made a bar of our house, he get turned on cocaine until’ morning and had to drink at 7am trying to sleep. I just lived a nightmare.”

“”I’m still afraid. Cause I, since the beginning, told the State that I had everything against him, that they had to organize. The State just said they would use it in court. But over there (US) everything takes a lot of time, unlike us Brazilians, we want to solve everything immediately. I felt used and unprotected, while Thiago’s managers paid a lot of money for his defense and coerced me, so everything got rough for me… where I lived, my car, my dogs … Wow, they made my life a hell.”

“We’ve come (her and her boyfriend) to Abu Dhabi. I’m working with what I love to do. Once the tragedy happened, I reported everything in the therapy that I was doing in ‘Women in Distress’. Even the detective knew that I wanted to move here, I couldn’t lose the opportunity to start over.”

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  • jimb

    im confused how this changes things. he doesnt hit her or point a gun at her or even threaten her.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Simple, he is a ticking time bomb. I wouldn’t want him under my label either.

      • jorge anguiano

        but she’s gone already isnt she.. i doubt he would go all the way over there to cause harm, she’s obviously doing this to just F+ck him over, she didnt wanna press charges to do things right! yeah in the us things are slower, dude in Brazil like in most 3rd world countries most crimes go unpunished so not sure what she meant by that

        • TheCerealKiller

          Amazing, you’re blaming the victim.

          • jorge anguiano

            Even more amazing how you seem to be confusing my comment with someone elses, I never mentioned a culprit

          • thiagothiagothiago

            Dude! Posters on this cite are mostly young kids and dumb adults that do not know how things work in real life.

            A victim does NOT drop charges, the State does. A victim can refuse to cooperate, but that is about it.

            Also, Thiago’s wife may have been here on Visa.

            A criminal case in the U.S. takes years and years to resolve.

            All this victim blaming comes from ignorance of the legal system and lack of common sense for the most part.

            Come on, these are the people that believed Fedor refused to sign with the UFC because of sambo tournaments.

      • thiagothiagothaigo

        He is a ticking bomb for sure.

        No offense but he does look like a killer. I wouldn’t want to f— with Thiago in real life for sure. Also the beating that he put on Brandon Vera…ouch.

        Bottomline, the guy is a ticking bomb.

        I heard he was an orphan. Kinda feel bad for the dude. Not that being an orphan somehow justifies all of this.

    • scratchface

      100% agree, even in the second video, when he seems to not know he’s being recorded, he’s not being aggressive towards her.

  • DamianCross

    That second to last paragraph is suspicious as hell.

  • 9110017

    i didnt see no crime. thiago didnt hit her and he was on look out for a dude in his house. i dont see nothing wrong, why is it okay for feminist society to destroy what man has wordked all of his life. you can tell she was trying to bait him in and he didnt respond violently

    • Matte

      Feminist society?

      Remove the tin foil hat please. Also learn what feminism really is and what it wants

      This is the UFC protecting their brand and you can’t say Thiago has been super smooth.

      He does deserve a fair trial ofcourse. I do have a feeling he’s not in a good place though.

      • backkick

        Yeah. Feminist society. Twats like this out to ruin a man’s career and white knights like you telling people to learn about feminism and “what it wants”. I love and respect women as much as anyone but the reality is there are assholes on both ends of the spectrum. Plain old bullshit, simple to recognize. The UFC may want to look into protecting their brand by offering assistance for substance abuse counselling and stand behind their employees instead of bowing down to knee jerk douchery from folks like yourself. I really don’t like to pass judgement but I think you’ve picked the wrong place to stand on your male feminist soap box, have some self respect. If a crime is committed, there should be disciplinary action on but I find it funny how fighters get no slack and criminals in the NFL go untouched until there’s no possible way to keep them on the field. Why not just treat everyone with respect and be able to recognize the real physical, cognitive and emotional differences between genders? My 2 cents.

        • Matte

          You are the one bringing up the feminist card.

          This has nothing to do with it. It is about UFC protecting their brand. I don’t even pick sides, of course everybody deserves to get a fair chance. Ofcourse there are assholes everywhere, has I said something else? If this would be set up or whatever it is terrible. It has not in any way anything to do with feminism though.

          Unlike you a actually know what feminism really is, it is about equality and equal rights. (For all, and all genders, how’s that for treating everyone with respect?)

          Just because you claim to respect everybody (and maybe you do) does not make you eligible to throw out mindless accusations about a movement you know nothing about. If you wanna do that you have to learn what it actually is.

          White Knight? Give me a break and get a clue.

          Self respect? This is the beast place of all to point out your faults cause it is an environment filled with hostility towards people not following the norm. The self respect would be not to try and get cheap points by alluding to those people.

          • backkick

            Hey Bud, maybe you are the one making “mindless accusations” seeing as you’ve thrown out the assumption that I know nothing about feminism. I made accusations directed to you based directly on what you wrote above: the following comment and your noble suggestion for the above individual to learn about feminism, LOL. (Quote: Feminist society? Remove the tin foil hat please. Also learn what feminism really is and what it wants.)
            I consider anything that is sexist to be sexist, plain and simple, regardless of which sex has had it “better”. And yes, White Knight.That’s what I called you and if you can’t understand why, I cannot help you with that one. I should also add that i’m not sure how I played the feminist card, but I guess we’ll let that one hang out there. You are aware i’m not the guy who posted the original comment you responded to…. ? Either way you can have the last word if you think it will help you.

  • cs

    I’m sure the dude serious has a legitimate drug issue but I get a strong feeling that she’s not telling the truth either.

    • 42432432432

      that’s because you don’t know how things work in real life buddy.

  • Darin

    Bellator 2015 – Thiago Silva vs. Anthony Johnson!!!

  • Jason Priest

    I’m not sure what these videos prove. In the first one he’s standing next to a closet arguing with his ex wife lolz. In the second one, he briefly wipes his nose and proceeds to argue with his ex wife again. Searching the house for someone? Coked out his mind? Am I the only one that’s not getting this?!? WTH?

    • Anonymous2115

      Did you read the whole article or did you just watch the videos?

      • Jason Priest

        Yes I did. I didn’t see a gun, did you? And this statement is nothing more than her accusing him of doing drugs and being a jerk. Scorned woman? Every one, who ever it is, will spin a story to some degree. That’s all I’m saying.

        • taylor2008

          I saw the barrel of a pistol in his right hand, but a gun is not illegal to own. I kind of agree with you. Just because he is holding a gun and in the second he is wiping his nose it doesnt mean much. Yes she could be spinning the story, but who knows?

        • Joshua Keefer

          He definitely had a gun. He was holding it handle up in his right hand. You can see it plain as day about 3 seconds before he hits the camera. Still, I don’t see what this proves. Except, it kind of dispels the notion that she fled the country because she was lying.

          • Jason Priest

            I can’t tell what it is guys. It looks silverish, but I can’t tell what the hell it is. Anyways, if it is a gun, he’s not pointing it at anybody or buckin’ shots in the air so I don’t see the big deal.

          • Joshua Keefer

            Who knows what story the UFC received from Silva. Maybe these videos completely contridict his story, or maybe the videos led him to admit more of the story to the UFC. We just don’t know.

    • MMAchejn

      It only proves that his wife is a bitch. Thiago came home and found her sleeping with his friend. Anyone would get angry over that. Thiago never hurt her. She tried to Take Thiago’s money in a divorce. She’s just angry because she didn’t get it. And now she’s trying to slander him. F— her. I hope Thiago has a good career in Bellator since the UFC released him for no reason.

  • Mark McDowall

    Didn’t she drop all the charges?? So what’s the purpose of posting these videos now? Why not hand them over when she was still pursuing it?

    • dombdoombdoomb

      No man. She didn’t drop the charges.

      She had to leave the country.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha sucked in to this woman beating piece of dog turd. No sympathy for ANYONE how flogs a woman or defends the actions of a man who does (Rumble/Meathead looking at you two) and everyone who commented saying she deserved it and all that shit wake up. Imagine it was your mother or grand mother.

    • mmalive

      Mad Max, You are a JACK A$$ CLOWN.

      Why did Silva’s Ex wife release videos now all of a sudden?

      She had ample time to submit the videos to authorities when the case against Silva was in high gear.

      All charges are dropped due to non co operation by her.

      Now these videos surface which could have been used as evidence against Silva.

      The POINT is that the LAZY B*TCH is after money right after it was announced that Silva had re signed with UFC.

      And YES Silva’s EX Wife deserved what she got from Silva.

      • F— off troll. Go beat another woman. You responded to this comment after how long? Get a life and stop polluting my messages with your s— TROLL!

        • mmalive

          Mad Max,

          Mr. DUMB A$$ want to be MMA fan.

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          Unlike, you Mad Max.

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          • Hahahahahahahaha yeah you and everyone else on the internet! Go beat another woman you TROLL

          • mmalive

            Nope man.

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            No trolling here Mr. STUPID MAD MAX.

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            I will leave it at that.

          • Hahahahahaha you are such TROLL. Your bulls— success stories prove my point entirely hahahaha. Go beat another woman TROLL

          • thiagothaigo thaigo

            Mmalive is clearly Thiago Silva or one of his friends.

            No one is that stupid.

      • thiagoisabeater

        Ummm….you have no idea how things work in real life buddy.

        She did not want him to go to jail (because he is for christ her kids’ father) but she did not want him to go walk away clean from this.

        I mean…learn how to write proper English first bro.

  • mmalive

    Silva’s EX Wife is A GREEDY GOLD Digging B*TCH.

    Why not provide these videos and co operate with authorities before?

    Dropping all charges then releasing videos now?

    She is DEFINITELY BAITING Silva when she found out about recent UFC re signing.

    Which means she came come into some MONEY.

    • thiagothiagothiago

      You are a retard my friend.

      A victim does not drop charges you moron, the prosecutor on behalf of the State does. We don’t know all of the facts but I have a feeling the charges were dropped because Thiago’s wife “had” to leave the States and therefore the State was without its key witness. Why did she have to leave? One, her visa, or two, personal reasons involving her boyfriend. We don’t know but in any case, she did not fail to cooperate for the reason of not cooperating. She had to leave.

      Gold digging? She didn’t get paid you moron. Otherwise this video would not have been released.
      Umm…Thiago is now going to pay this woman when she released the video?

      You make no sense buddy.

      • mmalive

        Mr DUMB $HIT,

        Explain why his wife decides to release videos AFTER the fact DUMMY.

        She could have put Silva away for a LONG time if videos were released MR. A$$ CLOWN.

        Videos would be KEY EVIDENCE in prosecution of Silva.

        Why wait instead of turning videos over to authorities?

        Go back to school and get a REAL EDUCATION GUY.