Video: Ryan Ford Details Broken Arm, Decision to Fight Injured

October 13, 2014
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Ryan Ford Fights Jake Shields With A Broken Arm from chilldogmedia on Vimeo.

In this video, dated Oct. 2 by Ryan Ford, the World Series of Fighting Canadian welterweight champion reveals that he suffered a fractured right ulna leading up to his fight with Jake Shields. He also describes the circumstances leading him to not reveal the injury, and instead fight and lose to Shields at WSOF 14 on Saturday night in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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  • Maddawgmar

    Quit whining. Nick Newell fights with half an arm.

  • MSN1Korea1


  • MuayThaiFood

    Clever, film your injury before the fight to avoid being accused of making excuses for a loss. When Tito catches wind of this he’ll probably be doing a 3hr long documentary pre-fight documentary.

  • JohnnyWadd

    What a teabagger, excuses, excuses. I don’t think the WSOF doctors would clear you with a broken arm. If they do then that looks bad on the organization. You lost end of story.

  • dandogood

    Ford needs to stop the baby act. It’s the fricking WSOF a 4th rate league so who cares. and Ford should get Tattoos in white ink so we can see them.

  • dandogood

    CRYin Ryan Ford needs to stop whining and move on to nothingville